October 20th, 2004


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What's the strangest thing that has inspired someone to tear off their clothes and ravish you?

Mine: In Toy Story when Sid rolls over in his sleep and says, "I want to ride the pony!"

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is there any way to see what posts or comments someone has made in communities? I know there's a link where you can see which comments YOU have made, but what about someone else's comments in a community?
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Telling someone they need therapy

What is a tactful way to do so, being firm enough they know you really mean it, but also make clear you realize there may be other factors involved, that you are not aware of, that may eliminate the need for therapy?

The situation is a person I know, somewhere between positive aquaintance and friend, has been making some slightly disturbing LJ entries. Nothing that would make me fear for his immediate safety or the immediate safety of others around him, but it does raise some concerns for his long term mental health, and if its as bad as it looks, if left unchecked I may be fearing for his and his associates safety sometime in the future. On the other hand, the venting in his LJ may be just that- venting, and by letting it out here he avoids the compulsion to let it out in meatspace with disastrous consequences. There is also the fact that plain text can be pretty poor at expressing emotion, some emotions could easily seem to be stronger than they are, and others weaker than they are, when you don't have tone of voice, body language, radical changes in writing style, or even emoticons to suggest how to take something on an emotional level- I may be reading more into this than I should. So basically, I want him to know I really am concerned without going overboard or sounding like I'm insulting him.

Don't bother looking through my friends list to figure out who it is, the post in question is locked. In fact, if you did look through my friends list and tried to figure it out, I'm pretty sure I can guess who you'd think it is and if I'm right about that, the person doesn't need therapy IMO.
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What was your favorite book to read / have read to you when you were little?
Do you have a copy of this book now?
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Drink much?

2 different friends have posted recently referencing glasses of water by their beds at night.  I have never heard of someone doing this.  I just get up and go to the kitchen.  Although, I see the advantage.  Do you keep a glass of water by your bed?

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what's wrong with my co-workers? they prefer to have ALL the fluorescent lights on. there are no windows in this box i am in 40 hours a week and so much fluorescent lighting makes it even worse. it drains my energy and builds all this tension in my head and makes me feel depressed and insect-like. so, what do you think, are some people evolutionarily superior for survival in the business world? what other traits would make someone genetically predisposed for office life success?
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Have you ever created an online journal for a fictional character? Who is this character, and did you have fun making the journal?

If so, and if you aren't too private about the journal and/or it's public, where's it located?
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You have an entire 24 hours to yourself. No money limits, or travel restrictions, and anyone you wish is also free for the day.

What do you do? Why?

On another note, where can I find someone who will professionally dye a wool cloak? Yes, I've Googled it.
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Callling all Thespians!

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I have to do a monologue for my theatre class, just about two-three minutes in length so nothing that bad at all.

I was looking into more contemporary playwrights. David Ives, Tennessee Williams, Paul Zindel, these are just a few people I've researched today.

I wanted to do something interesting (obviously). Any suggestions?? Send em my way!
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I want to rent some movies tonight, but I'm at a loss as to what I should get...

I tend to like drama/ foreign/ art house/ classic/ historical/ thriller type of movies, and genres such as action/ teen comedy/ sports/ sci fi/ chick flicks/ anime etc I avoid like the plague...

...so any suggestions? Thanks in advance :)
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I am going to spray mini pumpkins black to make spiders out of them for halloween. How early can I paint them? Could I paint them tomorrow and they'd still be okay for Halloween? Or should I wait?

And, how early in advance can I bake cupcakes? If I'm going to have a party on October 30, could I bake the cupcakes on the 28th or should I wait till the 29? I don't plan on frosting them until the 30th.

[edit:] Also, does anyone know of any good non biased (or as non biased as possible) websites where I can find information on Kerry's platforms and issues for the 2004 election?
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Okay, so I called the place where I want to get my tattoo. It's going to cost me about 60 dollars, for a plain black kanji on my lower back.
about how much does tipping go... and do you think this would include the tattoo goo stuff, or no?

Oh! also: Children's book... character named Serendipity... I want to say Serendipity was some sort of water creature, but i'm not sure... I know animal. pretty sure girl.
I just thought of it today because i read something with the word serendipity in it, and it made me think about how i always pronounced it something closer to surrender-pity when i read it in the book... it would have been out sometime before, say, 92...

Authentic Puerto Rican Dishes

I am looking for some authentic puerto rican dishes. The recipes I have come across on the 'net just do not to the dishes justice. Can anyone post a recipe for Arroz con Gandules and Arroz con Pollo. I tried Goya.com but to me, the taste is so much different than the one I grew up with in the Bronx. I'd like to make this dish on Friday for a family potluck. Can anyone help?
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I'm trying to make a workout mix, now that I've actually started working out (thanks to all who helped out, btw!).

The only song I seriously love right now to run to is Enrique f/Kelis - Not in Love. I need more songs kind of like that, with the same vibe.

Much <3 for all your help :)!

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So I'm sitting in Creative Writing today. Our teacher likes to tell us jokes from time to time. He goes, "If a blonde and a brunette jump off the edge of a cliff, who hits the ground first? ...The brunette, because the blonde stops and asks for directions."

Some girl: "Wait...what? Wouldn't the blonde hit the ground first? ...'Cause like, that's how dumb blonde jokes usually go...."

And then the people around her had to take like three minutes to explain it to her. In my Algebra II class, there's these three girls that sit two rows in front of me. They're the type my mother likes to call "hee-hee girls." So we were supposed to turn in a test review that day.

Hee-Hee Girl: What?! Isn't that due on Friday?

Teacher: No...today.

HH Girl: Well...we thought it was due on Friday.

Teacher: Well, there's the problem...that's the first time you three have thought this year.

(total silence...the girls completely do not realize they've just been insulted)

So anyway, my point is...ever known someone who was just so incredibly slow it made you fear for the future of this country?
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what's the difference in one's actions between flirting with someone, and having real, genuine affection for someone? (if he can't just straight out tell you how he feels, because he's already dating someone else)
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College Essay

Okay so I'm just about ready, but I want some last minute input. This is my college essay, I need a title, and I can't think of one. I can only add about 2 words before I go over the max limit. Any ideas/tips on how to improve would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!

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Have you ever been in a situation where you had feelings for someone that did not return them...and then find that in time..they began to have feelings for you?
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