November 24th, 2004


having to do with ga/lesbian couplings w/kids

We probably dont have this situation yet, (since gay/lesbian couples have only very recently been...somewhat accepted...>>) but when it does come up, probably later on in my generation...

what would the children of a gay/lesbian couple call them?

gay/lesbian couple get kid. kid grows, has kids of its own. what do the kids call their grandparents? grandma A and grandma B? or do you think maybe the kids would have a different grandmother/grandfather name for both of them? like grandpa A and granddad B?

sorry if this is offensive to anyone, but it just popped into my head and I had to ask in this comm.

picture hosting

ok this is a dumb question, but doesn't livejournal do some sort of picture hosting now? i tried to look it up in the faq and google but i couldn't find anything. i have a paid account. if anyone can just point me in the right direction of where to look for more info, i'd be grateful. thanks :)
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Stuff on Computers

Might be a stupid question, but I've never done it, so I don't know.

Is it safe to leave a heavy book, or other objects, on the top of your computer case while it's running? Specifically, overnight? I seem to recall seeing people do it, but I can't remember.
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annoyed...or just curious

ADD or just a lack of self-control/focus?

i know, it seems to be missing the first half of the question. here it is: which is true?

i believe add is overdiagnosed (often self-diagnosed) and used as an excuse far too often. hell, i could say i'm add cause my attention wanders all over the place in rapid succession. i also find it difficult to focus on any one thing for any length of time. am i add? i don't think so. i've just allowed myself to slack. if i try hard enough, i can learn to control my thoughts and keep them from being useless to the task at hand.
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Cell Phones

My cell phone was recently stolen, and I need to buy another one, but they're so expensive when you're trying to buy one without a contract. Are there any sites other than Ebay where I can find a used one?

holiday shopping

Have you started Christmas shopping? Are you almost finished?

What are you giving to your significant other? I'm still trying to figure out what to give to my partner. I was going to buy her the PS2 game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas but she just bought it this week.
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moldy food, too?

I'm not obsessed with mold, I swear. I just threw away a can of spaghetti sauce that had gotten all moldy. How did the mold get inside the refridgerator? If I had eaten the sauce as it was, would I have gotten sick? Was the mold on my sauce the same mold that's taking over my condo?

I used to use Fedora on my old computer. One of my favorite features was program that let you "stick" notes on the desktop indefinitely- like virtual Post-It notes. Is there a simple program like that for Windows? I have XP Professional, if that makes a difference. And no, actual Post-Its won't work, because this is a laptop. :)

Does anybody else not celebrate Thanksgiving? Apparently my whole family thinks I'm being ridiculous and I should "get over it" (the genocide and dignity-robbing of the indigenous people).

Really geeky EQII question

Anyone know what the full list of the mage spells is? I keep coming up with partial "sample" lists when I google it and/or the old EQ mage spell list. Someone is crafting me all my App 3 spells and I don't know in what order to have them make them as I need them.

(no subject)

So we were watching The Crucible in English class today. And my goodness, I nearly cried. Especially at the end, where Proctor and Elizabeth were talking. So sad :( But anyway, my question is this: have you ever cried during a movie you were watching in class? Or almost cried?
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Two Questions...

1. I have this planter wart on the bottom of my foot for some long-ass time now. I used topical stuff on it religious, and it never left. So finally I had it surgically removed. That worked for a little while, BUT THEN IT CAME BACK. I tried the topical stuff again, no go. So THIS time I got it lasered off ... that was fine. BUT NOW IT'S BACK!


2. Every single year around Thanksgiving, I get into the worst mood. It's not stress because I have no responsibilities regarding the holiday or whatever. The only family member who I don't like is my brother, but he's here all the time. Can anyone come up with a reason to why I develop such a bad attitude around Thanksgiving (it doesn't happen at Christmas or any other holiday).

(no subject)

i know this isnt exactly a relationship advice area, but i've read the responces of the regulars here, and i belive i can trust their words.
thank god neither of the people involved reads this community.

i have an interesting problem, my roommate's girlfriend has had a "thing" for me since FAR before they hooked up.
we used to flirt alot in the past, be neither of us made an advance at the other.
my roommate knew this.

about a week ago, she came down to my room and crawled in bed with me, and began to snuggle.
partly just wanting to enjoy the moment, and partly in shock, i just layed there.
she then took a very "active" role, and begain to do things (i was completly passive)
i'll spare you all the details, but alot of clothing was removed, and things happened.

my roommate is kinda f'd up in the head, (paranoia and general mental problems) plus he's been burned in the past by a friend stealing his girlfriend.
needless to say, i assumed it was NOT a good idea to go shouting about it to him.

i find out(from her) last night that she told him like 2 days later.
and that "he was ok with it, as long as she still loved him"

what should i do now?
should i bring it up with him?
how do you bring up a topic like this?
what if she didnt really tell him, and i'm the first to tell him?

Help with Jewish paper

Hey, i was wondering if anyone had anything that could help me with this paper I'm writing.
I'm supposed to write ten pages about Jewish Women in the 20th century preferably in russia. And i was trying to focus on rights or lack there of, like discrimination and absurd laws such as the law that says a woman jewish woman must get a divorce if she finds out she is barren.
So maybe a history and reasons for these laws and such. I'm terrified I cant bullshit ten pages about this.
Any help and ideas would be greatly appreciated. Even ideas that could take the paper in a bit of a different direction, but still relate to judaism and women in 20th century.
Thank you so much

Catholics and the Sign of the Cross

I only just found out that Western Catholics and Eastern/Orthodox Catholics cross themselves differently: With the right hand, Western go from the head, to the breastbone, to the left shoulder, to the right, while Eastern/Orthodox (might) go from the head, to the breatbone, to the right shoulder, to the left.

Anyone know why??
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