November 9th, 2004

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Which sounds better? ( A question of a ring)

(This is a question about giving someone a engagement ring)

Ok I have, at least, three different ideas for giving her the ring at christmas.



First we have me hiding the ring in some socks for her to find when she gets around to opening them. (with a note)


Secondly we have me giving her a DVD for x-mass. Perhaps a real DVD case with my own homemade DVD in it. A DVD with video of me telling her to reach under the desk and find what is taped to the underside, A ring. Then video of me asking for her to marry me and explaining that she doesn’t have to say yes. . . and if she does say yes it doesn’t have to be tomorrow.


Third we go back to the ring with the socks but only with a note and picture of me on a knee.




Then, finally, we have me just up and asking her x-mass day. (this one worries me because, honestly, what would one do if she was to say no to your face on Christmas?)





Yes I am a geek.

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(no subject)

has anyone ever become inundated with spam from ""?  it's not a real website and i think it might be spyware related but can't find anything about it if it is.  but for months now i've been getting anywhere from 2 to 10 emails in my junkmail folder that are related to this place.  it's mostly things like "costa rican real estate", "become our secret shopper!" and ads for the dish network and winning a fee imac, stuff like that.  it's really friggin' obnoxious and of course i've tried 1000000 times to unsubscribe from whatever list they had me on and of course they keep sending me stuff.

i consider this harassment.  and gmail doesn't let me actually block a domain the way yahoo mail would.  isn't there any recourse i have to make them leave me alone at this point?
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fat burn vs. cardio

so. when you work out there are two target heart rates to aim for.. one at 65%, or the "fat burn" target... and one at 80%, or the "cardiovascular" target. if your heart rate is consistently in the "cardio" zone, are you burning fat as effectively? or is it then all about toning your heart and not so much about burning fat?
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A couple of food/drink questions...

1) Can you cook an egg in the microwave so that it comes out sort of scrambled?
If yes, how long would you cook it for?

2) Has anyone tried Absolut Vanilla? Is it any good? What is it good to mix with?
Izzy Puppy


I never claimed to be one to know anything about fashion. If it's comfortable, I'll wear it. Fashionable I am not. I don't even follow it. When I do happen to notice it, I mostly don't understand it (capris, Paris Hilton short skirts and sunglasses, low riders showing your butt, g-strings hanging out...don't get it. I am not judging, I just never understood) I am watching Sex and the City, season 3. Carrie is walking around with these enormous flowers on her shoulder, like a brooch. Was this a "style" that I completely missed? Or was it something just she was doing? I just don't get it.

Yours Truly,
Fashion Challenged
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all about USA

well its 2 weeks until i go to USA n i keep thinking of little things and i cant find the answers on google.. so here are some everyday things you guys may be able to help me with:

*When dialing overseas from USA, is there a special number to dial to get out of the country?
eg. To call from Australia to USA, we dial 0011 to get out of Aust, then 1 to get into USA then the phone number. I know to call into Aust the code is 61 and drop the 0 ...but what about getting out of USA?

*Does anyone know of any mobile phone (cell phone) providers that are gsm and offer a prepaid startup kit sim card?
eg. Here, you can pretty much anywhere buy a prepaid sim card for $30 and it comes with $30 credit.

=If you were going overseas for 4 months, what are some things you would want to take (apart from clothes etc) ?

Extra things I want to take are my pillow, milo, vegemite
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x-posted, sorta off topic, kthxbye

My history class is doing a reverse chronology project, in which we take a significant event and figure out what events occurred that lead us to that event. What made it possible.

I was going to do the founding of the electoral college, but my teacher told me it was too much work, so he asked me to do 9/11. He said it'd be interesting to see my take on it (he knows I'm a libertarian).

I want to put human emotion into the project somehow, but I'm not sure if I should put it immediately "before" September 11th, or if I should make the emotions be the "starting point" of everything I choose.

So far I have (loosely chosen): Religion, Politics, Technology, Security and Public Servants (police, firefighters) were all the immediate tiers that made 9/11 possible.

Does anyone have anything to add as a major tier, or does anyone have a particular article they can think of or point to be made under those topics?? If so, do you have an emotion to go with it?

My teacher is really lenient on my sources, he doesn't really care what I use, so long as dates are included for the events I mention.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)
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Martial arts

Do you know anything about martial arts?

I've been wanting for some time to learn some form of self-defense that is practical and effective (and fun?). I'm kinda lost though. Kung-fu? Jujitsu? Karate? Tae-Kwon-Do? Aikido? KICKBOXING?? I have been researching through the Infinate Information source, and through my local library, but I'm still confused.

What would you recommend for a beginner?
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(no subject)

ok, what should i be when i grow up? a cultural studies professor, or a clinical therapist? i can't seem to decide. and i want concrete answers here, A or B, not anything like "what feels right" "weighing pros and cons" "what you're best at" "what's most possible" - trust me i go through those questions constantly and i got nothin'. so i'm putting it to the people. i only wish i could institute electoral votes as well.

so what? cultural studies professor, or clinical therapist? uninformed opinion welcome.
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(no subject)

Does anyone else think that the president and everyone in the white house should be one big reality TV show? I mean, as the public we have a right to know what's going on in there anyway. I think it'd be interesting...
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(no subject)

I'm bored......I don't feel like going out, I don't have any homework to do, and everyone who's drinking tonight are only drinking beer, which I don't like. What can I do? Any suggestions? Please.... :(