October 29th, 2004

Guys wearing PINK?

I really dont listen to rap or hip hop so i dont know whats going on. Lately here guys are wearing pink. Like pink shirts, pink shoes (converse), Pink hats its like a baby pink. Does any one know whats up with that? I live in the Los angeles area and near the ghetto area so its not rich kids doing this. Please someone explain..
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I have a couple random questions..

1. How far in advance should I book a hotel room? Or is there even a designated amount of time?

2. I just bought a new comforter and my cat has been kneading it with her claws, creating little tears and holes in a few spots. She's been sleeping on my bed every night for the past few years now.. how can I train her to sleep somewhere else, or at least stop kneading my comforter? (Other than closing my door at night. She'll scratch at the door and meow all night if I do that.)

3. Can a cop give you a ticket if you don't use your turn signal while changing lanes or in a designated turning lane? (I'm in California, if that makes a difference.)

4. How many of you have already eaten some or most of the candy you bought to give to trick-or-treaters on Halloween? Be honest..
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i've tried locking myself in a study lounge with no people or computers or anything fun to look at when i'm trying to work but even then it doesn't help; i think a lot.

any tips for concentrating/getting work done? ;D
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I remember visiting a web site during career units at my high school where you took a quiz about your ideal lifestyle, and it told you how much you needed to earn a year to support that. Anybody have a link to that website, or something similar?

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unfortunate events

um, ewww

How do I get the smell of bleach off my hands?

ETA: Never mind. Vinegar worked. Although, now I smell a little like vinegar. :\
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