October 18th, 2004

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I am on the speech team at my college. I'm a girl, and me and a female friend want to do a duo piece. Duo being where you *don't* face each other and you hold the script in a notebook, so it's not duo acting, it's duo interpretation. As those of you who do speech may know, it's pretty tough finding a really effective girl-girl duo as opposed to guy-girl or guy-guy.

So...any suggestions? Just suggest a script or piece name, and I'll look it up from there. Thanks so much.
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Anyone know of any good Asian movies? Hopefully something like Hero, with martial arts involved.

Err..yeah. Just try an suggest something good and Asian (all types of Asian, of course)

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Where are you right now ie: work, home, etc...what is the weather like? What was the last song you heard in the car?

I'm at work and its cold and it's supposed to rain again. The last song I heard - was this morning - it was "Ender" by Finch.
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days go by and still I think about you.

Ever since April, I've been dreaming about a guy I had a crush on in middle school. Thing is, I haven't seen this guy in five years. Five years ago, I moved across the country. I have no idea where he is, and neither do any of the people who went to the same school that he and I did. What's up with this?

Who was your major crush about the time you were twelve, thirteen, fourteen?
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The Receptionist Classic

Damn you, Charley

So I got a Charley horse on Friday night and my leg was so sore all weekend. Which is strange because the Charley horse itself didn't hurt really really bad, but the pain lingered so long.

Do you know of any good home remedies for sore [leg] muscles? And is it better to ice a sore muscle or heat it?
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I am fully recovered and went to the gym today just to keep my muscles warmed up as tomorrow is my second appointment with the trainer!!

I will ask him this question tomorrow. I am not overly concerned with these numbers but since they were given to me, am just curious.

My body mass index is 3% over the ideal for my age. To reduce that, I need to lose 10 pounds to get to the upper limit. Currently am at 100 pounds! And am 5ft2. I could see that I could lose another 5 pounds at most. But (with the 10 pound loss) wouldn't I be underweight? Or as I lose two pounds or something the index would readjust? I don't consider myself fat at all. I am just very unhealthy. And my goal is to get fit and stay fit and build some strength. As it gets tiring depending on others to help me carry things. So the weight loss thing is not my huge concern.

Many people (not all) often laugh at me when I say I go to the gym, and when I bring up the subject of health. Most assume that because I am thin I am healthy. Unfortunately, that's not the case. I had no strength in me and the 20 pounds I did gain in undegraduate years put a lot of stress on my back and started suffering joint pains in my knees. Arthritis runs in my family. My dad who like me was skinny in his younger days has rheumatism, arthritis, and everything else. He is now slightly overweight but not much at all. But exercising for him is a huge pain! So, I just want to do whatever I can to be able to walk around without pain when I am 60! :P In a year I have lost that 20 pounds. But more importantly I can run around, am so much more agile and I don't go completely out of breath from running up stairs up one floor! Ok...I could never actually run up any stairs!


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Do you all remember that story about that pizza delivery guy in Pennsylvania? He claimed that he was asked to deliver a pizza to some address and the person who answered the door kidnapped him and strapped a bomb around his neck and told him he had to go rob a bank or something... then the cops came to the bank, made the delivery guy sit by a police car, and before the bomb squad could arrive, the bomb went off and killed the delivery guy (I could have some of the facts wrong).

In any case, whatever happened with all this? Did they catch the guy who strapped the bomb around the delivery guy's neck? Or did they figure out that it was all a fraud or something?

All I really remember is that the poor delivery guy kept telling the cops that the bomb was going to go off SOON and before the bomb squad could come, it went off, just like he said it would.
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I won a free turkey at work, so my boyfriend and I are going to make a nice turkey dinner for his mom. I'm vegan, and I've never cooked meat before. Any tips? Any tasty marinades/flavorings/etc we should try?

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two questions:

1. I have a hat. It's black wool, with a leather trim thing... think the military beret thingy, without that patch. because i pulled the patch off. sooo, dry clean only. But, really... I don't know where there's a dry cleaners here, and it's sortof too much trouble for a hat, methinks. Isn't there a way to hand-wet-clean dry-clean only stuff?

2. crap, I for- wait! How contagious is tuberculosis? Because I went overseas this past summer, and especially because I've been coughing alot lately, I have to go get prick-tested in a week. If it came up positive, how many people would be in trouble? my roommate? my dorm floor? people in my small classes? roommates of friends? nobody?
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Here's a question for all the artists out there.

I'm absolutely crap at painting plants. Basically anything green is my worst enemy. Does anyone have any tips, tricks, or hints to help me paint grasses and leaves at a distance in watercolor and acrylic? How about any websites that could help me out?


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Egyptians used to have twelve, thirty day long months and then 5 days at the end of the year to celebrate their gods. If I'm making an Egypitan calendar, should I use January, February, etcetera or does anyone know if their were names for their months?

Feel like makin' love?

My daughter says two people either make love, screw, have sex etc based on the style of the act not the type of couple you are. I say you can only use "making love" if you are in a relationship, but anyone can have sex, screw etc based on the style of the act. What do you think?
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Songs in French

Once I asked a similar question about songs in Spanish, and was pleasantly surprised by the number of responses, as well as their helpfullness! So I decided to go with French.

Can anyone suggest any songs in French they like? As far as the style goes, they can be really anything. I've heard some of Alizee's stuff (she is a young singer from France), and I liked most of it, despite it's lightness. I love 'Les Mots' by Mylene Farmer and Seal, although that is about the only song I like by Mylene Farmer. But really, I'd listen to any suggestions.

Also, are there any songs with really clear pronunciation?

Thanks a bunch for any suggestions!

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To all sushi lovers out there... Is it hard to make sushi at home? I've heard you only need that sticky rice and other ingridients, and a bamboo mat (you use it to roll the rice) to make sushi yourself. Is that so or if not is there a sushi maker machine or something?