October 17th, 2004

School stuff

So this might sound a bit ridiculous coming from a freshman, but what can I say. I worry. It's what I do.

Anyways, my college has just adopted a new grading policy so that the average of a class can't go above a B+ (3.33). Some teachers have responded by tossing that out the window, but are grading super tough instead.

Also, in addition to that, I coasted through high school. So now I have no idea what a "good" grade is. I've also heard that in order to get into a competitive grad school/get a good job after college, you need a 3.4-3.6 GPA. How true is this?

My parents would like me to speed up and graduate in three years (tuition is expensive), and I still have no clue what the hell I want to major in. I mean, majoring in, say, economics sounds fine and good- but what do you do with it? If you're not applying to law/medical school, are there any requirements for other fields, or can an english major go into economics?

Right, then! *resumes normal breathing patterns*
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Name Change!

I saw this entry earlier almost similar and i was debating if i should post this.

I want to change my first name and last i dont know if its possible, or maybe just use it as a joke.

1. What are some cool names for guys?
2. What name would you give your self?
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Growing Old!

I work at this hospital and they have very old people like 80 years old and up. Does any one here want to live til your like 90? It sucks they are mostly moaning and coughing. I remember being a kid and saying I want to live and die when Im 100 years old. Now i dont.

What age is a good age to die?
What age is to old?
Whats the oldest you want to be?
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(no subject)

How do you block and unblock channels on Comcast Digital Cable?

My mother BLOCKED The-N because she is a fascist and there is a gay character on Degrassi. Yes, gag. It's not even funny how wrong that is, but instead of unblocking it, I want to go through all the channels and block ALL the networks that have gay people, or even anything that could remotely be interpreted as gay (Like Spongebob), and claim that I'm just trying to "help". It should be fun. ;)


I'm doing this project on phobias and so far I've covered:
1) What are phobias?
2) What are the risk factors/symptoms?
3) Treatment/Therapy

Is there anything you think I'm missing?

Project aside, what are YOUR phobias?

(no subject)

Kay, I just got back from lunch. One of the things I grabbed was a tofu-kebab. "Yay, foodservice has tofu!" I think. I like tofu, usually. Don't eat it alot, but when i have it it's not bad.
This I just could not stomach. I couldn't even swallow the first bite I took. The texture was just disgusting. I know there are different kinds of tofu, might they have just used a kind not good for grilling?
Or could it have something to do with what it was grilled with? That first bite had been up against a slice of yellow squash (I didn't take a bite of that, just the tofu)... I squashed another block of tofu open with the kebab stick, and picked a little out of the middle- the texture was a little better...

Foodservice is usually pretty good, so it's not just "hi, school food, of course it sucks"...


I'm self conscious about my weight. I used to be thin (5'4" and 120 lbs. in high school) but now at 28 years old, I'm 150 lbs. The weight is pretty proportional, aside from the fact that my body type is pear shape, but my hips and butt aren't HUGE or anything. And I like the fact that I have boobs now (wen from 34 B to a 36 C).

Does this mean I'm fat? And what is your height and weight. Because I'm so self conscious, I envision everyone else as being skinny.
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(no subject)

I have the worst possible topic for a research paper and have very limited time to the required research. As in no internet sources :(

So my question to you:

Have you ever paid to use an internet library?

If so, was it worth it or was it a scam?

This is the site I'm considering: http://www.questia.com/Index.jsp thoughts?

thanks to anyone who takes the time to answer this

(no subject)

My aunt once gave me a big pile of pamphlets and magazines she had. In it was a leaflet about Bush's acts against women. I glanced through the pile when she'd brought it, but now I'd like to read that specific bit again, and perhaps even copy it and hand it out to the girls in my sociology class who like Bush (because Kerry's voice bothers them, he looks funny, "all he does is bash Bush" and etc.). I searched online but can't find anything as comprehensive.
Does anyone else have this leaflet or anything similar?
Can anyone list some of President Bush's "acts against women"?

for life insurance

If I have a blood test for tobacco use, how long would that stay in my system long enough to test positive? I haven't smoked in well over a year, but I'm wondering if one cigarette would do it--and for how long.

Any ideas on that?