October 21st, 2004

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will you sign this?

the no iraq draft petition

the way they've linked it there is weird. it doesn't show you the letter i signed. it says:

To: President Bush From: The Men and Women of America

I believe in fighting for democracy and freedom everywhere in the world. I am willing to sacrifice when the cause is just and the strategy is strong. But I don't want anyone to be forced to die for a terrible, unplanned war.

President Bush, you say there will be no draft. Why should I trust you?

Sex and the City

I am watching SATC for the first time through Netflix.  I am on Season 2.  Last night I watched the episode with Collapse )

I thought that circumcision was NOT the norm.  They were going on and on in the show about how they haven't slept with men, or many men, that have not be snipped.  I was confused because I thought it would be the other way around.  Am I way off on this?

EDIT: I am adding to this because I am just amazed by the responses. I had NO idea. I have not been with lots and lots of men, but I am by no means a prude. Yet I have NEVER even SEEN a cut one. Amazed. Thank you for your responses.

am not blind... yet

I turned on the computer today and find that the font of the content on websites are large. How do I go about changing that? The display options has the fonts in small. The Internet options only allows me to pick font style but not the size. I have Office XP. Or is this just a temporary glitch? I have tried restarting, but no...that didn't change much.

EDIT: Problem solved! Thanks :)
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Is anyone else weirded out by the Hardee's ad campaign for their new "Western Bacon Thickburger"?

I mean, the name is weird enough, but the ads I've seen online!

Collapse )

[EDIT:] It's even more ridiculous to click on it. It takes you to http://www.westernthickburger.com -- this includes a video of the skinny blonde climbing on the bucking bronco thing and eating the burger in all kinds of suggestive ways. The copy reads:
Hit play to watch me work it.
Once you've had a good long look, don't be greedy. Pass this along to someone else who'll appreciate it.


Am I just being a prude, or is this campaign really working to pique the prurient interest?

Artsy sorta question.

My boyfriend's birthday is exactly one week from today. I have ALL of his presents, but I am now trying to figure out his card.

I'd like to get him one of those really sappy romantic cards, but I'd like to include an ee cummings poem in it. Problem is, I can't figure out if it'd be better to print it on a piece of nice paper and put it in the card that way (I have excellent handwriting, so it'd look nice written out) OR should I just write it in the card? OR do you all have any other suggestions?
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The Receptionist Classic

At the carwash

I seriously need to go wash my car because the side of Little Red (my car) had a run-in with the side of a yellow post. Don't worry, the only damage is the large swipes of yellow paint stuck on the driver's side - from the mirror to the gas-cap. Oooh yeah, love my hot ride. But we're also expecting a little bit of rain this weekend.

Does anyone else find that if you wash your car, it seems to rain either that day or the next day? And is that considered a result of Murphy's Law or just dumb effin' luck?
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Has anyone here done an NVQ? Would you help me?

I'm having trouble knowing how to write a personal statement, or competence claim, or whatever the hell they call it. My idiot assessor just says 'well what do you think?' when I ask for help. I just need some guidance, or to see an example statement to kick me off. Can anyone help?
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First date questions

Is it good at the end of the date when the lady beings to just ramble on very, very nervously and then admits she is doing it before the good night kiss happens? Could she have been trying to avoid it or was she just looking forward to it?
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gas in oven

okay. so my roommate and i are having problems with our oven. gas is leaking out of it. it doesn't work/turn on. i know that if the burners on the gas oven leak gas it's because the burner's aren't lit. i don't get how that oven thing works though and i don't want to blow myself up.
someone smarter than me respond please....

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True or false?

Dutch = Danish

(and, newly edited because of answer)

Holland = The Netherlands
Holland = Denmark

Because, I had a friend say she has dutch and danish in her... and I am like... wait...

{edit} well, jeez. i think this was the fastest answer i've ever gotten. and this means I can't make fun of my friend... except for where she said she was intellegent[sic].

Please answer ASAP so I can know what to do for this weekend...

I have a quick personal question, hope ya'll don't mind...well ya know it's hard to shave down there like every other day b/c it's so sensitive down there, but my boyfriend and I are going to spend this weekend together and I usually shave b/c I think it's better that way. How am I supposed to keep everything smooth when there's a possibility of something happening everyday? And any tips on oral sex or just sex in general. Thank you soooo much!
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