October 7th, 2004


Not for the faint of heart...

If the aorta (of a human), or the jugular, or some other major artery, were sliced open while the person was still alive, how far would the blood spray? In movies, I know it's total BS when they slit someone's throat and there's just a little ooze and that's it. I'm asking because we're doing a study on the heart in bio and we watched a video where the artery of an animal (I forget which kind and where the artery was) was cut open and that blood flew. It seriously went a few feet in the air. I don't think the animal was all that big, and I want to say it was a leg artery so it wasn't even that close to the heart. I know it's kind of a sick question, but I'm really curious.
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How do you get an idea into a catalog? Specifically, I am thinking of a catalog like Design Toscano where they have items that are by certain artists. How do these artists submit stuff to these catalogs? Do you sell the rights and they make all the copies? Or do you copyright your idea yourself first?

And completely unrelated...
How necessary is it to get your air ducts cleaned? And how often should you have that done?
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...are there people who professionally give makeovers?

Who you can go to and say, "Hey. I haven't got a clue how to dress. This is my lifestyle, this is my budget, please advise." Who maybe take you shopping, help you figure out what styles fit your body shape, and just general good advice as far as building a wardrobe goes?

(Or do they only exist in reality TV?)

EDIT: ...and another question. Is anyone familiar with Gordon R. Dickson's books? Do you know if Jason Warren shows up in any of the books in the Childe Cycle series, other than Necromancer? (Or if there are any other necromancers in the series at all?)

Thanks :D

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I've just finished reading The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. My question is how accurate are the points and facts made in the book are? I remember hearing some articles claiming a lot of it was rubbish. However I didn't read them as I didn't want to spoil the book.

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A night before I went to Albany to work, I must've bit my lip in my sleep pretty hard. It looked like a cold sore when I woke up but after awhile I realized that it wasn't a cold sore at all. I started thinking I might've bit my lip, and my mother agreed. It was gross looking yesterday but not too bad. But, today it's swollen like you wouldn't believe. Does anyone have any tips to reduce the swelling?
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Two Questions!

1) I don't want a political debate, I just want to know if anyone can recommend a site that BRIEFLY (and in laymans terms) gives a rundown of the candidates for the current Presidential election? I've googled out the yin-yang but all I keep coming up with are opinion pieces from one camp bashing the other. Not helping.

2) Suppose you got the chance to take a whole year off and cover any one band/singer's latest world tour. Your choice. Who would you pick? (All expenses paid, you don't have to worry about losing your job or dropping out of school.)
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What's a good last name for Mabel? The only semi-decent one I've got so far is Mabel Snow. This is for fiction; no living person will actually have to bare this name.

I'm really skinny and appear to have almost completely flat abs- as long as I'm standing/sitting straight. If I slouch, though, it looks like I'm trying to shoplift a tire. Are a lot of skinny people like this, or do I still have a lot more crunches to do?

I won't be 18 until January. Can my pediatrition (yep, I'm still goin there) prescribe me birth control pills without telling my parents? Failing that, if I see a gynoecologist before I turn 18, can she prescribe without telling my parents? I realize that this is incrdibly immature, but we all know how parents are. I live in New York if it makes a difference. Oh, and yes, I know about 10 places where I can get free condoms. My boyfriend says it just doesn't feel the same wrapped in rubber (Ive been on birth control before- long story) and he can't even orgasm now.
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If you're the type of person who likes piercings:

I've been wanting to get a facial piercing for a while now, but I can't decide what to do. Do you think that people with glasses look wierd with eyebrow piercings?

What would look good for me?

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