October 14th, 2004

abby genius

Society of Biblical Literature

Okay, my Religious Studies prof tells me there is a specific citation style, called the Society of Biblical Literature style, that he wants us to use.

I figured I could find the citation style online, but am having no luck so far, and the paper is due tomorrow. The style handbook is on reserve at the library, but I'd prefer to get the citation in and done tonight so I don't have to bother sticking it in tomorrow before class.

So, anybody - what is the citation style for the Society of Biblical Literature? Specifically, for essays within an anthology/journal. Thanks!
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Weird thoughts

Blame my friend and I for our stupid STUPID brains. And our love for Ninja Turtles and Biker Mice.

So if a human were to have sex with a mutated turtle is that bestiality? Or are they human enough that it doesn't count?

What if it wasn't a mutated animal but a human/animal hybrid type alien? (Such as the Biker Mice from Mars, who were never animals and who look more human than the turtles.)

I don't know WHY we thought of this, we just did.
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someone must know..

i just joined, so. hi.

for some reason i can't find anyone who can answer this for me. it's so weird because so many people do it...

i've never mailed a package before, and i'm avoiding asking for help at the post office as much as possible.

so how do you do it?! i found a how-to guide here, but i'm still stupidly confused. someone told me that i could not just leave the package outside my door for the regular mail man. no?

also, i was going to send my items in a used priority mail box. obviously it's only being sent parcel post, so should i cover all the parts that say priority mail?
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(no subject)

I am seeing a guy from Colombia. I know next to nothing about the country. So, in jest, I teased him the other day about what I do know about Colombia. I told him that Colombia is known for drug cultivation/traffic? and coffee. He didn't respond to well to that. Haha! Hey, I thought it was amusing.

So, now, I would like to know what you all know about the country of Colombia. I also know that I can google it, but I want more than facts and figures.
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(no subject)

If you are in line at a store (lets say a grocery store), and you have a very full cart of stuff, and someone comes up behind you with one or two items in their hand -- do you let them go in front of you?

(no subject)

I was searching through some of my old school stuff and came across an outline I had made when I was in the eighth grade. We were studying the US Constitution, and I had decided to outline its main points and principles while I took notes. It is not an overview that simply gives a general idea of what each section says, as I have found on many sites, but a bare-bones presentation of the facts, without all of the extra rhetoric found in the original Consitution. I didn't finish it, but I did get to the end of Article II; I have been thinking about eventually finishing it, but I'm not able to at the moment.

My question is, would any of you ever use something like this? I think that it's a really neat idea, but I probably won't use it much now, and so I thought I might put it on my website in my resources section (it's dedicated to art-related stuff at the moment, but I had been planning to change that anyway). Do you guys think anyone would use this? For studying, maybe, or anything else? I don't want to put it up there if no one will use it.

oh the pain...

Yesterday I went for a personal trainer session at my gym. Oh boy... I thought I will never be able to walk again my life. And this morning I could barely get off the bed. My thighs seem to have quit making sitting and standing, and moving a truly painful experience! I have my second session tomorrow. I did enjoy working out though. And realise over time the pain will go away. But what's a temporary fix to relieve this pain? Why do we torture ourselves so? :P

(no subject)

Can anyone tell me what Julie Andrews was describing when, in the movie Princess Diaries 2, she says the line "Lovely on a postage stamp". I've totally forgotten what it was referring to and it’s annoying me.

Thank you!
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If I'm supposed to take a pill 4 times a day, about how many hours apart should I be taking it? I forgot to ask the doctor.

I'm hoping it's not every six hours which would mean I'd have to get up in the middle of the night.... I was thinking it's probably meant to be four times a day DURING WAKING HOURS. I sure hope so..

(no subject)

x-posted in bmezine

for those of you who have a tattoo on the "palm" side of your wrist:
what was the experience like pain-wise? is there a higher risk of infection since the veins are so close to the surface in that spot?
im getting a very small tattoo on my wrist and id like to hear someone elses experience so i have an idea of what to expect.
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touchy subject much?

so kerry mentioned Mary Cheney last night in the debate regarding gay family issues. the Cheney camp commented saying this was a cheap politcal move. I believe the comment was something about "if you ask Dick Cheneys daughter, who is a lesbian, then she would tell you she was being herself, who she born to be." or something similar. If they werent ASHAMED of the fact that Mary IS a OPEN lesbian then why would they think of that comment as an attack on their family? Especially since VP Cheney THANKED Sen Edwards for the comments he made about his family in the vice presidential debate?

(no subject)

How much does the average Feng Shui consultant earn?


And what is suggested I major in (or go to school at 'sides Pixar's recommendations) if I want to work for a company like Pixar/Google?

(no subject)

Okay, I'm in dire need of some ideas here!

I, being the procrastinator that I am, have an English essay due tomorrow morning and the topic is: a humorous crisis. I have no idea what to write about, and it has to be a crisis that you can elaborate on for about two pages. The previous topic I chose was the problem when we run out of toilet paper and need something to wipe...Yet, I'm stuck on a new topic...haha...

(no subject)

I was on my way to class today. I noticed something I haven't noticed in a while. How high the gas prices were! One of the gas stations in town had the cheap stuff going for $2.41.

So, what are the gas prices for you all?