November 13th, 2004

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inspired by the calendar post

Why is it that the week on calendars here in Germany (don't know about the rest of Europe... anyone?) starts on Monday and the week on calendars in the US (again, don't know about the rest of the world, anybody?) starts on Sunday? It confuses the hell out of me.

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When should people start putting up their christmas trees and crap like that?

Some people have said after thanks giving, and others say before. I need to know so i can buy my stuff.

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Usually, when I have a case of deja vu, it's not of a situation, but deja vu of..deja vu. Do this happen to anyone else?

Speaking of which, what was your last case of deja vu?
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I'm trying to find some specific style/fashion/trend names..
Like what are some names that are common and thrown around that deal with chic, trippy style clothing?

ie; there's punk style, hippie, etc..

Is soho a style? Is there anything close to that kind of style name? Is urban a type of style?

I'm really looking for names, thanks.

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Could someone please explain to me Neil Gaiman's Mr. Punch's Tragical Comedy or Comedic Tragedy? I've read most of the reviews, but I still feel as if I'm missing something from what I've read of the comic.
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I've been having some odd trouble with my cable internet, which I've had for nearly a year now with no problems. Basically, if I'm using my browser too long, or loading a large page, or have two or three pages loading in tabs, I lose my connection. I reset the main cable box (we have wireless, mine is not the main computer), but it's persisting. I called customer support, and they're not sure what to do. It's really just a minor annoyance--I just have to reboot and it works fine--but still an annoyance. It started after our power flickered on and off a few times yesterday. Any clue how to fix it?

What is the best place for hosting? I want a domain, no ads, and FTP upload--email isn't important. It'll be mostly text, so I don't need huge amounts of storage space or bandwidth. Inexpensive as possible is also good.

Edited, also: I've been having recurring dreams over the past six months or so that I'm in a grocery store. It's never the same store, and they've progessively gotten bigger, from one the size of a gas station to last night's, which was ten times bigger than any megamart I've ever been in. In these dreams, I am usually having trouble in some way or another finding what I'm looking for, be it because the employees are unhelpful, the store is messy, etc. Any ideas on what that might mean?

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I have some delicious chicken breasts taken out, but I'm not sure what to do with them. What should I make for supper? Also, I have lots of broccoli and potatoes and spices, so those are things that I could use too... any fave chicken recipes? I am doing schoolwork all day but I wouldn't mind taking an hour to cook something delish :D
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How would the world be different today if Jesus has never showed up? I'm looking for anything you can think of. For example, the first thing off the top of my head was that if there even was an America, it would be a very different place since religious separatists wouldn't have come over.

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Are there any art therapists in this community?

I have a question regarding the possible efficacy of art therapy for an elderly, neurologically intact woman who had been an accomplished painter into her later years, but now is too physically incapacitated to paint with the fervor and intensity that she once gave to her large canvases.


clarinets and numb thumbs.

a question for clarinet players...

have you ever played clarinet for so long without a thumb rest pad that your thumb has actually gotten a tingly, numb-ish feeling?
i played in honor band today from 8:30 am until about 4:30 pm, with one half hour lunch break, and its still numb-like, and its 9:00! it does this every year at honor band, but i was wondering if there was any way to "wake up" a thumb that feels "asleep".
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