October 4th, 2004


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I've always been a morning person, but I just hate getting up in the morning now. For the last several years, I've worked odd hours including swing-shift, split shifts and overnights, and couldn't wait to get back to a regular schedule. Now that I'm there, I like my job, but hit the snooze until the last possible second. I've had my new job for 6 weeks now... shouldn't I be back to normal? Any suggestions to make getting up easier? I've even thought of getting a new alarm clock so that it doesn't sound like it did when I was on the terrible split shift, which is what I left most recently... ideas, please?
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Does anyone know where I can find electoral roll records (or better yet, the electoral roll for the next election) for Australia, online?

You know, those great big books with a list of every person registered to vote in it? They're split up by region and stuff.

I'm tried Googling, but alas to no avail.
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Art or law school?

I'm in a quandary. I have to decide soon what kind of graduate programs I will apply for, and I'm kinda stuck between two different fields. On the one hand there's law school. On the other hand, there's art school. Here are the pros and cons as I see them:

Law School
Pros: More of a head start in life, challenging, future monetary prospects
Cons: Life-encompassing work, high levels of stress, overly competitive

Pratt (or some other art school)
Pros: Varied, challenging, new venues in graphics opening every day, expressive
Cons: Less monetarily stable than most occupations, sporadic work

My gut says to go with art school, even though law school might be a more lucrative choice. I know I wanted to be a judge and all, but putting time into doing that would kill any free time I might want for recreation and hobbies (like art). Also I've had a lot of new inspiration working in Professor Giusti's 3D Design class, and I want to try and work with her on future projects.

I want to be creative. I feel good when I make things. But at the same time, I don't want to live my life on the lower end of the salary spectrum. Am I making the right choice? I know some people I know would be disappointed if I didn't go to law school, but people my age change their minds all the time about this kind of thing. I'm just reaching a point where I have to make a decision one way or another, and I certainly don't want to get bogged down doing clerical work my whole life.

I could use some serious advice right now.
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The Receptionist Classic

Trick or Treat

Are you dressing up for Halloween?
What's your costume going to be?
Do you have a costume idea for me? (I'm going to a party this year and costumes are required. I'm low on fundage and there won't be much time between work and the party to get ready.) The only thing I can come up with is a Peggy Bundy outfit...
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What does the word marriage mean to you?

Do you think it can happen between any two people be it hetrosexual, homosexual, or multiple people involved?

this is not to start a hot fiery debate just curious on thoughts...

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My friend jessJess totaled her car last night avoiding a deer. She's not seriously hurt, but she did go to the emergency room & I know she feels like crap & is really upset about wrecking her beloved car. Do any of you have any suggestions on what I can give her as sort of a sweet little condolance gift to try & cheer her up?
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Doe anyone know of Angel Arm by Kinuatni Yuu? If so would you know of a website that would have information on story lines, characters and pictures?

Note: I'm talking about a manga series not a gun!


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Anyone have some good recipes that you could share with me? My gf and I just got an apartment and neither of us have really cooked before. I've taken to it (!! :-D) and am not too bad at it, when I have a recipe. . . . so *bats eyelashes* pleaseeeee? There are like, 2 of us. . . so the smaller recipes would be better, although I can cut larger ones in half or quarter or whatever =)

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i have pretty leniant standards when it comes to guys. seriously about half the guys i meet i find attractive in some way or another. now while i don't really come on to people (b/c i don't want to make anyone uncomfortable), i do make a point of being generally sociable and nice and whatnot and i think people can kinda tell who i'm interested in and who i'm not interested in.
so how come i can't find a boyfriend?* i hang out with so many guys, and every guy i've ever liked says i'm cool and likes me as a friend, but they never ever like me the way i like them. why is this? i know i'm not ugly. and in fact i'd say i'm a fairly cool peron. what am i doing wrong?

*i know some people are gonna say stop looking for a boyfriend. but really i can't help wanting one.

Prescription question

Has anyone ever been on Effexor? I live in the midwest United States (Iowa to be specific) and my doctor is willing to prescribe it for me, but I need to figure out the cost. So, could anyone who's taken it give me an idea of what this will cost? Also did you have any side effects and what were they?
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This is the perfect place for a question like this.

Recently, I made dinner for some friends, and one of my friends brought a box of tea squares from China. So, how am I technically supposed to brew this? Should I brew it in a pan and pour it, brew it using a filter, or just drop it in a tea cup with hot water?
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Let's just saayyy...
You're at your local ATM machine ready to take out 20 bucks for a movie and all of a sudden, the ATM starts DISPENSING OUT MONEY BY THE HUNDREDS. You aren't the only one in line, and everyone starts grabbing as much money as they can. Would you be one of the ones who returned the money to the bank, or would you try to grab as much as you could and run?
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Three burning questions

Okay, maybe not. But this is what is going through my head lately:

1. If you keep Kosher, can you have bread and butter (or bread with butter/dairy products in it, like croissants or buttermilk biscuits or cheese bread) with a meal containing meat?

2. I've been married for two years, and I completely love my husband, but I have this really stupid crush on a guy at work. How do I get over it? Also, married/otherwise committed people, is this normal?

3. So I'm finally learning to drive for real, 10 years late, and five months into it everything is groovy except that I keep going into parking spaces (regular ones in parking lots, not parallel spaces) crooked. Is there some secret technique I'm missing, or does it just come with practice?
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The Great Pants Debate

Do you fold your pants and put them in a dresser drawer, or do you hang them up?

My friends and I were discussing which is more normal. Theoretically, I hang up all of my clothes- pants, shirts, etc., except socks, underwear, pj's and gym shirts which I put in my dresser. But I have friends who hang their pants and nice shirts and fold t-shirts and put them in dressers and friends who fold pants and hang all shirts and stuff.

So, how do you do it?
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Is there any possible way to cancel Amazon (UK) orders when they are getting ready to be dispatched?
I ordered a load of things in the beginning of September and they aren’t due to arrive until 5th-22nd or November because one book is hard to find – I really want the book but they are charging me £2 to find it and it’s taking far too long, the estimated delivery date seems to go up every day. I don't understand how they are getting ready to be dispatched if I won't have them until the start of next month at the earliest!
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I just finished reading for my western civilization class. We just finished up Greco-Roman society and have now moved on to the birth of Chrisitanity. My question is, how did society go from (Greco-Roman) total acceptance and often practice of homosexuality to (Christianity) a total ban of it in the Bible?