November 12th, 2004

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makeup question

So I've spent the evening experimenting with my angled eye crease brush, and not getting anywhere fast. I seem to always end up looking like the undead instead of drop-dead gorgeous. How on earth to women get that pretty tonal eye crease thing going?! (without a professional makeup artist!)
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Which movie monster really scares you? Which doesn't bother you at all? What about when you were a kid?

When I was little, I was terrified of vampires but thought mummies were laughable.
These days, I avoid zombies but don't give a care for aliens.

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What kinds of things do I put on a personal accomplishments page/brag sheet? Do I do it like a resume? I'm trying to make a list of necessary things for my teacher who is writing me a recommendation, to know about my involvement, but I'm not sure what to include.

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1. I heard once that if you have really dry hands, you should put moisturizer on them, put socks over your hands and go to bed. Problem is, I cant fall alseep with socks on my hands (who can?). Does anyone have any dry hand solving ideas?

2. How exactly do you pronounce Sigur Ros?

3. I'm writing an article for the school newspaper with my amiga, and we are doing part of our article on random school statistics like:
Whose bathrooms are dirtier? Boys or girls?
Which gender fails math the most?
How many kids per month are actually suspended?
How many teachers have ever been fired?

And so I was wondering,what are somethings you always wanted to know about your high school?
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i thought websites like amazon, barnes and noble, and best buy supposedly had the option of ordering something online and then picking it up at a store instead of having it shipped -- but i can't find this option on any of these sites.  am i crazy and just imagining that the option is supposed to be there or is it just hiding?  can anyone point me in the right direction?
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Why do people apologize after asking a question on the Question Club blog, or any blog for that matter? Do they have low self-esteem and are afraid of being rejected, or do they honestly feel that their question has no merit, (once again goes back to self-esteem)?
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Computer noise

In the past few months, this happens randomly, usually when I turn on my computer, but now it's been happening more regularly especially if I've left the computer idle for a few hours while turned on, and then doesn't cease until I restart it.

It's making a not-particularly-loud chirping/crackling nonise, if you can imagine that kind of combination.

Any idea what that might be?
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the other day while driving on the freeway everything was going fine, it seemed the average car was traveling at about 70mph.

all of the sudden traffic slowed down to about 25-30mph, in the distance i could see police lights. a few moments later i realized it was a highway patrol. they had their lights on and were going back and forth across all lanes.

i figured maybe there was an accident, but there wasn't.

why was he doing that?
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Social Faux Pas

I'm standing in line at Louisa's for my daily dose of soy-chai when someone two places in front of me in line says to the barista "Okie Dokey."

Is it just wrong that I whispered loud enough for him to hear "Artichokie"?

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In this age of continual ranting about how our society is so obese, I've come to wonder: What exactly makes a person obese? A lot of people are overweight, sure, but obese? I always thought that obese was much larger than the other. Or are the terms interchangable now? Furthermore, are the criteria for who is overweight/obese different than it used to be, now that people are expected (by the infamous "they" I suppose) to be skinnier and skinnier? Thoughts, anyone?

PT jobs

Ok, so I'm going to be a part time student in the spring (I'm taking some classes in order to prepare for applying to grad programs). I need a part time job, but if possible I'd like one that is a little more offbeat than the usual waitress/food service/retail student gig. I'm looking into maybe substitute teaching, but even if I do that, I'd still probably need something else. Any ideas of semi-unusual or different PT jobs to look into? Anything you've done you'd recommend, or warn to stay the hell away from? I don't want to work tooo close to a FT schedule, since it'll be important for me to focus on classes. Also, jobs where I'd have some autonomy in figuring out my schedule would be extra good.

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I think I really want to get a kitten. I've had cats (and dogs and puppies) before, but never a little baby kitten.

I have no idea what having a kitten involves. Do you have to train them to go in the litterbox? Do you have to constantly watch them like a puppy? Are there cages involved?

I really have no idea! It's so weird since I've had 3 adult cats in my life, but not a single kitten!

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I'm making a school/ exams-themed mix CD, and I'd like some more to fill it up.
So far I have:

Two out of Three aint Bad (Meatloaf)
All the things she said (TaTu)
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (Animals)
Rasputin [we did the revolution for history] (Boney M)
It Aint Nececarily So (from Porgie and Bess)
I have confidence (from the Sound of Music)
Crash and Burn (Savage Garden)
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 (from Sesame Street)

any suggestions?
Thank you!!!!
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I'm at work and really bored.

What websites do you go to when you're bored (besides lj obviously)?

I'm looking for something interesting to read, but I cn't think of anything I'd like to look up or anything.
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Calendar question

I just got my new calendar in the mail and noticed that it's formatted... odd. I'm used to the calendar where you've got seven columns going across labeled Sunday, Monday, etc. and the dates go from left to right. Collapse )

This calendar is different. It's seven rows high, each labeled Monday, Tuesday, etc. and the dates go from top to bottom.

Is this normal in other countries or do you think it's just a funky artsy fartsy design for the calendar? (It's the 2005 U2 one, if it matters.)
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(no subject)

Is it likely that I'll be able to shrink a t-shirt that is made of 50% Preshrunk Cotton / Polyester?

I want to shrink it. Who'd have thought that a Youth Large is bigger than an Adult Small??
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(no subject)

How would one go about becoming a professional animal wrangler, like for TV and movies and such?

(Not that I'm really considering this as a career option, but I'm curious to know if I could put my years and years of rat-handling skills to work.)

Three/four questions

  • I really like the layout in my livejournal (bluemeanies), but the menu bar to the right is really boring. Does anybody have any ideas about how I could make it more interesting? I was thinking about mabye changing the way it looks, or adding a "current desktop" thumbnail, something like that. Anybody got some better ideas?

  • Does anyone know why my graphics journal's userinfo won't show the "Friend Of" information? (Click here for my userinfo page). It has "Mutual Friends," but not "Friends of;" I use the same style system on both of them, and I've checked just about everywhere for an option that would let me change this, but without luck. Should I take this question to everything_lj?

  • On the show Teen Titans, why is Robin one of the characters if all the others are original? And am I the only one who thinks that Brother Blood is really, really cool?

Okay, I'll leave you guys alone now.
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Overseas phone calls and Eggs

Two questions for you folks:

1. How does calling overseas work? I've read and read about long-distance phone calls, and I now know too much about how phones work, but nothing I read told me how this works over oceans. I'm assuming there aren't copper or fibreoptic cables stretched across the oceans.

2. Is it bad for you if you eat 6 eggs in one day? Just once that is, not on a regular basis. Otherwise eating very few eggs (say maybe one or two a week), and no meat (vegetarian). I had a craving for Eggs Benedict (cheese instead of ham) this evening, so I bought half a dozen eggs (minimum you can get), and made Hollandaise sauce, but I'm not sure how long the prepared hollandaise sauce will keep (it was from a package, added water and margarine). I don't want to waste the sauce, and am perfectly hungry enough to eat four more eggs Benedict in the next 12 hours or so.

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(no subject)

1. What are some ways to relieve knee pain other than Tylenol and a heating pad?

2. Is it way too early for Christmas commercials?

3. Is it difficult to learn how to play rhythm guitar?
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Oi vey. Alrighty, I've got a problem. I was taking the barbell out of my tongue and for a moment I just left it in there without the bottom ball in. I've done this plenty of times before, but then I heard something funny on TV and laughed.. and ended up swallowing my barbell. Unfortunately I don't have any replacements but I'm going to go and get one tomorrow. Either way, I want to get this thing out of my system soon as possible so it won't cause any problems. The barbell is internally threaded so there aren't any grooves or anything for it to get caught on. I've read on BME that this isn't usually a big problem, so I'll trust them. Anyways, anyone know of some good natural laxatives?
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Help from Oceania members

I’ll be visiting New Zealand and Australia early next year, and I’m wondering what stupid, inadvertendly funny, or annoying things Americans tend to do (that you’ve seen) that I could avoid doing. ;-) Any suggestions? I’m not a complete newcomer to overseas cultural sensitivity, but you never know.

Also, what can I do to minimize miscommunication, either due to accent or unfamiliar words? I’ve been reading Australian-American and New Zealand-American dictionaries for a few months now, but any other advice? I’m sure due to the proliferation of American movies, people are going to be used to my American accent, but I wanted to be sure. Thanks!

P.S. I like Vegemite. Will I win brownie points?