November 10th, 2004



Okay, so I'm used to the Jan, Feb, March, etc . . . calendars. If one (if you do personally, then you'd be a great person to satisfy my curiosity) lives in a place (ex: the United States of America) where that is the most commonly used. . . . . . schools, work, pretty much everything seems to go by that calendar (months, etc). . . but are of a religion, cultural heritage, anything else. . that uses a calendar other than that. . .

Am I correct in assuming that you'd probably use the jan, feb, etc calendar for "Okay, these are the days I have to go to work" and your other calendar for religious/cultural things. At least. But what do you use as your primary reference?

Or am I totally off?

Sorry for the total ignorance. . . . I've never really heard of how that works, though and I'm curious =)

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does anyone know any ways of looking up someones email address. ive lost touch with a good friend and i found sites that allow you to email them but im not exactly sure if its the right person or not

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can anybody think of words that split up to form two completely different words?
manslaughter - mans laughter
therapist - the rapist
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What's the big deal about Halo? I've seen it mentioned as perhaps a game, Nine Inch Nails refers to its discs as halos... I'm confused, please help?

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I bought my friend a normal sized, fuzzy rocking horse for her birthday (dont ask why) and I want to wrap it all in wrapping paper, but I want it so that it still looks exactly like a horse. Does anyone know how I should go about doing this without wasting a ton of wrapping paper or tape?

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I started a new community and I need a brain storm. You guys are excellent at this stuff.

What I need is ideas for requests that might occur in a community that trades in favors. What would you ask someone to so given their location and talents were suitable to your needs? Say you live in X city but you need something done in Y city. Say you want a leaf off a tree from Central Park but live in California, for instance.

Please keep it moderately clean. :P

By the way, the community is favor_network in case you wanted to go read the description or join, or what-not. What I am trying to do is make a list of possible requests so that others will be inspired to make some of their own.


Stumbleupon sounds like a good idea, but I don't like the way it's done. I'm not about to spend my time supplying information to a company that keeps that information to itself like they created it or something, when lots of other good projects could obviously make use of it to enhance the web.

So. Is there an Open Content or Free Software website rating/recommendation system?

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Did any of you go back to or start college around age 26+ at a college where most of the undergrads are 18-22 years old, and there aren't many older people? If so, how'd it go? Did you feel like you stood out?
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Why do people have different kinds of hang-overs? (tired, just a headache, violent vomiting, etc)

Why do some people not have any hang-overs?

What exactly causes a hang-over (besides obviously alcohol. I mean, techincally, how does it come about?)
head banging

Embarrassing but yeah

I don't know what on earth happened in my sleep last night but I woke up with this awful pain in my big toe. I am not sure if I sprain it but it is not swollen or anything :/

Anyway, I can barely walk and I have a presentation tonight and my classmates are uncontactable right now. Is there anything I can do to relive this mysterious pain so I can hobble my way to class in a few hours?

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Have any of you hitch hiked recently (last 2 years or so)?

How was it?

Why did you do it?

How did you do it?

How did you avoid a dangerous situation?

What was your experience like?

Would you do it again?
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unfortunate events


Randomly, do you pronounce database with a long a (as in DAY) or a short a (as in DAD)? Where are you from?

Long a for me and I'm from New Jersey via Atlanta.


Bonus question: What are you going to have next time you eat?
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I need to write a conflict scene in Creative Writing. We've done so many of these that I have NO MORE IDEAS! Ahh!

It has to have internal and external conflict (conflict within the character him/herself and other people who are against them)

Any thoughts... ideas? Por favor?
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How many different corporations provided the machines for the U.S. election? I'm talking about the Optical Scan machines as well as the Touch-Screen ones, both of which were provided by Diebold.

So was there more than just them? Which states did they serve, how was this worked out?

Just curious. I'm honestly shocked that the blatant gall of allowing a corporation that has publicly expressed their partisanship to be not only involved in but in essence a mediator of the election process is allowed to pass, even in America...

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oh, difficulties.

i need cigarettes, and gas. i could drive up to the sheetz now and get these things, or just leave earlier tomorrow and pick them up on the way to work. i want some smokes, but i can live without if i need to....although i would really enjoy one right now. it's really cold out and i'm feeling lazy, and i don't really feel like going out.

should i go now, or tomorrow morning?

i am also kind of waiting for a phone call.

update: the cigarettes won. i'm going out. *grump*
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I need to get some new shoes. Specifically, shoes that I can backpack around Germany in for two weeks, so they need to be very comfortable. Nothing open-toed or open-heeled, preferably tennis shoes/sneakers/whatever you call them. I'll wear both male and female shoes. Are there any brands that you'd recommend? Any tips for finding good shoes?

And while I'm at it, any tips for backpacking around Germany?


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In Christian mythology is there not also female aspects to God and Jesus?
I don’t mean God as genderless, I am sure there has been mention of lost texts that presents Christian God as female and a female counterpart to Christ – who am I thinking of?

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Two questions:

1) Someone posted awhile ago asking for how to lose weight and someone posted a link that broke down how many calories you needed to eat daily for various types of bodies, and how many calories various types of exercize burned, and a lot about how losing weight works. Anyone still have that link? I can't seem to find it.

2) About cardio exercize: Is it just to do with heart rate or are there more factors? For example, say I get the same heart rate if I do a stairmaster machine pretty slowly or an elliptical trainer machine really fast. If I did both for the same amount of time, would one be better than the other for my cardiovascular health? and for calorie burning?

Just curious