November 3rd, 2004


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anyone/everyone notice how the daily show's broadcast ended tonight - namely, jon stewart showing how he felt about things? anyone else find this disheartening? i mean, you either laugh or you cry, right. and when the place you go to keep laughing starts crying....
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I have applied at the Olive Garden to be either a waitress or a hostess.

How much do waitresses make? Aside from tips, how much an hour?
How much does a hostess make?

Is there hope that I could make more there, than I do working at Wal-Mart for 40 hours a week making $7.30?

Hum. I've never had a restuarant job, so I'm very clueless.

Heads up from the fellow restuarant employees, pleasseeeeee ;)
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How hot do coffee pots get?

I *think* I left the coffee pot on this morning (meaning it will keep the coffee hot), with only a little bit of coffee in the pot. Should I be concerned?

Is anyone else in a bad mood today?

meh. help meeeee.

okay, so i am still getting over this really nasty cold. my lungs were filled with crap, but ive been getting better.

the last couple days ive been coughing up big white globs. and last night and today it hurts to drink and swallow. about 1 1/2 inches down from my collar bone. it feels like there is a big lump that is stuck there and when i drink or eat its just a lot of pressure. much pain.

any ideas?
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4 more years! that Bush has won, does anyone know of anyone that is planning on emigrating to Canada/Mexico/wherever?

Or is all that just more liberal BS? :)

p.s. I just realized that my icon that I've been using is eerily accurate ;)
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My boss needs me, help!

My boss wants to know of a place where you can watch news (USA) online.  I am googling as you read.  Can you guys help?  Suggestions!

Edit: I just found a bunch of places where there are clips. I also just thought of the fact that they couldn't show news on the internet when they are not actually having news on tv (not live news), it would have to be in news hours (noon, 5, 6, etc). Thanks!

A Terribly Important Question

Is there a specific name for these new emoticons that are being used all over the place. Like this one: ^_^ or ^>^ or whatever Emoticons that are generally right side up and involve the little trianglish key (what's it called anyway?) Is there some kind of website that chronicles all these new (ish) emoticons?
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Earlier I ask if I would be arrested if I call those two fellows in DC Oily Dick and his butt puppet. One person (in another community) replied that I wouldn't be arrested for calling them names, but that I could be arrested for infering a homosexual lable on the President. (Not that I was really trying to do that.)

However, don't you think President Bush would be a better man and better leader if he showed just a tiny bit more love for his fellow man?

Interpret that however you will.
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Headline: Stocks Surge; Bush Win Boosts Drugs, Oil

Why does Bush winning make the stocks surge and the economy become better?
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its so cold in my apartment, my fingers are freezing to my keyboard as I type up my paper. :o( I sent a maintenance request to my apartment manager to get this fixed, but it may be a couple days before they get around to it. What a shitty company they are! anyway, i have never had my own furnace before. Anything I can check to see why the heat's not turning on? I fiddled with the thermostat, turning it up to 75, then up to 80, but the furnace never clicked on. This happened last night. Now, it's still cold. What can I check?
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bets on election?

So...did anyone make any bets about the election?

What did you bet on, and did you win? Do you expect the loser to pay up, and if you're the loser...will you honor the bet?

I made a fun little bet with my girlfriend (who was SO sure Kerry was going to topple Bush) for a weeks worth of lunches to be made and treating the other out to dinner.

Of course, I won :) and I know she'll pay up.


is it true that the U.S. doesn't allow its citizens to have dual citizenship in another country?
(basically, the U.S. won't recognize that you are an American citizen and and (for instance) British citizen, even if Britain would recognize the fact?

a question about my new camera. old camera. new old camera.

so, today i bought an old video camera, very much like this one. a bell & howell zoomatic "directors series." the camera seems to be in good condition, it has a damn fine looking lens on it. i'm really interested in using it...but they haven't made cameras like this since way before my time. i'm used to pressing a record button and then getting a video tape or digital file. hahaha. i am pretty sure that it works, because if i press the "run" button down the film that's still in it winds around as if it were recording. or, i think that's what it would be doing?

my question is, does anyone know how to use this camera? and where would i buy film for it? and where can you get 8mm film developed these days?

i just have no idea what's going on with this immensely cool thing i bought today. help!

edited to add: i was just thinking, too, is this sort of film okay to expose to light? because the whole side of the case flips down to expose the reels, is this going to ruin the film once its' been recorded on if i open it in the light?
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Okay, so I used to own this children's book when I was a kid. I think it was called "Saint George and the Dragon" (because that's what it was about, but I really don't know for sure). The only thing I remember is that George killed the dragon and there was a faerie queen. It had beautiful, incredibly detailed color illustrations with lots of faeries all over the place. I don't know where to find the book or who wrote it. I'm sorry I can't give you more information, but that's all I remember.

Can anybody help me? I'm desperately seeking this book.