November 23rd, 2004


Gift idea

We're doing the secret santa deal at work, and I pull the name of the new girl who gets off work before I come in, i.e. I've never friggan met her. She's about 7 months pregnant, but I was told on the side not to get anything baby related because the girl is grudgingly putting it up for adoption. We have a $10 max on purchases.

So, any ideas?

eye make-up question & subject line question

Some time ago someone asked a question about how to do a specific look in eye make-up. I have searched through 2 months worth of posts and can't find it. Does anyone know what I'm talking about and can you find the post or answer that question here?

Secondly, while searching I realized it would be much easier to find a specific post if everyone used the subject line. In fact, it was brought up several times in the 2 months of posts I looked through. Why don't you use the subject line? I haven't always used it in the past and my answer is just plain laziness. But after this search I vow to use it everytime!


How does unemployment work? (i.e. what qualifies you?)

Example: Your job is being eliminated at your office and handed over to staff in the other office due to a huge shift in the way the company is working, and they're not offering you any of the alternative "new" positions that you applied for. Is that technically being laid off, and would that qualify?

(no subject)

1)what's something good to read on the lj? i want something interesting to read while i'm doing my routine work stuff. any suggestions?

2)also, why do i keep getting sick? i mean, seriously. :/

3)bonus round thankgsiving question: does anyone else like it when their cranberry sauce kind of mingles in with the white turkey? i'm not a big fan of mixing food usually, but i do like this.

(no subject)

this is probably a long shot, but i'll try anyway...

the song 'jane says' by jane's addiction is on the radio (krock for anyone in new york or thereabouts) a lot, and i love it. i downloaded it, and i guess the one they play on the radio is a different version of the original, because it sounds really different. has it been covered, is there another version?

thanks for any help.


I'm almost positive that I'm going to have to pull an all-nighter to be able to finish this project. Do you have any tips on how to stay awake (besides coffee), focused, etc.? Thanks!
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Why is it after someone dies you see them everywhere you look?
I saw my friend Alex for years after he died, my Dad I still see sometimes, and my workmate Chris I see all the time, Chris was fairly recent but I was not close to him, neither was I close to my father, there are other family members who although not very close were still close enough for me to expect this to have happened when they died too...but it didn't – why does our mind make us see people after they are gone?
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Static in your head

Quite often, when I'm drifting off to sleep, I get what I have come to call "Static" in my head. A lot of it is just random thoughts and things. Sometimes they don't even seem like my own.

Sometimes, during this *static* I hear entire conversations of other people in my head. I'm not talking like, "Oooh I'm hearing voices, they are telling me to do scary stuff" type things.

The best way I can describe it is like, if you've ever been on the phone, and you pick up on someone elses signal. You can hear their conversation, sometimes most of it, sometimes its only bits and pieces, depending on your reception.

My voices are sometimes in other languages. Sometimes I can understand them to an extent. Whenever I realize this is starting to happen, I try to vaguely focus on what's being said. I notice it happens a lot when I'm just in a relaxed, almost meditative state, when I guess you could say my mind is clear and free of any focus at any. So, when I do try to focus and bring myself out of this haze, I tend to lose the "signal".

I've thought for a while that I'm dreaming while I do this, but I'm not. I'm awake; perhaps not fully awake, but I'm just kinda in this "zone".

So my questions are, in no particular order:

1.) Does anyone else sometimes feel this? Or something similar?

2.) Does this sound like any sort of condition or phenomenon that you've heard of?

3.) What type of things could I accomplish if I could hone this sort of meditation, if any?

(no subject)

i get my lj comments thru outlook express. i used to be able to comment right in the email, but now it's all weird, and when i get the comment, it says there is an attachment and that it's in MIME format. is this happening to anyone else? is there a way to make it back to normal?

ps - sorry if this isn't the proper question club question.

(no subject)

I'm attending the November 25th (Thursday) concert of the Pixies. This is my first concert. Problem is, none of my friends listen to the same music as me, so they won't be going with me. Originally, I thought my sister was coming with me, but I just found out that my mom has to be the one to take me. That kinda ruins part of my spirit because I seriously don't want her to get hurt in the rough crowd, which would lead to her complaining. Maybe I'll beg one of my friends to go =\

Now that you know a bit of history, I guess my question is, what can you tell me about attending concerts? What were your first experiences like? About how much money should I bring to purchase merchandise? I realize the crowd might be pretty rough, people will be moshing, crowd surfing, etc.

For those curious, the concert will be held at the International Centre (Arrow Hall) in Toronto.

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Ham fat

I'm a long-time lurker, occasional poster here.

I just had some sliced ham, and I noticed it apparently had two different kinds of fat on it. Some of the fat was thick, white and stringy...while some other appeared to be translucent and gooey. So, my question something wrong with the gooey kind, or is that normal too? If so, is fat just different sometimes...or does it get changed while being cooked in different ways to create these differences?

Strange question, I know.
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Should I?

Should I stay home from school tomorrow? I have a pretty bad cold, which means nose blowing every 5-10 minutes. I stayed home today because of it...If I do stay home tomorrow though, it means I'll only have 2 days left to be home. (At my school, you're only allowed 6 sick days.)

I don't think I'd miss much at school since it's the day before break, but I wanted to see what you guys would say.


EDIT: Thought I'd mention - it's 6 days per quarter, and this quarter ends at the end of January.
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this is going to be terrible to try to describe, but desperation wins out here.
my friends and i were filling out a silly elementary school christmas puzzle the other day. there were 20 some boxes, and in each are pictures and symbols... and they all could be translated into the titles of christmas carols. ie a fork, a spoon, a knife, a bell, a bell = silver bells. a knight and the december calendar with the 25th circled = the night before christmas. im sure youve seem them before.

the singular one we could not,\ for all the candy canes in the world get, was a picture of 1 star to the left of a compas. the cardinal directions on the compas were not placed as theyre typically are. east was on the left of the +, and west on the right. south was at the top, and north at the bottom. id assume thats relevent, but how... i havent the foggiest.

so who of you is the puzzlemaster??
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