November 17th, 2004

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A friend told me a sweet little story today, she said she got it from a comedian but I can't for the life of me remember his name (and it's too late so I can't call her anymore).

Basically it's about penguins who mate for life and how sweet that is and that the all look the same but penguin-boy and penguin-girl will always find and know each other.

Do you know who said that?

dishwasher / cat in the morning

I have never owned a dishwasher and I'm feeling like it's time to get one. I have no idea what all those special features mean, so if you have a dishwasher... what features do you really like about it?

To cat owners: How does your cat wake you up if he/she is hungry? Mine puts his paw in my mouth while standing on top of me.
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Suppose you work in a very small office.
Suppose that you pick a CD to listen to.
Suppose you don't put on your headphones and that everyone has to listen to it.
Suppose you know that everyone in the office HATES that band.

Would you be upset if one of them walked up behind you and hit you with a 2 x 4?
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I just got a creative writing assignment in my science class (blech). I have to write a poem or song (or I can adapt a song) about asteroids, comets, and/or meteors. I'm thinking that adapting a popular song might be the easiest idea - poetry is REALLY not my thing. Any ideas about what song I should use? (I know that Baby Got Back by Sir Mixalot and Waterfalls by TLC are being used)

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reading the root canal question made me think of this one...

i was supposed to get my wisdom teeth out in high school but i just didnt. i cant STAND dentists and i freak out at needles, so i just never got it done. for those of you who have gotten the procedure, tell me about it! did it hurt? did it hurt afterwards? how long did it take? did you get all four teeth removed? how long was it sore afterward?

can you tell im paranoid, lol? :oD

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How long do eggs last (like, once they're bought) presuming they're refrigerated?
How can you tell if they're spoiled/bad/whatever the term for eggs is, w/o breaking the shell?
Izzy Puppy

Outlook address book

My office uses MS Outlook 2002.  We just moved to our new offices and I have to send out a change of addres to all of our contacts (over 800 people).  When I click on the "TO:" field to to add everyone, I have duplicate entries of everyone.  One for the email and one for the fax.  Example:

John Smith (
John Smith (Business Fax)
Jane Doe (
Jane Doe (Business Fax)

Meaning that I either manually delete over 800 "business fax" from the "to" field, manually select over 800 emails, or send anyway and get over 800 undeliverables.  Unless someone can help me.  How can I stop the business fax from showing up in contact when selecting To?  I can't find the option anywhere.

(This is the way all of our computers are and have always been, it is just effecting me now :-)  )

EDIT: I googled all of this and I am aware of the add-in that you can buy. This is not an option. I am not going to buy it and my boss would just tell me to do it manually.
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Javascript and free code:

Is it possible to make a code to make some images scroll to the right or left within a page when corresponding buttons are clicked? Can you recommend a site I could look for such a (free) code if it is indeed possible?

Or, if I can only hope, where you might know of this code already without me doing MORE searching cuz seriously, there's thousands of codes out there and I don't really know what I'm looking for?

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My friend was recently in a store in Montreal, and while in the dressing room, she heard a song on the radio that was: Monday night? To the club. Tuesday night? To the club. Wednesday night? Had a headache, but I went, to the club." There is more, but I cant find it on google. Any ideas as to who/what this is?

And also, can anyone recommend a good foreign film. I need to watch and crtique one for a grade 11 english class. (Plus, it has to be one I havent seen before...)

Thanks all.

Pondering at the moment

I'm currently in my first year of uni. However I've been contemplating travelling to Japan after I graduate (see how confident I am already lol) to take part in a teaching English program. I was wondering how good these programs are and if they are any good? What preparation (apart from learning the language) would be required?

Again, I'm speaking from a UK view anyone is welcome to offer advice.

books = good

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So yersterday I went to sign on AIM with the screen name I've been using for nearly five years. We cancelled our AOL about four or five months ago. A window came up saying "Sign-on blocked", and then sent me to a page telling me that since it had been an AOL screen name and the account was cancelled, I couldn't use it for AIM anymore. Has anyone else had this happen? Is this a recent thing? Is there any way I can recover my buddy list? Would I be able to access it through a different program, like Trillian (which I don't currently have)?

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1. how do you join groups in Facebook?

2. every time i play a DVD in my computer, the video and audio jerk. it's as if the DVD is skipping, but the discs are fine. and this happens with every disc. i use the latest version of Windows Media Player and XP. could it be my DVD drive? that sucks, because it's fairly new. what else could this be?

3. do you have pets? how many? what are their names? what was your first pet? Collapse )

4. do you think people who have rats as pets are weird?

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I'm going to meet Eddie Izzard (British transvestite comedian) at a signing in Boston tomorrow, and a friend of mine asked me to get an autograph for her... I own DVDs for my own autographs, but what should I have autographed for her? A piece of paper seems kind of lame, and I don't have the money to buy a CD or DVD for her.
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Ok, so maybe this place isn't the best to simply rant, but I need advice. My girlfriend broke up with me.. it wasn't mutual at all. I feel quite heartbroken, and I feel like crap. Anyone have any advice as to get my mind off of it/get over it? I've tried the usual things just to get my mind off the entire thing, but nothing's worked. And I've never really been in any sort of relationship, let alone a serious one, so this whole getting dumped thing is pretty new to me. And I believe it was actually love, not just dating. Blah. Anyone?
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