November 15th, 2004

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In movies about anorexia, how exactly do the girls "look anorexic"? In two that I've seen (on Lifetime) they show the girl's body in one, and you can see her ribs and the bones in her back. Do the girls actually starve themselves somewhat to look the part or do they just use 'special effects'?
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If I wanted to become a CSI, how exactly would I do that?  I have not yet gone to college and obviously I will need to do that, but my question is more like which types of classes should I take first?  Science?  Do I also need a criminal justice degree?  Double degrees?  If so, is there one I should do before the other?  Like would science alone be enough to get me into an entry-level postion in the field that would eventually lead up to being a CSI? 

Even if I got as far as the lab, that'd be cool, though I'd like to do the field stuff as well if possible.  But I really have no idea where to start. 
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freaking out here

Okay, so I'm finishing the final draft of my big book review for my English class, and I have my diskette with a previous draft on it. Well, we had peer review last time, and I had printed a copy that a girl in my class, TJ, wrote comments on about what I should/shouldn't change and so on. Well, in my haste, I didn't check my binder before leaving, and I don't have the paper copy of that friggin' draft.

This has never happened to me. I'm thisclose to panicking and not going to class. I have NEVER forgotten a draft. I'm going to seriously write the paper, but what should I do about the draft? Print another copy of the first one and turn that in? Explain to my instructor? I can't go back to the house and get it because I live thirty minutes away from campus, and I had a ride.
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what should my plans be for next weekend?
Camp all weekend (with my best friend anna and lots of others I got close with this weekend), or Erik's party Friday (with erik, who i got really close to this weekend, and lots of others, but he said he might have another since lots of people will be at camp) and possible brunch with Ian and Marjorie on Sunday (another best friend and a new friend who, once again, I got really close with this weekend. they both live an hour away, which means i don't see them often, but also, I may not be able to brunch with them)?
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'Chokies and Turkey

What do you dip your artichokes in? I dip mine in a mayo-lemon pepper dip.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? My mom and I are going to either serve food at one of the shelters or deliver meals to the folks who can't get out. We're not having a big dinner this year - neither one of us wants to host or cook it.
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Why do cats like free stuff so much? Boxes, bottlecaps, twist ties... You couldn't buy a better toy for cats. One or two of mine spend HOURS playing around in boxes. And I can play fetch with one with a beer bottlecap for hours straight if I didn't get bored with him

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I have two questions today :P

1) Have you ever unintentionally done/said anything that was exactly like something one of your parents would have done/said? For example, sometimes I'll be talking and my voice sounds exactly like my mother's voice. Ever had something like this happen to you?

2) What are you wearing?
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as i was reading through the question club today, i thought to myself, "wow, how uninformed i would be without this wonderful vault of knowledge, insight, and opinions!"

which got me wondering...

whats the most interesting/useful/important thing youve learned from the question club?
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I hate surprises.

Today while I was at school and my boyfriend was at work, he text messaged me and said that he has a really big surprise for me tonight around 8:30. I tried like hell to get it out of him but he wouldn't budge, except I did get a few hints out of him. Help me think of what it could be?

-He has to physically put it together, and it'll take him about 2 hours.
-He's going to take me somewhere to see it.
-I have to be blindfolded.. "There's no other way," he says. =P
-He found out about it yesterday at 4pm but is waiting till tonight.
-I don't know if it's something he's showing me or giving me, he wouldn't divulge that info.

I just told my mom and right away she said, "I bet I know what it is!" But she wouldn't tell me either. I hate waiting =/

i need a comic!

i am looking for a comic strip that was in a newspaper at least a few years ago.

it was from the strip "boondocks", and the main character gets kicked out of class for saying something about having "SOUUUUUUUUL" and being "SUPABAAAAAAAAAD", and how nobody appreciates a little james brown here and there.

i want to send it to a friend of mine. can you tell me where i can find it?

(<3 boondocks)

edited to add:

is there ANY reason why soft packs for cigarettes exist? i got stuck buying them because that was all the store had in my brand the other day, and it was too cold/late to screw around. they just get crushed, and it is most horrible. WHY. why do they do this to me?

yeah, what's the point of soft packs, is the question.
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Stargate series

Okay so apparently at some point in the Stargate series crap happened and Daniel Jackson went away. (I know the story behind it I just don't want to be specific for spoilery reasons.) Does anyone know the reason behind it? Did Michael Shanks leave the show temporarily? B/c I know he's back now. o_O
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hi. if you remember, i posted a week or so ago begging for psych project ideas.
in case youre curious, i am going to go to wal*mart looking like a pregnant teen, and im going to reccord people reactions. (simplicity ended up being key.)

the question now... how do i make my stuffed belly look realistic?
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UK term?

I was reading an article in a British Magazine and they referred to something called a
"council flat."

I know a flat is an apartment...but what exactly do they mean by Council Flat?

Thanks in advance.

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When you're shopping and you see a product marked "As seen on TV" does the product's credibility go up or down in your eyes?


For me it goes down in most cases. While some infomercials are somewhat amusing to watch, the fact that they need to target impulse-buyers to sell their product really makes a statement to me. Or maybe it's the impression that they're selling it on tv because no retail store in their right mind would sell it.

Fads and Trends

Assuming I haven't lived underneath a rock. Based around the college age [18-28] what are some new fads and/or trends that are going on right now. For example, OxyCotin, Adderall, and Carb busting.
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im going to barcelona through a direct exchange program through my school. its going to cost around $2500 or so, and our leader says that fund raisers are a definite option. i really dislike the idea of having to pay all $2500, so what are some ideas for fundraisers you can think of??

oh yeah and for anybody that has a sense of humor, here is whistlecore
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What's gas smell like?
Like, the kind that fuels a wall furnace?


*gets dizzy and passes out*

I can't tell if it's just like, dust that is burning off...

The flames are all blue, not orange, so I would assume all the gas is being burned...?