November 7th, 2004

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I feel weird again.

When I was younger I used to have this weird feeling like I would sometimes be watching myself from outside my body. I'd be talking to someone and all of a sudden I wouldn't be consciously controlling my part of the conversation - "me" would continue as normal, but "I" would have this creepy shock of watching myself function. It's like my brain would float out of my head for a bit, but not at all in a daydreaming manner.

Another weird state that came with that kind of thing was that sometimes I'd be sitting quietly not doing anything, and suddenly I would feel like my right and left sides of my body switch places. I literally feel like my body is all screwed up and my right hand is on my left side and vice versa. This feeling would go on for about five minutes till I could consciously shake it off.

A few years ago I started taking Prozac for chronic depression. Those feelings pretty much went away. [NOTE: I do not, nor have I ever taken any drugs aside from Prozac.]

Now they're back again. I'm not sure whether to attribute it to forgetting to take my pills every so often, or stress, or just another "bout" of whatever this thing is. I've been told it's a form of dissociation, but every time I try looking dissociation up I get info about MPD, which doesn't describe my symptoms above at all.

Is what I described familiar to anyone at all? I've been trying to understand what it is for years, and why it happens seemingly randomly. Is there a branch of dissociation that deals only with the self and the body? Please help me out here...
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I owe around $500 in old bills turned over to collection agencies. (I've lived in the dorm for almost two years now, so it hasn't been a concern as far as getting utilities.) If I fail any classes this semester, I won't be elligible for federal financial aid anymore. (And I think I might...) I also feel like I am getting more and more depressed that I can't find a girlfriend, and that I don't make any friends here.

My mom just lent/gave (depends how fast I can pay it back, if I can) $800 for tuition, and she gave me about that amount last fall as well. She asks me fairly regularly if there is anything I need, if anything is wrong, and other stuff like that when she calls (2-3 times a week.) Should I give up all of these details the next time she calls? (So far I don't think she knows anything about any of them.)
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I saw a movie a couple years back, and all I can remember of it was that it involved a murder mystery played out over time travel and reincarnation. The main character was maybe a detective and a psychic told him that he was the reincarnation of someone involved with this murder, which I think took place in maybe the 1920's--the rest of the movie was present day. Also a woman who was somehow involved in a past incarnation was, in present day, an artist obsessed with scissors, which had been the murder weapon. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I'm not sure if I'd even recognize the title if I heard it...
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(no subject)

Sorry for two in a row, but this one is rather different, and I'm collecting opinions everywhere...

What is the best book you've read this year? It doesn't have to have come out this year, only that you read it for the first time this year. I think I have settled on my favorite. So what's yours?

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If a priest hears a private confession in a confessional booth that someone has murdered or abused a child or what have you, and the priest recognizes the person's voice, is he obligated to report it?
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i'm not suggesting implementing new rules

Wouldn't it be cool if we had a list of every question ever asked in the QC? WOULDN'T IT???


Wouldn't it be cool if everyone put the subject of their question in their subject line and we could search for questions asked already so easily and fastly and...stuff?

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What's the best way to be hairless down there?

My boyfriend loves when I'm completely shaved, but it's really hard to keep up with. I always use a ton of shave creme and I'm totally gentle, but I always end up with nicks and red bumps. Gross. I haven't had too much luck with NAIR- it just makes my skin break out even more.

There must be a better way! I read an article in a magazine a couple years ago comparing all the different methods of hair removal, but I don't remember any of them and I'm pretty sure they were mostly for leg hair removal. I couldnt really find any such article on Google.

I'd prefer to buy some sort of kit that I can do myself (even if it's tedious and time consuming), but it's no big deal if I have to go to a salon or something. Here's the most important thing: pain is NOT a concern. I know, I know, I'm sure some methods hurt more than I can imagine, but I don't want pain to be a deciding factor.

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I'm crossdressing my adorable 14-year-old gay male best friend on Tuesday @ school for no reason other than we can. I think I'll make him a tshirt. What's a cute thing to write on it?

edit: We might put me in boydrag, whee! So suggestions could be pair-oriented.


I recently signed up with the NaNo forums. I have never used a forum before (gasp!) so I am unacquainted as to how to change font color/size, and that sort of thing. I know normal html doesn't work, so I've tried putting simple code into the bracket things [] but that doesn't seem to change anything. I managed to get text to italicize, bold, underline, but I was wondering how to do other things?
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India, Dogs, and Moving

If a person was moving to India (transporting there by airplane) and wanted to take two small dogs with him (terriers)...what all would that entail?

How are the dogs cared for on the plane? If you have a layover, where does your dog go in the meantime (and can you visit with them during the layover)?
Does your animal have to be quarantined upon arrival in India? If so, for what period of time?
Is there anything else to take into consideration?

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Does it bother anyone else when people pronounce it "'Reesie's' Peanut Butter Cup" instead of Reese's? It really annoys me, not sure why. I always point out that the actress's name isn't pronounced Reesie Witherspoon.

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are there any big sweaters out there? i seem to sweat a LOT. like, even if a room is slightly warm i find myself wiping sweat from my forehead every minute or so. also, if i do any physical activity for like 5 minutes i sweat up a storm. is there anything i can do to curb this? friends have told me that since i sweat a lot i am able to lose weight this true?
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11 states

I hate to bring up politics when we've already had enough, but I ask earnestly: Why were only 11 states voting in the Gay Marriage Ban? I imagine there must have been a reason why these states in particular were chosen. (I thought it was interesting, though, that they were mostly conservative states.)

Tell me a method that's been tried and true

How do I get rid of acne between and above my boobs?
And the ones on my back?
It's not severe, but you could see the red spots on my pale chest.
And the dark dry ones on my back

I mean, I take a shower everyday.
I'm already on Retin-A for marks on my legs, and Duac for my face.
I think some parts of my body are sensitive to Retin-A (my inner thighs, after two applications, still have a rash from where I put the cream on. My calves are ok.)

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What’s the best way to approach an organisation when making a complaint?
Do organisations even take complaints seriously?
Seems as though when I try to make a complaint I get totally ignored, or if I do keep trying via snail mail I will get replies for a while before being passed onto the appropriate department and then hearing nothing else from anyone.

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im in english 12/college prep, and i have a sattire due tuesday. ive had a string of good a-earning essays for the past two years for this teacher, and i may go into writing in college, so my teacher will expect something good im sure. but even though im one of the most sarcastic people i know, and a lot of things bug me, i cant think of a topic for my sattire!!

anybody have any thoughts?
any helpful ideas would be much appreciated.
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This question is for the ladies... or maybe for some of the guys. For those of you who like to keep your cootches shaved, how many of you have problems with ingrown hair? It's a rare thing for me, but I was wondering if anyone knew how to prevent/treat this for the future? I've had some people suggest lotions, but I'm not sure how many lotions I would trust to put there, cootches are very sensitive. Thanks to those who can help out, or even reply :)

EDIT: I checked out some past posts and vaginapagina and I've got a good idea of everything now! though I'm still open to more advice. Just letting you know.
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Entel e-mail to SMS (text message)?

I know that for many US mobile phone carriers you can send texts to someone by sending an e-mail to their phone number at a specific address (i.e. someone's phone number (555)555-5555 would be
Can you send messages like that to an international cell phone number?  More specifically, I'm trying to text my friend who lives in Chile and has Entel mobile service. Is there an e-mail address (like the ATT one) specifically for Entel? Thanks!
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Velvet Goldmine Soundtrack

Anybody happen to know what songs specifically (if any) in which Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (Brian Slade) sings lead on the Velvet Goldmine Soundtrack?

(I'm ashamed to say I have yet to see the film. I wanted to check out some of the music before renting it...and I read somewhere that he was featured on the album. *shrugs*)

Thanks in advance.
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I don't know why, but this has been driving me crazy lately.

I remember seeing this movie when I was little, about a girl living in Vienna, Austria...during WWII, (I think? This may be wrong.) Who becomes friends with another girl from somewhere else...(Germany?)
The girls aren't allowed to be friends or something. I don't know.

I don't remember too many details. For some reason, I seem to remember the girls both wearing blue school-like uniforms. I realize that this is somewhat of a long shot, but hey I figured I'd ask.

So..does anyone know what this movie is called?

EDIT: I found it! It's called A Friendship in Vienna
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On Friday, 11/12, my daughter and I are going to Ann Arbor, Michigan to see 2 of our favorite comedians, Stephen Lynch and Mitch Hedberg. Ann Arbor is a hip college town. What should I wear? I'm nearly 41, but I don't look or act it. I don't want to embarass myself or my daughter and I want to be comfy. There is a good chance we'll get to meet them and have our pictures taken.