October 12th, 2004

The Receptionist Classic

Eye Question

Alternatives to eye drops to help my eyes stop itching/burning?

There's a wildfire burning nearby and the smoke is making my eyes burn like crazy. I hate, hate, hate eye drops with a passion, so anything to avoid getting some Visene or whatever would be great.
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Izzy Puppy

I want to google it

But I don't know the name!

I am looking for an object that holds a pair of pants, shirt, belt, and maybe wallet and keys.  It is like a little butler type thing (I tried searching for "butler").  It is so you can lay your clothes out for the next day and they all hang in one place along with the things to put in your pocket.  I want to buy one, but I can't think of what it would be called to look for it.  Does anyone know?
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Songs that make you want to kick ass

What is a song (or songs) that make you want to just get out there, say goodbye to all the frustrations inside, ignore the people who try to bring you down, and just live in the moment, and say goodbye to the hurts of the past?

For example, here's a few off the top of my head, and why:

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Any other suggestions would be cool. I'm trying to put together a compilation CD to play while I get my tattoo. Sort of a goodbye to the past, and a statement that I'm not taking any more shit from anyone, including the negative voices in my own head.
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Today there was a poster show at my University, and I ended up buying a print of Van Gogh's Starry Night. Anyways, I noticed that it has a lot of vibrant greens and yellows, especially above the hills and through the sky, but is this altered from the original? I say this because all of the links that I've come across don't have the same colors in the sky, they're very blue rather than the yellows and greens.

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(no subject)

can anyone translate this into latin for me or direct me to a place where i could get a translation?

Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.
Psalm 119:105

thanks in advance.
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Way-Back Wednesday

It's homecoming week, and tomorrow we must dress as any era before the 90s. Most people are wearing a tie-dye t-shirt for the 70s or puffing their hair out for the 80s. I'm trying for the 20s... is this appropriate?

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(no subject)

So, my exboyfriend (who I'm still madly in love with) is into music and the guitar and stuff, and most of my favourite songs are ones he played. Now, whenever I hear a song that was one he played, my stomach gets all gross and I'm come close to puking. I can't give up these songs, but its killing me because I keep thinking its him......... AHHH!!!

So, question. What songs do you wish you could erase all sentimental, personal emotion from?


I have a question about meats -- I am very new to cooking. Okay, well I admit I can't cook at all. But whenever I pick up beginner books, they don't mention anything about cleaning or marinating meats.

How do you wash Meat? I mean like when you bring it home from the Supermarket? I wanted to try this easy Hamburger recipe, but I am totally unsure of how to wash ground meat, it looks like it would fall apart. Do you just run it under water? Sounds dumb, I know, bear with me.

Also, how do you marinate meats? What do you use? Are there different types of marinade? How long do you let it sit?

Any help would be great appreciated, and links would definitely be helpful. Thanks in advance.

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Which of the following examples is more correct:

The data are used for this experiment.

The data is used for this experiment.


At first glace, is seems "The data is..." would seem correct, but "is" suggests a singularity, but "data" is plural for "datum". Then I thought of it as a group of data and then it could be considered singular. (Such as "family" is a group of people, but you don't say "The family are...". because family suggests ONE group of people.) I'm rather confused.