November 25th, 2004


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As finals and winter approach, I can feel the psoriasis on my scalp becoming EXTRA itchy and flaky and embarassing. Do any of you have natural treatments that have worked for you? I'm *thinking* tea tree oil but I'm not sure what to do with it exactly, I just know not to use it undiluted.

Netscape bug?

I have Netscape 7.2, and sometimes, when I start it up and maximize my "Bookmarks" tab in the sidebar, it shows up blank. It does so until I actually uncheck the tab from the "Tabs" menu to close it, and then re-check will show up then...but just for some reason comes up blank sometimes. Does this happen to anyone else or do I have a Communist version/computer?

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Okay so it all started with a girl who's a bit of a flirt, no I take that back, she's kind of a big flirt. So anyway it started with this girl, and me kind of liking her and the attention she showed me. We'd talk online from time to time and seem to have things in common. Funny thing is pretty much all the stuff I don't like about myself, she shares with me. Same struggles, same dealings with oppositesex (almost). So one day we are talking and I'm in a weird mood, so I ask her hypotheticly What she would say If I were to ask her out on a date. She said she'd say yes. This shocked me. So I kept going with it, but decided it was wrong since I kinda still had my eye on someone else. However that person had went back to being weird`around me. So me and` the flirt girl were talking and I offered to take her to the Fall Play at school despite having seen it twice already.

I didn't think of it as being a date but she was kinda acting that way, It was kind of obvious from the phone call I made to see if she was ready. So I did what anyone else would of done, I bought some gum. Then I proceeded to her dorm and we walked over. Inside the play she began to rub my arm and play with my hand. I played back cause I was kinda like, "what else do I do?" I had my arm around her and through out the play we more or less became cuddle buddies. So we leave the play arm in arm and head to go get some food but then Patrick called me and I decided to hang with him, Sarah and Melissa. So I kind of bogusly leave the girl to go get food with her best friend. Who just happened to be at the place where we stopped sitting alone. I insisted she go with her and that I'd call her later that night.

So she did, I called and appologized for leaving but she didn't care. We started talking at 2am and finshed at 6:00am.. The conversation started normal, but then it moved into hyper flirty after 3am.. I was at one of my most cockiest points cause I didn't really think anything would happen.. cause it's me... but it kinda worked and by 6:00am I was walking into the upperclassmen girls dorm.

We started by talking, but in short order started making out. She made the first move cause I wasn't sure if she took me seriously earlier, I sure didn't. I gave her an invisible hickie cause the ones that leave marks are for idiots. This all lasted until 7:30am. We left, we talked a bit the next day.. and she asks me how I feel about everything. I tell her I'm cool and we need to keep hanging out to get to know each other better to see if we want to date. She agrees. Everything is cool except her parents are kinda racist.

So she tells her mom and it's not good. I'm half thinking to myself "a way out" but then I start to wonder.. She's not a bad girl. I could date her. But I dunno about marriage material cause we made out so fast...So I'm thinking maybe I don't want a way out. So the next night we chill again, and the previous encounter is repeated on not so early in the morning. I leave confused cause now I'm not sure what I want. I think about how much I like/liked the last girl in my life and I wonder if this would hurt my chances with her. Then I wonder if i should even care, if i should just let God call that one for me cause I don't know what could happen with that and just enjoy this thing I have now thats direct and honest without the games or fear of emotions.

Apparently she's going to talk with her family this weekend and that will decide things for her, but what about me? I'm not sure if I want to even get into anything that will most likely turn serious. I like this girl but not I liked the other girl but maybe this is why i need to get to know her like I said earlier. I already started this wrong, I don't want to finsih it that way.
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does anyone know about those new disk things/storage device...well they arent disks...its ike this thing that you plug into your usb and you can store things on much does it hold? cost? and can you use it with any omputer?

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My family is going to a restaurant for Thanksgiving.
Mind you, it'll just be my mom, her parents and I... my aunt is going to her sister-in-law's, and my brother is in Chicago. Still, I'm not entirely fond of the desicion.
What do you think about not cooking your own Thanksgiving dinner?
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canadian beer

I'm turning 18 soon, and, being from Upstate New York, I thought it would be fun for my boyfriend and I to drive up to Quebec for some beer. He insists that they recently upped the drinking age in Quebec to 19. A search on Google confirms that an 18 year old can, in fact, purchase alcohol in Quebec. Anybody know for sure? Assuming I'm right, if I drive up there, will they accept my NYS Drivers License as proof I'm 18? Is it illegal (in either country) for us to go up there for the purpose of buying alcohol? Is there some catch I'm not getting?

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I work as a contractor, I work a fixed shift of 10-6, and recently there has been a lot of talk about our office going 24/7 and that anyone who doesn’t like it tough – I’ve just come back from my break with my boss who’s attitude was far from acceptable, we all had to bite our lips. Now, I like my shift, any earlier would mean no sleep and no transport, any later would not be safe, as a woman walking anywhere at night is a risk, even on my shift now I have to be careful, but late night walking through the area I live is out of the question – in other words I have no intention to move shifts.
As far as I am concerned this is not in our contract, my hope is that everyone will point blank refuse to work later or earlier shifts, then I won’t be alone, if this shift swap changes my impression is that we will get fired if we don’t do it, but because of our contracts we could easily file for unfair dismissal – but what until we get fired, am I just supposed to go in on my usual shifts and tell management where to stick it? If they do propose this is there anything we can do past just sitting tight and ignoring them?

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Recently ive acquired an older comp from my friend since he bought a new one. Since i already have this comp to use ive decided to tinker with it, upon closer examination of his comp i find its being killed from the inside so i decide to reformat the hard drive ... like an idiot i forgot to write down the product key since i didnt receive a key from him when he gave me the disc ... needless to say i cant reinstall the OS without it, i was wondering if anyone has a Win98 product key laying around i could use. I would appreciate this insanely
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what does [sic] mean?  i know it's used to show that something's been taken in context or whatever... i understand its purpose.  but what does it actually mean?  is it an abbreviation?  if so, what for?  or is it a latin thing?  both?