October 16th, 2004

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What movies have made you cry?

I don't cry at anything. Anything (wish I could though). There are only two movies that made me weepy. The first one I saw a long time ago when I was little, called "A Little Princess". If anyone knows this movie, it's the scene where she's trying to get her father, who has amnesia, to remember her before the police can arrest her. And the second one was "Castaway." And it is, you guessed it...the scene where Wilson floats away ;;
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Are there any cosmetologists/make-up artists who can recommend some tips/books/websites on how to apply make-up that changes the shape of certain features? Not just regular makeup, costume makeup especially--professional costume makeup....

I have one of Kevyn Aucoin's (sp?) books "Face Forward" and it touches a little bit on this sort of thing, but I'm hoping to find a little more detail...is my question clear enough??

(This is for something way in advance, not for this Halloween...what timing I have to ask such a question XD)

Poloandry and Gansta Rap

Why aren't polyandrous marriages allowed? Taxes aside (which no doubt could be adjusted to such situations as it has been in other countries), why is it not only looked down upon, but illegal to have more than two people in a committed relationship?

Do you think it is disrespectful for a "rich" or upper middle class white person to play gangsta rap music loudly while driving in their car? Do you find it somehow wrong if such a person (not simply listen to it) but play it loud enough so you can hear it through the car (whether on purpose or inadvertantly)? To people who have had first hand experience with gangs and gang violence, what do you think of people who have no experience with these problems yet use it as a "display" while driving? Or what if it isn't a display but simply someone enjoying the music; do you think people should be aware enough not to play it loud enough so as to scream "Im rich and white, but I listen to music about 'your' experiences?"

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You know those songs that were fairly common in the 90s, always sung by slightly geeky guys, total pop rock, they don't need all that strong a voice, often feature a high bit?
stuff like:
* Blessid Union of Souls: "Hey Leonardo (she likes me for me)" (This is the ultimate example)
* Jason Mraz: The Remedy
and sort of:
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The next closest thing would be old Blink 182 stuff, but even that's a little too "rock-y".
Do you know what I mean? is there a name for that genre? Can anyone please suggest the best/ most catchy songs of this type??

Thank you!!

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I have to make an Egyptian calendar for my Ancient History class, and I need to select 4 (egyptian) gods to be each season (symbolism wise). Do you have an favourites, or ideas for good ones? Which do you find the most interesting?

alloy wheels: helpful or waste of money?

Question: I'm looking for a new car and wondering about alloy wheels. I know that they're lighter than steel wheels, but are they worth the extra money? Is there any measurable, practical benefit to having them, or is it really just a looks thing for guys trying to compensate for something?

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im making cupcakes, and i only have one cupcake pan. it holds 12 cupcakes. i have a recipe that makes 24 cupcakes. can i bake one batch in the pan, then remove them and bake another? how long do i let the cupcakes sit in the pan before i remove them? should i just go out and get another pan? ;o)

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Does anyone know where I can buy one of those chokers that are really tall, the one that cover almost the entire neck? Preferably one made of stones or earthy, rich tones, not one with diamonds or otherwise opulent stones.