November 14th, 2004

happiness is.

hair coloring.

If you can't really tell, my hair is 3 colors; black underneath, blonde in the front, and a washed out red everywhere. Naturally my hair is a dark brown. I want to keep the black, but everywhere else I want to go REALLY light brown.

What is the best way to go lighter, when your hair is dark? (And no colors seems to cover red well)? Is there anyway to do it (non-professionally) that doesn't involve bleaching my hair?

I'm looking to take that red and blonde, and go to a very light brown/dirty blonde.


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You're getting a fruit basket for Christmas (because you like fruit and this will make you happy). What fruit do you want to see in it? (Note: This would be fruit you eat, not gay people, before you even start with the jokes)

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Can someone tell me what you use in the US to sterilise your baby bottles etc. – seems as though a lot of people from the US don’t understand what baby sterilising fluid is, so what do they call it in the US?
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Law School advice?

Does anyone have advice for applying to Law School?
Who are good people for recommendations?
What kinds of personal statements do they like?

Background info:

* Been studying for my LSAT (DEC 4th), and am looking at schools.
* Out of school for three years to serve my ROTC scholarship.
* Interested in bioethics, technology, medical ethics law as well as constitutional law (something tells me it's going to be a hot topic)
* Not interested in being a lawyer, want to use it as a stepping stone

Thank you!

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I just recently had a camp reunion, and a really good friend of mine couldnt make it. We were speaking over email about it, and she said "perhaps you could put some of that camp spirit in a jar and send it to me?" And well, being m, I did. So I got everyone to write her messages on these coloured pieces of peper and put them in a jar and labeled it "Camp Spirit in a Jar".... but, the boring old soup jar just doesnt cut it for me. I'm not sure how to decorate it... Its smaller than a pickle jar, and is clear glass. Does anyone have any fun or funky ideas for how to spice it up? (It needs to be cheap, and I also want to send it ASAP)

Thanks everyone<3
books = good

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So it looks like I'm going to be getting my motorcycle license come summer (I'm getting a Vespa GT4, which requires a motorcycle license in my state). However, not knowing anybody else who has a motorcycle does the process work? Do you go to school for it? How do I get my bike to the DMV for my test if I can't drive it? For the record, I do have a driver's license in good standing, and I've driven a GT2 before (which doesn't require a motorcycle license).
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About as random as it gets...

Question #1
Any Jonathan Rhys Meyers fans out there?

Question #2
Can any of you recommend a good JRM picture gallery heavy with photos from his early 20s?
(Ride With the Devil, Titus, Gormenghast eras. RWtD being my favorite.)

I've already pored over, The JRM Film Page, and with minimal success

I know. Random. I wanted to ask here nonetheless.

Thanks in advance.
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I was reading Order of The Pheonix last night and in the first chapter it uses the phrase "Clapped eyes on" (in referance to when Harry first saw Sirius.) Is this a British colloquialism? Has it been changed in other editions? If so, what to?

Can any non-British people think of any of their sayings that we don't have?
(Not things like "Garbage"="Rubbish" things like 'Mad dogs and English men')

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does anyone know where i can get a classic magnadoodle? i want to buy one for a friend for christmas but all i can find are the stupid new ones with fish and crap on them. i just want a plain, blue magnadoodle. i checked ebay but i had no luck.

Ecstasy & Bad Boys II

I was watching Bad Boys II and they were busting an ecstasy dealer and they referred to it as X. Now I remember when Ecstasy was called X and that was in the late '80s/early '90s. I'm in San Francisco and it seems like everyone calls it E now. So here's my question:

Is the common term for Ecstasy in your neck of the woods called X or E? And where are you located?

Acronym: LSMISMT

Does anyone know of a server on IRC that has a good trivia room with a kick ass trivia-bot? There used to be one on KnightNet by the name of Brodie, but, due to people being stupid, and subsequently lazy, he disappeared and was never heard from again. Poor bastard. At least we had Mozfreeq, but I digress...

Good trivia-bot qualities include: many different categories of questions, statement of correct answer if not correctly guessed in the allotted time, progressive hint help, maybe some witty trash talk, etc.

If you love your IRC trivia-bot, or are aware of one that rawks people's socks, please, let me know where it is located. dulcius and I would very much like to re-indulge our boring selves in sweet juicy trivia goodness. Mmm, useless facts...
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If the baby boomers were born between 1946 and 1964, and Generation Xers were born between 1965 and 1976, what would someone born from 1977 on be? Generation Y? And is there a cut-off for that yet?

MP3 downloading

If you download MP3s, what site do you use?

I haven't downloaded songs since the end of free Napster. I just need a place to download every once in a while for songs that I'm learning in my music classes, which can be anything from classical music to Santana to Coltrane.