October 8th, 2004

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Very Curious

So I've got a new one...

In this day and age of equal rights should a man always be expected, or even required, to pay for every single portion of a date? If your answer is no (especially if you are a lady) then how does a man let a lady know that he would like her to start kicking in a bit?

As a personal note, I always seem to pay during what one would call the courtship, but when I'm in an actual relationship I usually do expect my girlfriend to contribute.

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OK, here's a good one for all you young whipper-snappers that claim you can help with "classic" (old) music.  Yesterday my daughter and I heard a cover of an old song.  I can't remember if it was "Undone", originally done by The Guess Who, or "She's Not There", originally done by The Zombies.  Anyway, the musical style of it sounded like Santana, and the singer actually sounded like Ted Neely who played Christ in the original cast of "Jesus Christ Superstar".  It was an awsome cover, but the DJ never mentioned who it was.  Can you help??? 
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sofa cleaning

I just got a sofa from the Salvation army and would like to clean it. The problem being I would normally rent a carpet cleaner to do this but since I have no car, don't have much money and the store I would be renting it from is a good mile or two away I can't do that. Does anyone have any ideas how I could go about cleaning it? What products should I try? I'm in the UK so I may not be able to find some products but I'll try to find something similar.

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Stop! Hammer time!

OK! Suggestions, please!
I need a new video game. Something cheap, but good.
My budget is $10.
Something for PS2 and/or N64.
I didn't know to use and or or. So I did the slashy thing.
Hurry please! I need a new game because all the ones I have right now I've beat or I'm stuck and don't want to spend an hour to get past it.
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books = good

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Can someone please give me a jargon-free way to fix the Spool32 errors that keep coming up when I'm trying to install my printer? All I can find on it is that it's a problem with doing actual printing, but I've been trying to install the sucker for two days now, talked with HP support three times, and can't find any way to fix it, or else I find stuff that is impossibly far over my head. I've tried installing from the CD, from the Hardware Install wizard, from the Printer Install wizard, from the driver I downloaded from the HP site, all just to be attacked by Spool32 errors in the midst of installation. Is there anything I can do to fix this at all?

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This question is for the guys:
When my friend goes pee, he'll shake it off and squeeze the last bit out. Sometimes he gets this really painful cramp, like his scrotum is being pulled upwards. If he puts his hand in that general area (the part between the scrotum and the anus), he can feel that the muscle is pulled really tight. Does anyone know what this is or have had similar experience? He's asked a couple doctors and they have no clue.

Also, I just bought a Nokia 3120. How can I get my clock to show in upper corner?


So there's this saying when someone cooks a dish very well: "he/she put his/her foot in it"
I recently heard in a Wal-mart commercial. The last time I heard it was from a friend of my family. She was also pondering where it came from because she heard it from a friend.

Have you ever heard it?
Where's this from?
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For all the writers out there:

I seem to have run into yet another case of writer's block. Whenever this happens I never have a good way to get rid of it. What do you do for inspiration when you get writer's block?
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