November 8th, 2004

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About seven years ago, I played a Sierra game on a friend's computer. It was one of those ones where you have to pick out objects and arrange them in the playing field so that when you press start, the ball or whatever makes it to the end. I don't have any idea what it was called. Do you know, or can you recommend a similar game?

Also, is there a place I can download the Microsoft versions of Solitaire, Hearts, and Minesweeper? My computer didn't come with them.

.just wondering.

I wonder why everyone is so depressed now-a-days, is it a new fad or something to be depressed all the time? it gets pretty annoying when u want to jump around and have fun but everyone around u is all gloomy and depressed.

(just a question not meant to be taken personally)

</3 Miranda
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Izzy Puppy

How do you count?

I am not talking about 1,2,3...

Do you say:

a) One one thousand...Two one thousand...Three one thousand...
b) One thousand one...One thousand two...One thousand three...
c) One mississippi...Two mississippi...Three mississippi...
d) Or something else?

I am more interested in which is more common between a and b, but also curious as to other ways that people count off.
EDIT:I forgot to mention why I asked. I recently found that I do a and b, in the same count. Say I am counting to 5, I would say (1 one thousand) (2 one thousand 3) (one thousand 4) (one thousand 5) or something like that to where I switch my counting without thinking in the middle of it.
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I just got a new job that pays really well, at a really great company. Trouble is, I live in nyc and was planning to move to Philadelphia for school in January.

Should I keep working and take yet another semester off from school, or quit the job and move?

ps- I also have some credit cards I need to pay off so the job really helps with that.

*I'm not used to posting from the website and somehow managed to turn off the comments the first time I posted! Thanks to whoever posted the question about it! whoops!*
  • b0pp

Village in England

Who can give me a map showing the location of a village called Barrow in England?
If it helps, it's near a town called Bury St Edmunds...

I just want a pretty picture to show me where in the country it is.
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1. Dexter from Dexter's labortory has a European accent ( I think), but anyone know specifics?

2. Is Diet Sprite and Zero the same exact thing? Or is there something different?
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I got a new pair of shoes a while back, and my big callouses on my big toes got a lot bigger because the shoes are kind of thin and gratey inside. Anyways, I really need to get rid of my callouses because they're starting to hurt!

I can't afford a pedicure, foot scrubs do NOTHING and I find that filing them does work but only to a small degree. I think I should try to cut them off, but with what? What would you do? I'm starting to get callouses on my heels too, it's bad! Also, they're the only shoes I have now, because I moved to the RAINIEST CITY IN THE WORLD and my other shoes are ridden with stank because they got wet.
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I really like being able to see my own eyelashes. I also like to look at the blue of the sky until I start to cry a little.

Are there any silly things that make you incredibly happy?
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Name of this movie?

While I was on vacation in Florida, I watched a movie one night on HBO. However, I didn't start watching it until probably a 1/4 of the way through it, and I'm curious as to what the name of it is...
It's about a high school student named Debbie that lives with her grandma who abuses her, and her Grandma's dog 'B.B', who Debbie later kills. Debbie also ends up killing her Grandmother, classmate, and I think some social service lady :S
Debbie also is in love with her teacher, 'Alex' but he has a girlfriend who is a flight attendant. There is also a character named Meegan who is Debbie's enemy at school.
lol, it was a really twisted movie, but I'd really like to know what the title is!
  • angua27

I'll take two boys and a girl please thank you


How do you manage to sell something like this? Who buys this?

I especially like how it says that you and your partner must follow a strict diet. Then, if anything goes wrong, they can blame it on someone eating too many potato chips or something and not the fact that their product is totally bogus.

Assume this worked. Would you even want to choose your child's gender?

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i have to do a psych project for my highschool elective. it doesnt have to be profesional or serious, really i'd prefer it was fun because we'll be spending a lot of class time on it.
any situation in which i observe behavior is good. guys go to the mall dressed as girls, leave wallets to see what strangers do with them ect...

brilliant ideas?

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Do you think clinical depression is overdiagnosed? Can someone direct me towards some sources where it gives textbook definitions and such? How can you tell is someone is seriously, actually depressed or if they're just depressed but can "get over it"?

Is it proven that it's a chemical imbalance?

It's so confusing.

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Does anyone know of a good program that can burn DVDs other then Nero? Or has anyone heard of/know how to fix a problem I'm having with Nero. Every time I install it I can burn 1 DVD and then every DVD I try after that it burns 2% of it then gives me some "SCSI aborted" error. The only temporary solution I can find to this problem is that I have to uninstall it and reinstall it, but that doesn't always work either. Any help would be quite...helpful.
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