November 2nd, 2004

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Yay for injury questions!

If I had a digital camera, I'd take pictures, so hopefully my description will be enough.

I got hit early in a soccer game on Thursday, and I could tell (from having done this dozens of times just about anywhere you can imagine, from all the sports I play) that I broke a blood vessel. It was on the inside of my knee, so I noticed it for the rest of the game, but it didn't hurt bad enough that I couldn't ignore it. (In fact, I kept going in hard on tackles, and a 230 pound guy moving in on the ball at the same speed as the 160 pound guys can run generally works out for the 230 pound guy. :) ) After the game, I iced it until I went to bed, when I switched and iced my shins instead. (I don't run enough, and I get tendonitis in the shins and knees sometimes.) It was a bit stiff the next day until I walked between all my classes. I played badminton with a friend that evening, and it made my shins worse, but my knee didn't get any worse. I iced the shins again, but didn't do anything with the knee, which still had a bruise, but it seemed to get smaller. It was purple while it was this small size, and looked like any random bruise.

Over the next couple days, it expanded and developed dark spots in the center, It didn't hurt to the touch, but didn't go away. Yesterday and today it has gotten bigger yet, and hurts very slightly when touched (the skin itches when I touch it, also.) It is slightly bigger than a gold dollar coin. The outer edges are a feint purple with purple-black spots. More toward the middle it turns maroon colored with red spots, and in the center it is skin colored with dark red spots.

Anyone know if this coloring and prolonged bruising is a sign of something else? It didn't match anything I saw for descriptions of torn ligaments, tendons, muscles, or dislocations. I have full mobility in the knee, it just looks really bad. If it's not gone in a couple more days and I don't get a response from here that sounds likely (and is something I can treat), I'll probably go to the health center and have a doctor look at it.

How long to eggs last

I got home from the grocery store last night around 7:00 or 7:30.  I realized this morning around 6:00 that I had forgotten to put the carton of eggs away.  Our house is probably about 70/73 degrees.  Do you think the eggs are bad?
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Write-In Vote Tally

It's common for people to write in candidates for the US Presidential election...Mickey Mouse, Garfield, Big Bird are all common write-ins.

Is there anywhere online to go after the election results come in to view nation-wide write-ins and see how many votes each received?

Donald Duck 2008!
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Is it true that in Australia if you do not vote, you get fined? Someone mentioned that at work today and I was just curious as to whether or not it was true.
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ok really random question I thought of as I was waiting in line at the polls:

Can people vote if they have no permenant address? Like if a homeless person could prove they were a US citizen, but had no address. Just wondering, because so much of the voting depends on where you live...
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What kind of ballots does your area use for casting votes? 

My municipality uses ones where you fill in the arrow pointing to the candidate you wish to vote for. 


]]=    =>  Candidate Name (Party Affiliation) is already on the ballot card, and you must use the pen they supply you with to fill in the shaft of the arrow like this: 

]]=----=>  Candidate Name (Party Affiliation)
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1) Yipes. I've deliberately used some inoperational forms in my web design (...the "legend" feature is so cool...hehehe...) - in certain browsers it displays "THIS FORM IS INOPERATIONAL" in every form. Any way to make it stop? Other than make it operational, naturally? And do you know which browsers do this? <--- the site in question.

2) How to take screenshots from a gamecube and get them on a computer?

3) Are you short? Are you sick of shorty-related nicknames? (My least favorite being "Stumpy")
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Carphone Warehouse Query - UK

x-posted to livejournal_uk

I was sitting quite happily drinking some coffee when I got a phonecall from the Carphone Warehouse demanding payment for my previous bill. This came as a surprise to me as I have't received an e-mail (I do on-line billing) saying my payment was late by a week. Certainly the payment hasn't been debited from my account (silly me not to check but I don't have the Internet at home at the moment and dislike checking bank details on public computers) and when I set things up with the Carphone Warehouse they asured me the DD have been set up.

Will I be charged a late payment? What should I do if Carphone Warehouse try to do so?

Any advice here?

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Question: how long do pumpkins usually last after being carved?

I've carved a few pumpkins through my life and they always seemed to be able to go days after Halloween, but last Thursday I carved one, Friday it sat there, and I didn't see it again until Sunday, but it had collapsed in on itself, a victim of decay and hastily-grown mold, and was mushy and soft to the touch. It lay in a puddle of pumpkin juice. I've never seen a Jack-o-lantern decay so rapidly before, where one day it's solid and gourd-like, and the next, squishy and in advanced stages of decomposition. Has this happened to you, where the rot occurs so quickly like that? Or was my experience somehow an anomaly?

another voting-related question

I found out that my ex-boyfriend didn't vote. I think he was too lazy to register (although I'm sure his excuse might be that he "didn't think about it until it was too late"). In fact, he didn't vote in the 2000 election... probably for the same reason! Did he forget to register to vote in the past 4+ years? I'm so glad we're not together anymore, because I don't think I can date someone who didn't value their right to vote.* Can you?

Margaret Cho -- hate her? love her? no opinion? (or other?)

* When we were dating, he was a registered voter AND he majored in History. He loves talking about politics and he even attended the Republican National Convention this year. Plus, he use to make judgmental comments on people who didn't care to vote.

more us election crap

anyone else just trying not to feel sick in their stomach from anxiety?

to everyone who can't vote (especially if it's due to citizenship) i'm sorry, that has to suck. as anxious as i am, the only thing worse would be not being able to take part in the election process at all, and just -watching-

what does this mean???

In my dream there were all these people, they looked like some people I work with, but they weren't them. I was comfortable and friendly with everyone in my dream though. Then I was somehow engaged, I think I was engaged to Matt although he was not in the dream, not that I can remember. I think the idea of him was in there, I just didn't see him. Then someone was saying that I should plan my wedding for April and I kept saying that I couldn't do that because that is when Diana is getting married and I couldn't possibly get married the same month as her, plus I wouldnt have enough time to plan the wedding. Then out of nowhere I blurted out that I want a fall wedding and that a November wedding would be awesome and I could wear white boots and a white jacket with my dress. I pictured all that in my dream and felt it was a really good idea. Then someone said that the wedding should be on a Saturday and I remember saying in my dream that yes that was good but that I could not have the wedding on November 11th because that is Remeberance Day and generally not a good idea. I said I would get married on November 18th. That day seemed to be really important and kept coming up in the dream. This wedding preparation for the 18th of November. When I woke up somehow I knew that in 2 years November 18th was going to be a Saturday.


Is it just my connection (I don't think so), or is the whole net grinding to a halt today? Seems like people must be doing a lot of election checking and/or LJ commenting.

Anyone else having trouble?
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So I'm reading the story on Yahoo saying the "young voter" turnout was lower than expected. What's the criteria for a "young voter"? Under 25? First election? Firts presidential election? (And for that matter, what were they thinking not voting on this one?)