October 19th, 2004

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Hello all,

I've been curious for a while about birthmarks. I was wondering if anyone knew what causes them? I'm a caucasian male and have a very light brown (you actually have to look for it to see it), quater sized birthmark about an inch under my right nipple. Which brings me to my next question, do people of other ethnic origins have birthmarks? If so, are they just a darker shade than the surrounding skin? Thanks in advance.

sorry, kinda gross...

Why do women squat above the public toilet? All they do is spray the seat, and then don't bother to dry it off. If they're afraid of catching a disease, they're just stupid... it's an STD (sexually transmitted disease) not a TTD (toilet transmitted disease).

What was even more stupid about this was that it was at a brand new movie theater in the wealthy part of town, not some dive bar just begging for the health department to come shut it down.

I forget where I read it (recently), but the only way you're going to catch ANYTHING off a public toilet is if you have an open sore on your butt - if that's the case, do us all a favor and DO squat and not give it to the rest of us, but then clean the seat, for pete's sake!
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random comp question

You people know how when a program is loading up, it lists your name, and then your company name, and then your serial number or whatever? Is there any way to change the company name without reinstalling the whole program? I did a stupid thing and typed in a "company" that wasn't official yet and now I'm not even affiliated with them anymore, so it's pointless to have that name on my programs....

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Do you think that someone who is witness to a crime and they dont do anything to stop it should be charged with the accessory to said crime?
say, they are right next to a person being raped.
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I stayed up all night studying for an exam. The exam is in about 40 minutes. I have already consumed all the caffeine in the house, and yet I am not unfuzzy in the head. What should I do to perk myself up?
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I'm doing research for a story and I have some questions about police. About what rank would someone who's been on the force for about seven or eight years be? What would be their sort of daily routine at work (in a major city)?
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Really Random Q

I'm in the process of planning my family's Disney World vacation for fall 2005 (yay.) Last time we went I was a middle schooler and didn't have to worry about motion sickness meds and other fun stuff. LOL!

Which leads me to my question. I've googled it several times (Stupid me, I spelled it wrong. More results this time.) but I'm having trouble finding a motion sickness medication that says it's specifically NON-DROWSY.

Does anyone know if such a thing exists?

(I'm asking early so I can give them a test run.)

Before you comment, I'd like to let you know that if a medication does not specifically say "Non-Drowsy" on the package, it will make me sleepy. So recommending a brand that works for you despite its label, won't really help me.

(If that sounds harsh, I don't mean it to!)

Thanks so much for your help!
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If you had a crush on your friend, but he/she wasn't interested in a relationship w/ you (and told you) because he/she was involed in a serious relationship w/ another person, would you:

a) Let go and move on.
b) Patiently and quietly wait for the break up (hopefully there's a break up-but there's no guarentee)
c) Continue to buy gifts and write letters in hopes that maybe he/she will fall deeply, madly in love w/ you and drop the other person.
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Any of you have any special knowledge of rowing machines or other exercise machines?

I'm looking for some sort of exercise machine for home use.

I am primarily interested in aerobic exercise, not strength training, but it would be nice if it utilized a wide range of muscle groups.

It needs to be storable in a relatively small space as I don't have a lot of storage space for it.

And, it needs to be reasonably quiet as I get bored exercising so my plan it to watch TV while I use it to make it easier to convince myself to use it (plus, since I'm in a condo, I don't think the downstairs neighbors want to be hearing a noisy exercise machine).

Price, while always a consideration, is not something that is a real stopper for me as long as the product meets the other requirements.

I'm looking for specific brand and model recommendations, preferrably. An explanation as to why that model is being recommended would be a bonus.

Anyone remember this book?

I've been trying to remember the name of this book for well over two years now. Yes, I do have a life (heh) but this book has been bothering me because I don't usually forget stupid little things like this (only the big things that I should remember).

I read this book sometime between 1977 and 1979. At the time, it would have been classified as a "thriller" type of book, along the lines of a Stephen King type of story. I *think* the author was a woman. The jist of the story was about a family, Mom, Dad and two or three kids. They adopted or somehow took in a very young child, a girl. Near the end of the book, an analogy was made comparing the little girl they took in to a cuckoo bird because one by one, the family members started "accidentally" dying, it the comparison was made because with cuckoo birds, the mother bird puts/lays her egg in a nest of a different kind of bird. When the baby cuckoo hatches, it kills/pushes the other babies or eggs out of the nest so it is the only one left and therefore doesn't have to compete with the others for food and has all the momma bird's attention.

One other thing I remember regarding the subject of this book is that, near the end, when the Mom and Dad were discussing the possibility of having another child, the little girl had mumps and "purposely" infected the dad, and apparently he became sterile from that so they couldn't have anymore children. I don't remember how the book ended - I tend to think the little girl killed the dad, too, eventually, and just she and the Mom were left and that was how she wanted it.

I know this is a little obscure but I thought if I can find out anywhere, it would be here! :-)
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Halloween 2008

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I have a 100% wool cloak. Currrently it's a bright orange/red, but I want to dye it a dark blue or black.

Most people have told me it's best to get it professionally dyed. Anyone know of someone or a company that's reputable?