October 13th, 2004

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Is it true that classical guitar strings de-tune more often than acoustic guitars? (I say that the de-tuning of the strings depends on how often it's played and the quality of the strings themselves.)

How do you clean pen marks from a flat panel monitor? I have them on my work monitor and it's making me CRAZY.
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How do you get an address?

Long Story that I will skip.  Here is the info.  My office is moving to a trailer (construction) and we need an address to get our mail.  How does one go about doing this?  I called the USPS, they directed my to my local PO.  They didn't know.
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So you know how you're supposed to pull over to the side of the road to let emergency vehicles go by? When the emergency vehicle has passed and it's time to get back onto the road, shouldn't the drivers let the folks on the side of the road get back on the road before continuing on?? Or should the ones who actually pulled over have to wait for traffic to totally clear before getting back on the road?
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Has anyone heard of the (Canadian, I think) band Sweetsalt? Does anyone know where I could get their music? Their website is defunct, amazon and amazon.ca have never heard of them, and google turns up not much that's helpful.


My monitor is having seizures. The pictures randomly gets slightly bigger and smaller, sometimes quickly. I have no idea why this is happening, but the monitor is about 4 years old and has made MANY long car trips so I would not be surprised if it was near its end.

Any ideas on if this is easily fixable?

If not are there good cheap places to get a monitor? Are LCDs really worth the money (I've heard rumors they break easily)? Is it safe to buy a monitor on ebay or half.com? Any other suggested safe site to buy one?

Thanks so much!
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the way you write...

Does your handwriting change depending on the pen you use, mood you are in, paper you write on? I just picked up some notes I wrote back in January for a class, and couldn't recognise the writing as mine at all! It's strange how drastically my writing looks different every so often. But I blame it on the pens... Also with the advent of computer dependency, I don't handwrite as much as I used to! So my handwriting is legible but looks so messy!

How about you?
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I'm a biology major with a minor in gender studies. For my thesis, which is still about 3 years away(never too early to start thinking about it), I want to include gender/queer studies with biology. What are some good topics that I can look into?


Do any of you know where you can find detailed descriptions of tv show episodes? Specifically I have now become addicted to Lost, Desperate Housewives, and Veronica Mars. I know its pathetic. I've missed an episode or two, and I've tried googling (at least for lost), but nothing substantial was found.

Thanks again for all your help!
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Outlook help

OK, I have tried and failed to make some rules with the rules wizard in Outlook for my incoming mail. Something always seems to go wrong and mail I want to keep get moved along with the stuff I don't want to keep. Can anyone help me figure out the proper wording to basically keep all mail from specific people in my inbox and move everything else to the deleted items folder? Thanks in advance!
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This question may come out a bit werid or strange but in any case for my friend I am going to try to ask it...

Here's hopeing I get some sort of response:

Is there a word out there that surpasses the word love? Like can you Love someone more then love? Like an Eternal love? Like a Never in my life will I find anyone like you or want to be with anyone that isn't you ever because I love you more then life itself, type of love?

I am sure I sound crazy but just wondering if there is such a word to put and say all that or it is just Love as a broad general sense with lots of stages?

Thanks sooo much....
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Do any of you guys have a website where they have old-school comic pictures? You know the kind, where they're all dotty and with 50's hair and very yellow and blue? I've got an idea for a new lj scheme but I have no idea where to find pics like these, and yes, I've googled :D
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Showing HTML as text

Does anyone know what the code is for displaying HTML code as plain text?

Like if I wanted to show someone exactly what code to use in a comment or anywhere that allows HTML to be used, without having to resort to the whole "ok it's <*img src="picture.jpg"> and just take out the asterisk" crap.

I know there is code that allows this, but I can't remember what it is.

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So there has been a lot of political discussion here.

My question is, which candidate would you like to sit down and kick back a couple of beers with?

Me, I would go with Bush. I really would like to know what goes on in that head of his.
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