November 11th, 2004


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Has anyone else tried the Pepsi Holiday Spice? What did you think of it?

*I did, and thought it was good enough 'though nothing spectacular and I'll probably be inclined to spend my $ on something that I really like such as Cherry Coke or Mountian Dew, if I'm buying a pop*
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How do you find a song (artist/title) that you know some of the lyrics to, but even google can't find a page for?
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What's it like getting your wisdom teeth pulled? Why would someone have that done? Is it necessary? How would I know if I need it done without asking a dentist? How long does it hurt for? Can they knock you out so you're asleep when they do it?

Just overly curious and overtired. 'Scuse the barrage of questions.
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I must be blind.

In reference to this post, it didn't occur to me to try one of the more obvious places.

I'm looking for a song which sounds like it might be called colourblind (or colorblind) and the few lyrics I know in the song are "now I find you're colourblind", "suttle form of flattery" and "hang me in your gallery". Female artist, and I heard it on the radio during late 2003.

Anyone know what this song is? Arist and title?
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music suggestions

i hope this doesn't sound too stereotypical or whatever of me; it's for an assignment.

when you hear the phrase 'black music' what do you think of? genres are okay, songs/artists are even better! ;D

i have a presentation due next friday about the development of a unique african-american culture through music, starting with slave spirituals and working up to present day. i want to play music for the class to show the progression but i don't really know what songs i should use!!


Equatorial guinea coup...

About a month ago, Margaret Thatcher's son, (Mark?) was arrested and charged with helping to finance a plot for a military coup in equatorial guinea. The coup never took place and so essentially he was abetting was a plot of treason I guess. But what would have happened had the coup been successful? Would he still have been in trouble under international law? Or because the new political elite in the country presumably liked him would not have faced the charges?

Hope that makes sense, is just a random thought that occurred to me this morning.
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gay marrige

Given the seperation of church and state: what is the logic behind wanting to ban gay/lesbian marrige. doesn't marrage fall under church, and a constitutional ammendment under state? i'm confused.
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#1. I'm trying to help someone learn to project her voice for teaching classes of children. When she speaks louder than her normal volume, the pitch goes up and the warmth goes out, so she shounds like she's angry/shouty/a robot. Anyone have any suggestions for techniques or exercises we can try to get her to talk more loudly, properly?

#2. What's a good gift for someone training to be a teacher? It can be funny or silly or even useful, but something related to the teaching.

the Mazda3: silver or red?

The Mazda3: should I go with red or silver?

I've been thinking red or black. Black just looks amazing but, sadly, was ruled out because it's so hard to keep a black car looking clean and it shows every imperfection. This left red, my traditional favorite. My current car is red and has been since I got it painted that way a few years ago. So I was all set on red. Then a friend of mine who came with me to the dealership pointed to the silver and said it looked better than the red and, dammit, I'm starting to see his point. So now I'm conflicted: silver or red?

I'm about to sign the papers on a car (the dealer still has to locate it, so doesn't matter much to them) and I don't know what color I want! Gah!!!

Help? Anyone? Opinions? =(

(warning: color selector function not FF friendly.)
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According to The Flat Earth Society, the Earth is flat. It bewilders my mind that people could still possibly think this way. Reading the FAQ page is actually quite hilarious. They claim, among other things, that Idaho and North Dakota don't exist at all.

If all their claims are true, what is on the OTHER side of the Earth?
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Bird music!

My lovebird's mate died a few weeks ago, and to console her, my mom has been putting on music with bird chirps in it to keep her from feeling too lonely. But we're getting pretty sick of the same music over and over and I think the bird is getting sick of the invisible birds saying the same thing over and over. :P

So my question is this, can you guys recommend any songs/CDs/whatnot with bird sounds in it?
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Whats a cig filter made out of?

P.S: can anyone recommend any artists similiar to Gwen Stefani? Music, fashion style, etc. If not artists..just that category?

Uhh..again. Can anyone point out some links or whatever articles on this question "Should a sperm donor have the right to know whom his sperm went to?"?


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Is anyone educated in eating disorders?

A friend of mine has been bulimic for several years, and recently started having blood in her bowel movements. Sorry, I don't mean to sound graphic. Does anyone know if this is an effect of her eating disorder?
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I hate mainstream quotes - quotes people tell me have to be important.
Toliken's "Not all who wander are lost," is good, but it's so overused no one can tell what you mean by quoting it.
When you quote something like "Don't look beyond the garden, Mrs. Savage. There may be a better place somewhere--but if you give this up to search for it--you may not find it--and lose what you have." (The Curious Savage, John Patrick) people are not distracted by the big names of the author, or in what context they have seen the quote before, or even the annoying fanboy who never shuts up about it.

So I ask you, what's you've favorite non-overused quote(s)?
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Towel or no Towel

You know how us girls usually put our hair up in a towel when we get out of the shower? Well, I was just wondering... does hair dry faster when you let it airdry without a towel, or when you keep the towel on your head?

lol, dumb question, i know, but just trying to be time-efficient here :)
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random things i thought of in the shower:

1. what is the origin of the slang term "hoopdie", referring to a piece-of-crap automobile?
2. what kind of shampoo do you use? what kind is the best?
3. how long do you usually take to shower?
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Shrek or Shrek 2?

Also, I have chronic REALLY BAD split ends. Any suggestions besides a good moisturizing shampoo and regular trims? Because I use a pretty good moisturizing shampoo, and in terms of trims. . . . . no matter where I go, how much I do or don't pay, I end up with a fair amount of split ends w/i 4 days or so.
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what makes my feet smell? they haven't smelled forever, it's just.. all of a sudden. stiiiink. i was sitting here and i had to just take my shoes off and move them away from me because i could smell them through my shoes. so i febrezed my socks and put them in the laundry and i febrezed the insides of my shoes. lol. that's kind of sad. really sad. really gross too. anyway, why do my feet smell, and what can i do about it? also what can i do about my shoes?

*sniff* ;(