October 25th, 2004

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Are there some sodas/pops/malts/beers out there that just automatically make you burp after taking a sip or three? Bacardi Silver Black Cherry does that to me. I take a swig and it kinda just belches out. I don't get that with other drinks. What could cause that?

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There's smart, and there's loving. Which quality is more important in a friend?

I say loving, all the way. I'd rather have someone who hugged me when I made a mistake, rather than someone who said "I told you so."

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does anybody else find an extreme sense of security / anonymousness in wearing a hooded sweatshirt? i do very much so and administration at my school gets pretty pissed that i wear my hood all the time.

ALSO...i found this zombie quiz, kind of relates to the question a couple posts ago......enjoy
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Reminder/To Do Software?

Does anyone have any recommendations for software that runs minimised most times, but pops up reminders at specific times on specific dates?  (e.g. popping up 'Doctor's Appointment' at 11 am on November 2).  I'm running Win2000, and would prefer, if possible, to not pay a fortune for it as I'm self-employed with a minimal income at the moment.
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Have you ever really sat down and tried to figure out the common thread between all of the people you've ever been attracted to; if there's a discernable type?

If so, did you find any common themes? What were they?

If not, did you give yourself a headache thinking about it?
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So, I'm getting rather frustrated with a professor of mine. While discussing human reproduction, she stated that spermicides protect against STDs, mispronounced both clitoris and labia, and... can't remember. some other ::facepalm:: moment.
People generally agree with me when I say I think her husband (the other professor for the class) writes her notes, and then she makes slides from them.

Is there someone I can complain to, or is my best bet just to decide whether I want to drop this class?

Also: I have a message on my answering machine I want to keep. Is there a way I can get it from the little chip or whatever in there to my computer or something?
(It's leonardo dicaprio urging me to vote democratic)

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Okay, my keys for my locking gas cap are gone. GONE. I can't find them anywhere and I've exhausted myself searching and there is noting more I can do, they're GONE. So what do I do? I have about half a tank of gas, so I'm okay right now, but I'll need to refuel within the next two days and I'm beside myself because I can't find these stupid keys anywhere and all my search results end up dead ends about getting the keys replaced or whatever.

Even if someone could just tell me how to break the lock, I'd be grateful. I don't care that much about having a locking gas cap, I just would like to be able to refuel my car again when I need to and not have a nervous breakdown beforehand. Thanks.

Diabetes and aggression...

For anyone with diabetes or for anyone who knows someone with diabetes or knows a lot about it (I'm talking about Type I here, specifically)...

Has the diabetic you know (be it you or someone else) ever gotten violent or very aggressive towards you or someone else while in the middle of a low blood sugar episode?

Or can you find any articles online that say anything about this? I'm currently searching right now and not having a lot of luck.

Thanks in advance!
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Every morning when I wake up, my lips are REALLY chapped and seemed to be covered in this weird yucky stuff, and my front teeth are covered in the weird yucky stuff too. This happens even when I brush my teeth before I go to bed. Does anyone have any ideas to help stop it? the chappyness(is that even a word?) of my lips lasts all day even with the use of chapstick. :-( HELP!! It's annoying and very disgusting.


mmmmm...green tea

I buy bulk tea and make my own "tea bags" using cheesecloth and string. I do it this way because I brew several 2 quart jugs full every couple of days. My question is, could I use coffee filters as tea bags instead of going through the hassle of cutting the cheese cloth to size then having to tie the "bag" up with string?
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I need ideas for things to eat. I'm living by myself now and I don't really know what to eat that is (somewhat) healthy. I usually won't spend more than 20 minutes making something to eat, so I need ideas along the lines of rice-in-a-bowl, sandwiches, etc... ????
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One simple question

The FDA is always talking about not allowing imported drugs because they don't trust the inspections in other countries.

How many of you actually don't trust most other rich countries to have safe medicines? I'm talking about places like France, Canada, Britain, German, Japan, Australia, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Switzerland and a few others. I find it nearly impossible to believe that they don't have strong drug quality laws and inspections there. Why do we need to do our own inspections? It's absurd. And why do Canadians have to go to the trouble to import cars if they move here? I trust Canada's auto laws. They have the same concerns we do. Why can't we just import them the way we'd import a car from one state to another? It's so absurd.


i can't breath. this happens sometimes. i experience shortness of breath and my heart's racing and i feel like my body is constantly changing altitudes even when i'm stationary. and i often feel physically exhuasted.

i have a ticket to see death cab for cutie tonight. i don't really like them all that much... they've been growing on me, but i much prefer the postal service, and sometimes i just want death cab to shut the hell up because they start to sound too whiney for me. but when i got the ticket i thought it might be cool to go.

but now i feel odd, and really tired, and i already have a long day before the show (work pretty much 8am til 9:30). i kind of don't want to go anymore, but i feel like not going would be the same as whining. like i should go because otherwise i'm just being really whiney and self-centered. i mean, it happens fairly often that i feel anxious and unable to breath, so i really shouldn't cater to it, that's just being self indulgent. at least that's what some section of my brain is trying to persuade me. but that's sort of silly, right? Or maybe it's right. I'm feeling ambivalent. Is it a moral side step or even catastrophe to not attend a Death Cab show (and thus lose almost ALL of your indie scene points) just because of a condition that is most probably psychosomatic?

edit: i should probably clarify, that the not breathing and such has NOTHING to do with the show. its origin is completely separate. i just had a case of Not Going to Show Guilt that tried to persist despite already feeling weird anyway. i mean, i really care about indie scene points, but not that much. :P

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I've got two health questions:
1) For the past week the corners of my lips have been irritated. First it was the left side that was sore, hurt when I opened my mouth, then it was the right, and now it's back to the left, and this time it actually cracked and bled a little. Both sides are pinker than normal, look like I just drank a little Kool Aid. I am a Chapstick junkie and I've been extra attentive toward the corners since this started but it's really weird. It's not a big area of irritation; a stranger wouldn't look at me and be like, "oh my god, what's that on her lips?" you have to look closely... The rest of my lips seem drier than usual. I've never had anything like this before, no cold sores, my boyfriend of 3.5 years doesn't get cold sores.... Any idea what this could be?

2) It seems like a lot of the lymph nodes in my boyfriend's body are swollen. This is a permanent thing, not just when he's fighting a cold. He says that it's been like that for years. The lumps are not sore. He has them in his neck, near his armpits, in his "breast", thighs, and lower back. A doctor checked one in his neck about 6 years ago and said don't worry about it, but I don't think my boyfriend told him that he had them all over. I've tried searching online before for what this could be but have turned up nothing. I was most concerned about Hodgkin's disease but he doesn't have any other symptoms. As I said, these do not bother him other than aesthetically (two are noticeable). Anyone ever heard of something like this? He's healthy and rarely gets sick and he really doesn't want to go to the doctor.
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Besides washing...how do I make everything smell and feel fresh? I dunno why but whenever I go to someone elses' place its all yum yum even though they don't think so. Is it cause it's just me all over everything and I dont smell new to myself..or?

I know I can use scented candles/opening a window/etc, but I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions..

#B; anyone know any websites can teach Visual Basics, and hopefully other types of programming (C++, Java, oh hell for kicks Photoshop, flash). Being one of three girls in a class of 26+ guys in VB makes me really want to outdo them all. The teaching dude also wants me to do so too. So anything?

Misc: Cowboy Boots
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Online Print Ads?

Hello everyone -

I'm wondering if any of you know of a place online where I can see a bunch of different printable ads in one place? I have to do this silly ad critique and I don't have any magazines here - so I'm trying to find the equivalent online.

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For some reason, I always get morning sickness, and I have since I was very little. Considering that I am a virgin, I'm obviously not pregnant...so why would I always feel nauseous in the AM?
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*tears up*

Does anyone else hate the rich-text option?

-Gnerd, too tired and hungry to re-type her post about Joe and Necromancy and Death and the lack of sentience.

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I asked this questino a few days ago, "Does anybody know about the Haunted House in Philly where there are 13 floors, and supposedly, only one person in the last four years made it to the top? I'm not sure how to get there....", and it was revealed to me not only by you guys, but by a friend of mine, that the 13 floor house truly does not exist. Apparently the one in Philly was made up by the radio station, Q 102.

So my new question is: Does anybody know of any good haunted houses or hayrides in the Pennsylvania area?

Also, what are some good methods to help in the recovery of a sore, dry throat?