October 11th, 2004


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I have a question, of course.

I am about to apply to a job, for a single dad. To watch his four children, for 50-55 hours per week, and maybe one afternoon on the weekends for 2-5 hours.The children are 2 weeks, 2 years, 5 years, and 7 years. I'm wondering what i should ask for, for pay. I was thinking 350-400. Thats at most 100 per kid per week. Is that too much?

thank you so much.

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Internet Addiction

I know this may sound ironic, being as this is the Internet and all. . .

What tips do you people have for limiting Internet use? I find I'm sitting on the computer all day and night without actually doing anything productive. I need ideas on how I can keep myself from being on the computer 24/7, while still having it on (I like having music playing while I'm doing other stuff in my room).

If I have no computer anywhere near me, I don't have a compulsion to use it (ie, two weeks at summer camp, I could do without it without problems). But as soon as it's there, all pretty and shiny. . .I always have to be on it. I need advice on how to break this habit, while still having it here and accessible for when it's needed, one or two hours a day of Internet use, not 12. Still having it on though, so I can listen to music (since I don't have a regular CD player besides my Discman, and it's a little hard to listen to earphones while sewing or somesuch, and most of my music is on mp3 anyways).

So yes - how to limit Internet use, without turning off or disconnecting the computer itself?
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Does anyone know a website, or even a store, that I could order a pillowcase with a celebrity picture on it from? I know I could make one, but I'm kind of hoping for better quality than my printer. I need James Dean, Johnny Depp and Jude Law, so if anyone knows anything, help is appreciated.
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I messed up something ickie in my back. Not a disk, but the actual muscle is very screwed up. It's going away but are there any exercises I can do to promote faster healing, or even better healing?
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Where is a good place, or good way to go about selling some independent photography? I don't have a college background [yet], but I'd like to get my name and pictures out there, and make a few extra bucks as well in the mean time. There's little coffee places and such here where you can hang your art, and sometimes people like to buy it, but the waiting list to display what you've got is backed up for months.

Any place online? Ect? Suggestions?


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First post, though I've been lurking for a day or so.
Two questions:

What's the study of how words are diffrent than what the represent called? (IE: The word chair is diffrent from the actual thing you sit on.)

How much do hookers cost? (FYI: I'm not creepy. I'm a writer. Same thing, maybe.)
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I know that I have perviously asked this question but, I have narrowed the famous people from canada to doing my project on the following:

Alanis Morrisette
Michael J fox
William Shatner
Terry Fox
Alex trebek

I can not choose between them, can anyone help me pick just one?

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Can anyone in the US explain to me what's going on with Stargate Atlantis and SG1? From what I've found around the net, it sounds like the show pauses halfway through the season, and you have to wait for the rest of the episodes 'till January? Something else I saw led me to believe it the second half is already being shown, though? I'm confused :)
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I recently became the undergraduate president of Alpha Kappa Delta, the Sociology Honor Society at my school. One of my "duties" is to come up with ideas for topics of discussion, but somehow I'm turning up blank- anyone have any ideas? It can be anything sociology related, but try to stay away from election stuff, because everyone is tired of that.

Also, can you think of any movies that would be interesting from a sociological perspective? Last semester they watched Gatteca, as an example. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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Motorcycle restoration

My dad has an old(1949) Harley sitting in a shed. It has been there for some 20-25 years It was in good shape when it was put there, but it obviously needs a thorough cleaning, probably replacement gaskets, maybe reapplication of chrome and such.

I'd like to get it fixed up for his Christmas present. How much could I expect this to cost? The only functional deterioration would probably be some gaskets and maybe some filters, its mainly cosmetic problems from being in a not too clean storage area for over two decades. On the other hand, being so old even minor part replacement could cost a fair bit of money, they probably don't make most of the parts anymore making special order much more expensive.