October 6th, 2004

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I dont know if you guys seen a pepsi commercial its a guy drinking a pepsi(or it can be the other way around he drinks a coke) and a country song is playing then he looks down and his dog looks at him and everything in the room is coca cola. Does any one know the Song playing in the commercial? if you do please let me know the artist and the songs name, Thanks you!
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How powerful do you think music is in influencing people's thoughts, actions and beliefs?
Is it ever justifiable (sp?) to blame music for acts of crime and violence?

sorry for all the follow up questions.. i must be bombarding u! hope it's not TOO overwhelming to answer!
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Is there some sect/denomination that does not welcome anyone who isn't of the Caucasian race? I have no idea if this exists, but I remember a long time ago on an LJ post a person said that their church only welcomes white people. I'm curious if this actually exists.
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This is a weird question, and I hope I don't seem as ignorant as I actually am in asking it. But I figure whatever I ask is general ... like that. Anyways.

I heard on the radio the other morning that people in the military, be it army, air force, navy, whatever, are not allowed to vote. A woman called in and said that her friend in the army was told he could vote but it wouldn't count, so there's no point. Is there any truth in that? Do they really not let our forces vote? Can't that be seriously unconstitutional? The possibility leaves me feeling uneasy. I mean, it's not even as if you could say that all military people would vote one way or another. They probably have just as many differences as those not in the military. Maybe. I don't know. Either way, though, it just seems completely wrong. How can their vote just... not count? That can't be accurate.
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If they were to make a movie of The DaVinci code, who do you think would make a good Langdon? what about Sophie?

I think a younger Harrison Ford, or a less attractive Pierce Brosnan for Langdon....and maybe Scarlette Johanson for Sophie.
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In which cultures do people place their hands together and bow? Is this as a sign of respect, or something religious? (If you could just point me to a link, that'd be great too)

Thanks :D

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I would like to buy my boyfriend a Playstation 2.

Should I buy it new (probably from Best Buy) or used (probably from Game Stop)? Does it matter that much? Will it make that much of a difference? What about new vs. used games?

Thanks in advance!
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Have you ever read anything that wasn't a book that made you cry? What was it?

Edit so not to make a whole new entry: I'm not sure for which one, but a cell phone company puts a little slogan "Where you at?" in so many of their commercials. Does anyone else find this as annoying as me? I actually had an argument as to whether that was grammatically correct in one of my classes the other day. How does that even sound grammatically correct?

book title help!

There's this book...it's sort of Cinderella-ish...in 1700's i think and it's probably juvenile fiction...maybe adult...she lives with her stepsisters and stepmother...she's udner a spell that makes her do whatever she's told, no matter what...i think there's a prince involved somewhere...does anyone know the name or author of it?
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Name Dropping

I'm in a weird mood - names are really popping out at me today. I've processed an order for a Roy Rogers, there was a Dick Clarke, and I'm pretty sure Liz Taylor ordered not long ago. And obviously, these are not the famous Hollywood Roy Rogers, Dick Clark, and Elizabeth Taylor. They just happen to have famous names.

Do you know anyone with a famous name? Collapse )
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What word can you just not spell? Why do you think that is?

I'm half decent at spelling and grammar, but I used to have a very hard time with "necessary," and I still can't spell "occasionally" for the life of me (in fact, I spelled it wrong pre-spellchecking this post— with two s's). It's about those unnecessary double consonants.

What about you?
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