November 1st, 2004

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*When is THE ELECTION anyway?

*What are you doing for the Melbourne Cup tomorrow? How much $ do you bet on it?

*How much $ do you spend on make up? What do you get?

*What do you do for Thanksgiving?
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We just find out that one of the guys in sales has been diagnosed with meningitis. We have yet to learn whether or not it is bacterial or viral.

Is there any precautions we should make? WebMD isn't much help.

He has been diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. Apparently, we are not in danger.

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Opinion polls say Kerry and Bush are extreamly close, here's me thinking WTF?!
I would have really expected Bush to be kicked out on his backside given all he has done, his stance on issues like the environment and human rights, any Americans with an opinion as to why it is so close?
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Is there an easy way of getting splinter out of a finger without digging with a sharp object?

Ouch! It hurts!

Edit: I got it, with a razor blade and digging unfortunately. But I am still interested in hearing better ways.
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When you're in the shower, do you actually wash the bottoms of your feet, or do you just assume they get clean because they're getting wet and have some soapy residue to slosh around in?
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What's the weirdest/stupidest/most ridiculous injury you've ever received caused by your own klutziness?

I think what I just did topped my list - I was pulling off a plastic sandwich bag from the roll in the box in my kitchen, and on the release, my hand went downwards and my thumb impaled itself under the nail on the cutting edge for the roll of aluminum foil. Now it's bleeding under my nail,and the nail broke, so the blood seeps out at least. But man, that hurt.
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Question for the guys:

What are some things (i'm looking for body language here) that you do around girls you like?

i.e.: do you look at them in the eyes? do you tend to act goofy?

haha sorry for all my teenage dating questions. :)
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Apologies for my last post full of internet mumbo-jumbo. Once my computer stops hating me, I assure you that I will go back and delete it.

1. I have itchy palms, and I'm actually scratching them raw! There is no rash, and I tried using some gold bond cream stuff my mom had under her counter, but it wont stop itching. Any advice/remedies?

2. I live in Canada, and a columnist wrote that whenever we make fun of America, is not because we hate the people, but we hate the governemnt. However, she says that if the USA re-elects Bush, well then, we have every right to hate the people..... what are your opinions on that?