October 30th, 2004

Sweet Nothings...

The other week I burned my boyfriend a CD of sweet songs that remind me of him so he'd have something to listen to on the football bus going to an away game. He absolutely loved it!!! At times if I feel like he is bored with me I want to think of other things to do for him so he'll be as happy with me as he was that night. What are some other little things that I could do to get this reaction out of him?
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Is it possible to be allergic to a certain type of food, but only if you touch it with say.. yours hands.. but eating it you're fine?

My case is that everytime I TOUCH lobster/crab/shrimp, I get a nasty rash on my hands and arms... but if I eat it without it touching any of my outer skin... I'm fine.

Can this be an honest allergy or is it all in my head or something else?

Fake blood alternatives...

In the spirit of Halloween...
I was wondering if any of you guys have a suggestion for a substance I can use as fake blood, but that will not be sticky and get all over anything I touch [especially if I totally cover myself in said substance.]

I've used the old corn syrup/dye combo, but it always gets EVERYWHERE.
I'd rather not subject my friends to that this year.

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at the end of the blair witch project when they are in the basement, the one guy is standing with his face towards the wall. does anyone remember why? or were you just supposed to use your imagination or whatever?
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In the film Crazy Beautiful Kirsten Dunst takes a polaroid picture of her boyfriend while he's sleeping, and she presses the photograph into her book and it makes a really beautiful effect.. does anyone know how that is done? I've tried, but it didn't work, I don't know if there's anything in particular that you have to do..

Thank you very much.
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Is there a way to put a specific user or IP address on your watchlist?

I've looked through their help file and couldn't find anything, but I may have missed it... There are a few tards I'd like to keep track of... unfortunately none log in so I'd need to watch IPs, thankfully several seem to have static(or defacto static like most broadband connections) IP addresses which makes it easy.