November 4th, 2004

Bert Ernie

Movie Help

I'm looking for suggestions of which movie(s) I should see. Under the fake cut you'll find a poll of my free movie options this week. Also feel free to post some comments about the movies if you want. Thanks!

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Okay so I'm thinking about transfering colleges. I am looking for a small (2000-4000 people) school, preferably in the midwest that offers a psychology degree.

Any suggestions? and why?
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Viruses in System Restore?

I've managed to get some viruses in my system restore archives.

AVG won't remove them. I don't believe they were active when archived(but they might have been), but they can't do anything to me where they are now. The problem is if I have to use SR to recover from a problem. I don't want to be restoring active viruses, or even taking a chance of doing so. So, is there an easy way to remove these viruses from System Restore? Ideally I'd be able to directly remove them, but wiping clean all the system restore archives and creating a restore point immediately afterwards is a viable option if I can't directly remove the viruses.

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Could someone direct me to some online references about any specific events involving racism against asians (ie; an asian being beheaded by an american and the american never gets convicted)?
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For those who know opera...

I have no opera cd's but I'd like to get one, maybe a compilation or something. Does anyone have any ideas or favorite opera cds?

Thanks! :)

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So, I'm a college freshman here in the city. I've been here for a little over two months, and I have finally hit the Freshman 15.

So, my question to you is this? What's the most successful diet you or someone you know has gone on. I have full access to an amazing gym (which is open like, 20 hours a day) and many places on and around campus where I can get food.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated....I'm not spiriling down into anorexia or anything. I just need to know the best diet for an 18 year old college student.


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I got one of those free AOL trial CDs in the mail today, and felt inspired to make a windchime with it.
What can I hang from it that would make a neat sound? Something I either probably have around already or can get very cheap?
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Hi! I just joined. I was bored and ran across this community. It seems rather fun and interesting. :)

Now let's see... a question. Oh!
At college, my friends and I are all poor and spend our lunch break in an empty classroom watching DVDs on my laptop. I don't watch tv much and I'm rather movie deprived, so I'm starting to run out of ideas. What are some of your favorite lesser-known movies/anime/tv shows? Some basic info on it would be nice too, like genre. ;)
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Did anyone go see Wicker Park and actually finish the movie? I left in the middle because I was so bored with it, but now I'm curious as to how it ends...
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more? no more...

(last one i promise)
1. were you happy with the outcome of tuesday's election?

2. in your opinion, is a college education worth it?

my answers:
1. nope
2. i certainly hope so as i'm in college right now!! financially, well, anything is better than minimum wage...but mostly i'm hoping to gain a sense of purpose from all this.

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I'm using Word to write and essay and suddenly now when I hit the key which usually give's me this - " I am getting this symbol- @ instead. It's fine when I'm typing here, the problem is in Word.

Anyone know how this happened or what I can do to fix it? It's getting really irritating..

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Do you hate title pages as much as I do? Its high school, if I'm going to study Ancient Greece, do I really need to be marked on how pretty I can make a sheet of paper about it?

So then, what do you have to do at school/work that absolutly bugs you because it seems so pointless?
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I know one of the first things the no/low carb diets tell you is no white bread/rice and no refined sugar? What if you never eat that stuf, eating only whole wheat bread/rice and natural sugars? What more would aid in losing that extra weight, as far as the low/no carb diet plan goes?

EDIT: Which is less healthy, 2 slices of whole wheat bread or 2 halves of a plain wheat bagel?
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What's something completely stupid you've heard on TV that just stuck in your brain?

Forever ago there was a commercial (I don't even remember what it was for!) that had a little kid watching a show over and over, torturing his father.  The only phrase you heard was 'What's up little pup?' over, and over, and over.  This has become part of my vocabulary, mostly to animals (my cat constantly gets to hear "What's up ugly pup?") but also to kids.

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im googling my face off and i cant find what im looking for. maybe someone here can help me...

i need the final presidential election results by state. something that flatout says "bush won texas, indiana, etc" and "kerry won california, new york, etc".

anyone know where to point me to find this?

edit: yikes. i got a bit impatient. i found what i need. =$
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does anyone know where you can get those old, crappy games that used to come standard with any computer? especially chip's challenge, jezzball, that thingie with the snake eating the apples in that maze thing, that crappy first version of tetris, etc. i miss my games. :( :( :(

edit: i don't know anything about computers at all. i don't know what DOS is, i don't know what "zip" means, and i have no idea how to download something from someone else's computer (and no, i don't have high-speed). :x (these words were in the first few comments generated.) i guess i'm looking for a disk or something to buy that has these? or an online d/l that won't take forever? :/

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Does one generally get paid for internships?

I'm considering majoring in Journalism/Mass communications, and it requires a summer semester internship, essentially 2 and a half months full time... somewhere...
What would I even expect with that, any ideas?