October 5th, 2004



last year for halloween i put some paint on my boots. now i am sad about that, because i want to use the boots for this year's costume, sans paint. the paint is glitter type stuff you can use on fabrics and what not. i'm trying to look for a new pair of boots, but without much success... and ideas on how i might be able to get this paint off (and still have boots) ? thanks!

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I'm making a mix with a song for each of the seven deadly sins and seven heavenly virtues. The sins were easy-peasy, but the virtues are a lot harder. (Hmm …)

Here are the seven virtues:
Prudence (as in the opposite of lust)
Temperance (opposite of wrath)

Can you think of any songs to represent one/more of those?

Thanks for the suggestions!
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urban canyon

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Has Saddam Hussein seen South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut? Surely the same military that could do what it did at Abu Ghraib would sit him down and make him watch his "love scenes" with Satan. Any official news on this?
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Take This With A Pinch of Salf

1) Just starting university for the first time I've noticed that in lectures all the mature students seem to sit in the front two rows. Without fail this has happened in every lecture I've had! Is this a common occurence or something that's the norm at my university?

2) Did something bad happen to you today that turned out to be good? I missed a bus home by 2 seconds and waited almost 10 minutes for the next one. However I passed the first bus which had broken down at traffic lights.

3) I have a craving for Jaffa Cakes. What food do you have a craving for just now?

4) How come universities promise to post important details on the web yet they never seem to do so?
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Where can I get money orders? I mean... I live in a college town, I don't even know where the post office is... should probably look that up... But I know you can get money orders *other* places, right?
such as... where?
and how much does it cost?
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I always (always always always) get stomach cramps when I try to exercise in a cardiovascular way. Jogging, walking, skating, climbing stairs. Frustrating.

Are my muscles just weak and should I try to exercise through the pain? Could it be there is something I'm doing wrong?

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A friend of mine...I swear it's not me...has a severe acne problem on his butt...I have tried to research the different treatments on this without having him go to the doctor. Does anyone know of a treatment like a cream or spray or something to rid him of this un-sightfullness that has him in pain. I've tried reasoning with him to go to the doctor but he won't go. I need to find something that works and I know it will cost money but I want to find a solution no matter what the cost. Your help is much appreciated...also if you want to reply annonymously...that is fine with me. Thank you.
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Do you think it would be better have that guy come out that announcing boxing and start tonight's debate with "Ladies and Gentlemen....let's get ready to Rummmmmmmmbbbbbllllle!

I have a weird question.

I'm doing an experiment on the variances in mass of plastic forks and spoons. I need to find a website on how plastic forks and spoons are manufactured, as in what kind of machinery is used, what kinds of molds are used, etc. Would this be totally impossible to find? I've tried search engines and all I get are either websites selling forks and spoons or websites talking about if plastic is biodegradable or not.
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I found a black widow at school today!

After knocking it down and making sure it was properly dead, I shoveled it into a not-totally-empty bottle with a spoon and took it home with me.. Now I'm at a loss as to what to do with it..

Any of you have any idea of what I could do with a dead venomous spider drenched in orange fanta?

I kinda wanna keep it. =) How would I go about preserving it if I did?
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Hugh's So Masculine

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Are there any grammar whores reading this who can spare a few moments tonight?

We're supposed to have someone proof read our essays, but there's no one over here in RL who can do it. Mostly what I need is someone to check my comma usage as that's the only thing I got points taken off for on my last essay. I ran the last essay through MS Word's spell/grammar check and it missed a bunch of places where commas should have gone. So, I need an old fashioned human eye.

It's about 3 pages in MS Word and the topic is the relationship with my ex. So, if anyone good at comma usage can give it a once over tonight, I'd be so grateful. ^_^

DAO vs. TAO help

Im not sure if anyone can help me out, but I am a little confused.

I have a quick question regarding TAO and DAO CD burning.

I use the Roxio CD burning program, and all my disks are DAO. I burned some disks for a trade, and I made sure that I had the setting as DAO. The person I was trading with just emailed me saying that all the disks are TAO. I am unsure as to how that could happen. I think im doing things right...d/l a show, convert the .flac to a .wav, and then burn the .wav files DAO onto a CD.

Im confused, and any help would be appreciated.


--x posted to phish
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Halloween 2008

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What does one wear to an opera?

 A few ago, I saw my first symphony performance (with the Peabody Institue - glorious.) and now a couple friends want me to go to this opera with them.

If you can point me to a specific outfit, that'd be great, but pointers and tips would also be appreciated.