November 22nd, 2004


Hi, I'm new.

Do any of you have any advice on how to deal with the loss of a beloved cat?

My cat died two weeks ago, she was 13. I've had her since I was 5, and I feel so lost. I don't know what to do...
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In paypal, if someone sends you money (I am not a seller so I have no clue whats going on) does it go to your bank, your credit card, or to your paypal account?
If it goes into your do you take the money out, or transfer it into your bank or whatever?
And when it takes money out..that they take out of your bank/card, right?

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Okay... I *tried* to google this, but I just got porn sites.
On the way back to my parents' house from the dorms on Saturday, I heard a song, wasn't really listening to it until the end, because it got kindof annoying and repetitive at the end, saying "I like the way you spank my ass" about... 6 times, I'd say.
It's not "figured you out" by nickelback, I already looked that one up because it was stuck in my head and I wanted to know who sang it- does anybody know who sings this, or the lyrics, or if it was just a radio station spoofing the nickelback song?
Izzy Puppy

Can you reuse a candle?

I have a candle at home that is spent.  It burned down the center but quite a bit along the edges (at least an inch) did not burn.  If I buy a wick, can I melt the candle down, form it with a new wick, and reuse it?  I asked a friend of my and she said that candle making in general was really dangerous....I don't see how it can be as long as you are careful...but I really don't know.
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Has anyone seen Starship Troopers 2?

I didn't even know there was one.

If you've seen it, what did you think?
Did you even like the first one?

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moldy condo :(

I live in a suburban condominium designed for wealthy elderly folks. I just found out from my landlord that most of the condos have severe mold problems, and several insurance/government agents will be inspecting invidual dwellings. There are a lot of patchy black spots in my bedroom, and the bathtub looks like it's getting kinda funky, too. My neighbor said that he sneezes black stuff.

My landlord is a weird old lady who seems absolutely clueless. Has anybody ever had mold problems? What's the worst that could happen?

A random body question...

If I press on my abdomen just to the left of my belly button I can feel a really strong pulse. I can trace the pulse up and down for a couple of inches. It is much stronger than a normal wrist or neck pulse, you can actually see my hand moving up and down with the force of it. Is this normal? If so, is it one of my arteries just happening to be near the surface?
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commercially entertaining

Even though they're the bane of our existances...

Which commericals, past or present, do you like?

Years ago, there was a Toys R Us commercial with parents playing with their kids as the "Toys R Us Kid" song played in the background. The best part was when this little boy was pushing his mom on a swingset and his mom swung back and knocked him over.

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yay fast answers, i love this place. okay, new one. Today I went by the tattoo place to check out the studio, to see what the cost would be, to see if they had the design i want...

I'm getting the kanji for dragon. What they had down for Dragon wasn't what I was used to- but when I type 'Kanji Dragon OR ryuu' into Google, I get both what *I* thought dragon was, and what they had.
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I think maybe mine is japanese and theirs is chinese? or... any ideas? I'd hate to get the wrong one and then be like ::facepalm::
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(no subject)

I was reading about a small child who inexplicably fainted and was in a coma for four days before waking up.

I'd never heard of such a thing. Then again I don't know much about what comas are or how they work.

What could cause something like that to happen? What could be the long-term effects of an event like that?
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(no subject)

How dangerous would it be to go on a group trip to Israel in January (considering Araffat just died and that will be election time for them)?
What if you're going with a group on a program that's supposed to be safe like the birthright program - has anyone ever done that one?
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(no subject)

Would I have been completely out of line to ask a family to teach its COUGHING COUGHING COUGHING COUGHING three-year-old to cover his mouth? The only reason I didn't was out of the remote fear that the mother might have gone all ninja on me and kicked my ass, and I was already late.
Eddie McDowd

Parking etiquette

When you enter your car in a parking lot and someone's waiting for your spot, do you have to surrender your space immediately, or do you have a right to get settled in your car before taking off?

I'm asking because I got caught in the rain after my last evening class tonight, and I went to my car so I could answer my voicemail and clean my glasses in a dry area. Someone was waiting for my spot, but they gave up since I was just sitting inside my car making a phone call.

Also, sometimes I go to my car and sit inside my car to finish up an assignment (if the library's full of noisy people), but i feel bad since a lot of drivers wait for me to leave when I have no intention of taking off.
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