November 19th, 2004


it's only a model

what would you do if, for 24 hours (and 24 hours only), there was a clone of yourself? this clone doesn't have a soul or share your own, necessarily - maybe it's just a physical and behavioral representation of you; it looks/feels/smells/sounds just like you and reacts just as you would to the situation it encounters within the day. would you watch it? study it? do you think you would you feel fascinated, appalled, alienated, bored? what would you make out with yourself, to see what it's like? would you fight yourself? cuddle? race?

can you picture what it's like to observe/view yourself - actually, physically?

do you think there's anything (specific) you might find strange/surprising?

how's your relationship to yourself now (cloneless)?

i'm feeling curious today. note: this is NOT a question on what you would try to accomplish and/or get away with if you could split yourself in two.
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(no subject)

What do you think of those people who claim that Bush is akin to Hitler, and that the US is about to turn into a theocracy/dictatorship? Are they right on, or are they overexaggerating/loony? Honest opinions here.
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Global warming?

So, if water expands when it is frozen and contracts when it is thawed, why should we expect the scenario in which due to global warming "everyone in the S.F. Bay area is going to have to surf to Denver"? Wouldn't the water levels only increase slightly?
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(no subject)

Another question: Do you think that in the US, abortion will be outlawed in the near future (i.e. next four years)? Why or why not? Don't get into an argument about whether you think abortion is right or wrong-- just discuss whether you think it'll continue to be legal.
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ibuprofen question

Do you think it is a good idea to take a couple of ibuprofen before my pelvic exam this afternoon?

You know, since I have to go to work and all afterwards... (typing job, but still...)

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I know you all can help here

Im currently reading Vonnegut's Slaughter-house-five and I realized that I dont read nearly as much as I used to and what the hell is keeping me from it???

So now i ask you all, what are some books that you would suggest? I read pretty much anything EXCEPT romance so dont even think about it. haha.

suggest away so I can get back to my love of reading!
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Questions for waitstaff

1) A friend of mine is a singing waitress in this old diner. The owners have decided that they want to put the employees' paychecks on Visa cards instead of cutting them checks. (Which seems mighty effed up, if you ask me.) As a waiter/waitress, does this raise a huge red flag to you too? Would you refuse to participate in this new form of payroll?

2) And now, regarding tips... Say I'm leaving you a $10 tip and I'm paying by credit card. Would it be better for you, the waiter/waitress, if I left that in cash or added it to my credit card tab? I've heard that you'll get more of the tip if it is NOT added to the CC tab. I've been signing my receipt and leaving a cash tip lately because of that.
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(no subject)

Christmas party for work. I'm supposed to bring a gender-neutral gift that's in the $10 area (and appropriate for people under 21, heh). Any suggestions?

Nothing coffee, Starbucks, or cafe related.
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(no subject)

I was floating around lj looking in communities, and I saw somewhere that the media is banned from reporting on voting fraud with the electronic machines (they counted extra votes, didn't count votes for the right candidate.. etc).

Is that true or just one of those crazy internet rumors?

what's your favorite poem?

(mine's The Flaw in Paganism by Dorothy Parker)
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Two questions...

Hey everyone,

Alright, I have two questions for you.

1. I rent an apartment in a house that the landlord is trying to sell. There are 9 units in the house and almost all of us are students. I'm one of the only people who have gone through and decorated it. I painted spots (allowed by the landlord), have real curtains up that match the furniture (rather than bedsheets), and actually have pictures and wall art framed and mounted on the wall. It's also almost always really clean. My landlord has been giving me 24 hours notice that he's going to be showing the place, but he's showed it twelve times in two weeks. Does anyone know if there are any general rules/restrictions on how often he can show a tenant's apartment? I live in Ontario, Canada, if that helps. I wouldn't mind so much if he was showing all the apartments twelve times, but it's only my apartment that he tends to show people. Sometimes he'll show a few of the others, but they're always a different rotation and none of them have had their shown more than 5 times in the last two weeks.

Also, do I actually have to be out of the apartment when he's showing it? I know it's common for homeowners to leave the house while a prospective buyer is coming through with the real estate agent but since I'm not trying to sell my apartment, is his demand that I not be there while he shows it unfounded? Especially because he gives me a four hour timeslot almost every day and it's really difficult to make sure I'm gone all the time - especially when I have work I need to be doing on the computer.

Finally, are there any guide lines that say he can't be showing apartments at stupid hours of the day? For example, tomorrow he's showing the place between 7am and 11am in the morning. And I'm hardly ever up for my 9am classes, never mind being up and gone by 7am. Sunday night he's showing the place between 9pm and 12am, which is almost worse than early mornings.

2. Do any of you have any experiences using Xenical? It's a prescription weight-loss drug. My doc prescribed it for me, and it's covered by my health insurance, but I'm a little afaid of the side-effects the drug site lists it as having. Do you have any good OR bad experiences with it?

Thanks so much! :)

classical music

Hmm. Vanessa Mae was hosting a charity event here in the UK tonight, which reminded me that I've wanted to get more into classical music for a while now. Not that I think Vanessa Mae qualifies, exactly.

So. If I'm looking for non-pop, modern classical musicians (if that's not a contradiction), especially soloists in things like flute and violin, who really have command of their art and express it in new ways -- new ways I can get lost in -- who should I be listening to? Would Itzhak Perlman be a good choice? Anyone else spring to mind?

Thanks :)
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What is you favorite music video?

For me, "Wir Sind Wir" by Paul Van Dyk and Peter Heppner. Yes, a fluffy epic trance DJ and producer* collaborating with an EBM vocalist and songwriter. The track is about unity in general, and the reunification of Germany specifically. The great thing about the video is it actually fits the subject matter very well, covering the end of WWII, the division into two countries, and closing on the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany. Another brilliant touch was Paul Van Dyk sitting in a bar, sneaking a listen on his booths radio- an echo of his days as a teen tuning into West Berlin radio stations to hear western music(he lived in East Berlin). Even before I ran to googles translation tool to get the english lyrics, the inflections and tone of voice came across, clearly giving the deep emotional meaning behind the song, so don't worry if you can't understand German. You can really tell from Heppners singing and Van Dyk's quiet presence and compositional work how much the song, and especially the ideas and feelings behind it, mean to the both of them.

*- for those who don't know, in the electronic music world producer and composer are used interchangeably, it is fairly rare for the producer and composer on a given track to be different people, unlike other genres.
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Printer Problems

Suddenly my printer has decided it doesn't want to actually print now, instead it just feeds the paper through. It was working fine, then when I went to print another document it suddenly didn't work. I've tried turning it on and off. What else can I do? Any ideas what could be wrong with it?