October 31st, 2004

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Hi I've been lurking for a while now and I have a question I have been meaning to ask. I am 19 years old, and fairly healthy. I'm not what you would really call fat, but my lower stomache (and love handles) are like a small tire around my waist for some reason. I have thin legs and arms, but my lower stomach is just basically where all my fat seems to go lol. I'm only 19 and I look like my mother who is 45. I don't have much time to exersize because work 50 hours a week, but do you guys have any suggestions on what I could do to make that tube around my waist disapear?? Any eating habits and work out programs that don't involve me changing my entire diet, and don't require hours of exersize? What is the best exerisize to fix this anyway? Help..............
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Banning felons from voting.

What are your thoughts? Should any crimes remove the right to vote, and if so what ones?

I think a few crimes do merit loss of voting rights(with possiblity of a gubernatorial dispensation for state level, and presidential for federal).

They are treason, espionage, felony voting fraud, and immigration fraud severe enough your citizenship would be revoked. In the first two, you've shown a motivation to essentially destroy or severely damage the national security of the United States. Its not a "maybe he would" but "he actually tried to". Those people I don't feel should be trusted with voting, even if they haven't indicated a propensity for voting hijinks specifically. Voting fraud is obvious- you've actually attempted to influence the election via more than persuasion and your own single vote. Immigration fraud- well if its so severe they revoke your citizenship, then you shouldn't have the right to vote in the first place.

Any other crimes, I don't think its fair to pull the right to vote. No overwhelming threat to the sanctity of the elections letting a murderer or rapist vote, even though their crimes are rather horrible.

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i have random welts on the back of my right shoulder, my right hip, and the outside of my right leg. they itch and are kinda hard. i first noticed them friday night while watching a movie. i was laying on a couch on my left side. i thought i just had a few mosquito bites, but now they're a lot worse. it almost seems like it spread. what's going on here?

PS i've already ruled out poison ivy and chiggers.


When I was growing up in Des Moines, IA, we never trick-or-treated on Halloween. Instead, we always had Beggar's Night. I don't remember how they determined which night that was... maybe always the Saturday before Halloween. But everywhere else people seem to trick-or-treat on Halloween (unless it falls on a Sunday and they are conservative).

So, did anyone else have Beggar's Night instead of trick-or-treating on Halloween?

Also, we always told a joke to get our candy. Part of the fun was choosing your joke for the year. Did (do) you do that? If not, what do you do when you get to someone's door besides just say "Trick-or-Treat"?
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Song lyrics

Several weeks ago on the local alternative radio station I heard a song in which the lyrics went something like "Goodbye, farwell, I'll see you on the other side..." And of COURSE when you want to know who sings a song on the radio, the DJ doesn't say. I've tried searching for the lyrics online but with no luck. Anyone here recognize it?

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1. What's your favorite brand of cigarette?
2. How do you hold your cigarette?

and numbah 3. Does Morrisey play guitar, and did he ever explain the whole 'flowers in my pants' fashion he had?
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Have you guys seen this site? It has a running total of the ongoing results of most major polling organizations, broken down into a map of what candidate, at the moment, has what state. It updates daily, sometimes more. It also has a projected outcome (click on "Predicted final results" at the bottom).

Click for www.electoral-vote.com

Do you think sites like those are biased? It's obviously run by a Democrat, and he has Kerry as the projected winner. There's also this site, run by a Republican, that has Bush as the projected winner.
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Working from Home

Is there anyone on here that works from home? What about secret shopping?

I am a bit handicapped and am looking for a way to make money from home without having to do telemarketing. But so many of the one advertised I fear are scams.

Any suggestions?
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Oh Canada

My boyfriend and I will be going to Toronto this Friday and need a little help with the directions. We heard that crossing the border at Buffalo is not good and we should take the thruway up. Does anybody have some advice on how to get there and maybe a link to some directions? It's for our one year anniversary and we don't want to get lost. Thanks in advance. :)

Edit: I'm coming from SUNY Oswego - Oswego, NY located in Central New York.
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I'm totally redoing my website again. For now it will mostly be a personal site for myself, my artwork, and friends, but I'm planning on extending it to contain my Web Design and Beadwork businesses.

I want to work with a new theme and title, preferably with an original, yet odd personality. Any suggestions?
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I know that non-Mormons are not allowed in the Tabernacle in Salt Lake City (at least I think)... but are non-Mormons allowed in a random Mormon church?

also - what does the Mormon faith say about LDS who commit suicide? I know (at least I think.. don't actually know much about any religion) that suicide is unforgivable in Catholocism and that Catholics who kill themselves go to Hell no matter what, if I've got my stories straight. But if a Mormon kills herself... what happens now?

(I guess you could say it hasn't been the greatest weekend...)

if you want to avoid religious controversy or something comment on my journal or im me (torridstory)

thank you so much

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Does anyone know what the song that played over the closing credits of American Beauty is? The lyrics were something like "Because the world is round, it turns me on..." or something.

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If you could, would you give yourself oral pleasure? Me? I get so self involved before and during an orgasm, I don't think I would be able to concentrate enough to do it, and if I did concentrate on it, it wouldn't be any fun.
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So... Reality tv. I'm doing this little mini... thing... on it being kinda rigged. (Don't feel like you're helping me with my homework. Last presentation he gave everyone an A. everyone, in a class of 20-odd, got a 92. ::Eyeroll:: This is more to make myself look smart.)

I tried googling reality tv and rigged, but i mostly came up with message boards. Does anybody:

know of actual fact sites Like, I remember hearing about some survivor-type show contestant saying it was "very strongly suggested" to her that she needed to vote for a particular person)

have their own pet theory? such as...I watched an episode of this disney camp show 'bug juice'... real camp my ass... the camera men followed a kid sneaking out of his cabin at night... And I instantly *knew* it had to be rigged, because why would they be out there unless they knew he was going to bail, and if he knew the cameras were there, why would he have gone on this hella-gonna-get-in-trouble mission to visit some of the girls? easy: it was scripted.