October 2nd, 2004


I have one of those $100 Cuisinart coffee makers. This morning, I set it up and it ground up the coffee but it won't drip. The coffee maker isn't even hot. Can this be fixed, or should I just get a new coffee maker?
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Due to the PATRIOT Act, the government can sift through your library records any time it wants. Suppose someone, in response, decided to check out many, many controversial, probably "flagged" books. Would this reaction be a legitmate personal protest, or would it be immature, pointless and risky?


My problem at the moment is that for some reason my hair seems to be deciding to fall out with really alarming regularity and in quite disturbing quantities. I think it is stress related as it started doing this earlier in the year as well. My question is, what can I do to stop it? Obviously being less stressed would be the best option, but while I am working on that, are there any specific vitamins that would help make my hair stronger, or any specific foods that I should eat or avoid, or any particular hair products that are good (I can only use products that are pH5.5 as I have really sensitive skin), or any other ideas that anyone has?
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Ok, I dont know if this is enough informtation AT ALL, but there is a song. Yes, a song. And This song is like... Folk? It sounds like it could be Great Big Sea (heck it might be) but its a well known song, and the only line I can even remember is "I was drunk for a week"... its a quick song, and its about drinking... Oh my, I dont know if anyone can do anything, but ANY help is appreciated... Thanks?
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Anyone know if there's a website anywhere that has the loadscreens from X-Men Legends?  I want an icon and can't find pictures anywhere on the internet except for crap gameplay ones.

Edit: I know the Mutant Vault on the main website has random ones, but I'm looking for all of them. Or at least Rogue!

Birthday gift for father

Hi, my father's birthday is this weekend and i'm at a total loss for what to get him, plus i am completely broke. Does anyone have ideas for what i could do or make? i think i might make him a tshirt but it's seeming lame.
He's not a sports or powertool type of guy, kind of immaure and doesnt wear ties.
And frankly I dont know what he really likes, in which case, what would be a generic father gift, preffereably that doesnt require a lot of cash?
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I have about 6 weeks before Thanksgiving. I'd like to look leaner, with a flat stomach (kind of like Britney Spears) before then. (Don't laugh! :P) I also want a more defined waist.

I haven't actually um, exercised in about five years (if we're talking about you know, daily basis - not like breaking a sweat trying to find the last doughnut). Does anybody have like a surefire routine they use? Like 20 minutes running, then 15 minutes doing crunches, etc?

I can't do push-ups. So...any suggestion would be much appreciated :)!
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DDR question

This is for all you DDR players out there, I need HELP by about... noon tomorrow or so.

I bought the latest version of DDR and when I went to play I realized my pad was crap. I plan on buying the Ignition pad tomorrow but trade ins to help would be great. If it were you, would you trade in your copy of DDR Max 2 to help pay for the pad? My favorite songs on that one are Breakdown, In the Navy and the other one by Captain Jack that I can't remember the name of. I'm assuming they aren't on the new one, but I haven't unlocked anything yet.

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My boyfriend and I have our computers networked together. There's a very nice hifi system hooked up to his, while my laptop has unimpressive speakers.

If I want to play mp3s or wma files, I don't want to have to copy them over the network to his PC (and have him play them) to listen to them through the hifi. I don't mind copying the files, but I want to be able to control the music from my PC.

Is there a way around this, where I can use his speakers without his having to do anythihng (or putting in an extra wire!)?