October 28th, 2004

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Why are black and asian and hispanic and what have you peoples still considered "minorities" in the US, even though they make up the majority in MANY communities across the country?
r brite
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The dream post made me think to turn here for answers.

The last few days I have had a bad sleep. Waking up constanly, and having really bad dreams. (bad events, scary things, just wrong)

I went to the pharmacy and got some herbal 'sleeping tablets'. The lady told me to take one as it says, and if it doesnt help then take 2. So the 1st night i took 1.. didnt work. 2nd night i took 2 (last night) didnt work.

I'm going overseas in less than a month, so i put the cause down to that, probably anxious.

Can anyone help with a cure? I just want a pleasant night sleep, without bad dreams.


what the fuck do you do when your boyfriends mom hates you? pretend you dont care?(i am living with them right now until i find an apartment) i cant tell him because i dont want to create problems with him and his mom. but i really cant deal with feeling so crappy all of the time..

this morning i pretty much heard her say on the phone that she doesnt like me and wants me out..
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my boyfriend is really into politics
it took me about a month to realize this.
i'm really impressed about how much he knows
i just wish i was able to please him with political conversations.
i really don't know much about politics
but i want to learn...
i just don't know where to start!
can someone point me into the right direction?
...or something?

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what are the purpose of pubic hairs other than to annoy you?

EDIT!!!!! additional question....do you think me wearing tight pants has any effect on how much leg hair i grow? i think about it and it kind of makes sense to me, like the pants rub my skin more so my body reacts by growing hair. i dont know, doctor in the house?
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unfortunate events

mobile ettiquette.

Do you answer your cell phone in public places like stores, restaurants, libraries, or movie theatres?

Do you pay close attention to the volume of your voice?

Do you have one of those ring tones that sounds like someone's turned the radio on every time it rings?


My answers are: I only answer in large stores when I'm not in line, only in the lobbies of all those other places. I try to speak quietly, and if they can't hear me, then I take myself outside, and no; my phone is rarely off "vibrate only."
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*looks completely stupid*

How do I get PERL to work on Windows XP? I just realized I have no idea how to find DOS on my new computer and I'm a baby as far as PERL goes so I don't know what to do.

Help please.


Traveling Mishap

Has anyone ever had a bad experience on public transportation?

This morning, I got on a train and didn't notice that it was out of service. It went the opposite direction and ran through 3 stations. I finally got off at the 4th station, which was 4 cities away from my desination. It took me an hour to get to work and it's usually only 15 minutes.
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Rubber band thing

Hello all,

Rubber bands seem to be attracted to my wrist, by the end of the day I usually have 2-3 on and have no memory of putting them on. Anyways, one thing I've noticed is when I start stretching one to it's limit I smell a burning rubber type of smell, does anyone have any idea why?


Here's my situation ....
I'm from Ontario (Toronto area) and I'm *supposed* to be (key words: supposed to be) leaving for a week long trip to Florida with a group from school this Sunday, BUT, i can't find my wallet that contains 90% of my ID. It has my drivers lisence, health card, birth certificate, and old school cards. Do you think it would be possible to get over the border with only a current student card, birth certificate (I have two), and certificate of birth registry? Or should I just not bother packing? I also have my parent's passports that state my full name and date of birth...would that be of any help?
Please let me know if you have any ideas and/or vibes as to where to look for my wallet :(
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When communicating with ASL, I know how far/close you hold your hands to your body denotes tense. But what about which direction you do actions in, or which hand is dominant?

Whenever I learn a new sign, I tend to do it as a mirror image of the teacher - and therefore, with the opposite hands doing the actions. Like with abandon: I tend to throw towards the right instead of the left. Will this have any affect on how the sign is interpreted?