October 3rd, 2004

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can anyone direct me to a good place (preferably online) to buy a relatively inexpensive (i.e., no more than $50), good-quality standalone record player?  preferably the portable suitcase-style, though a less portable one will be fine as long as it's standalone and doesn't require me to hook it up to a stereo.

i've tried ebay but the only ones i can find on it that fit what i'm looking for are either way too expensive or don't look like they're in such great shape.  i'm alright with used as long as it works and looks good. 

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Q Magazine says the greatest songwriters of all time are

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Agree, disagree? Are there any songwriters you think should've made the list? (or some you think shouldn't be there!)
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I can't sleep because my ear hurts. I think it is infected. I'm planning to go to the doctor as soon as possible. Is there any way to know if it is infected for sure, and anything I can do to make it stop hurting, at least for tonight?
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Sims 2

Anyone else having trouble with this game?
Mine would suddenly stop saying it has a system error.
I sorta think that the game is buggy and needs a patch, but I was wondering how others had it.

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Does anybody have any recommendations about bread machines? Price isn't really a big deal. I'd just like to find a reliable, preferably small machine.

Any tips on using bread machines in general?

I'm looking around various websites for info on this, but sometimes it's just nice to get personal suggestions.

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What tips do you have for someone who intake study materials slower than others?

I've been reading up on study guides and applied them, but it still took me twice as much time to study and fully understand the material than my friends do. Although I'm glad I understood what I studied for, but it took so much out of my time that I have little to do anything else. Are there ways I can improve this? Or was I born with this slowness that I just have to cope with?
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Chinese translation question

Below is an image of six Chinese characters, 3 sets of 2 characters each. I have a couple
questions about them.

1) Can anyone tell me the exact meaning they'd give each of the 3 sets of characters in English? I'm particularly curious to capture any idiomatic meanings as well as the literal translation. These should be 3 somewhat related terms, but I'm told they have quite different meanings.

2) The characters are presented side-by-side horizontally. Is there any difference in meaning if they are arranged top-to-bottom vertically?

Thanks in advance. I hope at least a couple people out there can comment, it's hard to find someone bilingual enough to assist in this, and I'm trying to get a wide range of opinions so I can make sure I understand the meanings of the characters before I possibly get one or more of the sets done as a tattoo design (and no, let's not debate if that's a good idea or not... I know the pros and cons of this whole subject quite well, and after 10 years of thinking about it, I've made up my mind to do it so long as I'm satisfied that the idiomatic translations match what I want to say).

If the meanings seem to fall in line with what I thought they might be, then I'll probably post a response somewhere in here about the "why" of this particular theme.

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brian justin street dance

2 questions tonight

1)  What is the GRE used to determine, exactly?  What kind of test is it?  Like what would be going on that you'd need to take it?  I'm on its website and I can't really determine its purpose. 

2)  I have to report for jury duty tomorrow for the first time ever.  Is there anything I should know?  (i.e., do I have to dress up?  How long can I expect to be there?, whatever else you think might be important for me to know ahead of time.)

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i'm going to graduate in may with an undergrad degree in psychology. i want to go on to grad school eventually, but i dont know if i want to get an MBA or an advanced psych degree. should i take the GRE in the spring or wait until i decide what to do about grad school? or wait until im actually applying to the schools? its going to be at least a year or two before i go into all that.
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If you have a cat, how do you handle the litter box? I have a covered litter box with the plastic thing on the floor to catch litter and she still tracks it around. Where do you keep your litter box? I keep mine in the bathroom cuz it seems like the least gross place. How do you keep it from smelling bad? How often do you clean out the litter? How often do you completely change the litter? What kind of litter do you use? I use the flushable litter because its easiest to clean and having poop in my garbage can seems disgusting and smelly. However that stuff is like sand and it tracks everywhere. If you use the regular kind, where do you throw it out? I live in an apt so I don't have an outdoor trash can. Do you take the garbage out every single day if you throw it the trash or what?
Ahh! Babies!

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I have a problem with my laundry maybe someone can solve. Every time I wash my clothes they come out with faded white or pinkish purple stains on them, like someone poured drops of bleach onto them. I cant tell you how many brand new pants and shirts have been ruined! It makes me infuriated. The thing is, I have NEVER used bleach, I live by myself and I have my own personal washer and dryer. I use Cheer color guard for soap and I sometimes put shout on my clothes when they are stained. Is this something in the water? What is going on? What can I do to stop it?