October 1st, 2004

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Beep beep sniff bark

My dog does something I can't quite figure out:

We have a George Foreman Grill in the kitchen, and as those of you who have use it know, it makes a high pitched beeping when the grill time is up. Whenever my cocker spaniel Lady hears this beeping, she immediately jumps up and starts running EVERYWHERE around the house like a nutcase, up and down stairs, barking at random things and sticking her head in every corner.

She does the same thing when I plug in my digital camera and it beeps. I did it just now and she started running in circles in my room, super alert and growling.

Another queer thing she does involves the mail slot. I think she associates the squeak of the mail slot in the front door with the mailman, because even if I'M standing on the other side of the screen door, or even on the same side as Lady, and I pick up the mail flap and let it slam, she goes crazy and barks her head off until she feels she's done. No one strange is there - it's only the sound, which confuses me a bit. Is she stupid, or just self-conditioned? And if so, why wouldn't she notice no one strange is there by the lack of a new smell?

Any ideas as to why she does these things? Particularly to the beeping? I can understand reacting to high pitched noises, but the beeping is no different from a quiet smoke detector, which is nowhere near the superhuman pitch that annoys dogs.

Can someone please explain this? It's been eating at my curiosity for months, and no one can quite give me a concrete answer I'm comfortable with. Thanks.
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(you knew somebody would bring it up)

Who do you think did a better job last night, Kerry or Bush? Why?

Let's not do any heavy bashing or get into petty arguments, I'm just curious. And please give real reasons, not "person A did better because person B sucks." Be nice.

Also... are any of you undecided, and feel that these debates will help you choose who to vote for? What are you looking for?

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Begging for money on Livejournal:

Is this a smart/good thing to do? Why or why not? Does it irk you as much as it irks me?

I can understand begging friends for some financial help... but total strangers?!
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reading forums

I've been realizing lately that I read forums from bottom to top. I start with the bottom subject, then read the bottom new post, working my way up. I wonder why.

Do any of you read forums backwards? Is this normal? Any other weird forum reading habits?

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quick dumb question:
How do i force quit on a mac? (os x, if it matters...)

(Yeah, I'm in a computer lab, using safari because ie locked up...)

Oh! Oh! other question!
Windows 3.1. a, is there any sort of emulator type thingy where I could make it look like my computer was 3.1 (and give geeky friends a heart attack)...
and, if the latest version of windows had the 3.1 style layout(without the icky graphics)... do you think that would go over well, or not?
I think it'd be a nice seller with the computer illiterate... Since everything was right there instead of all programs->accessories->games-> solitaire...

And, was it just me, or was 3.1 really stable? I was, like... 8/9/10 when we had it, but i can't seem to remember is giving us any problems other than not being able to play a certain game because of something about memory...which could have been caused by us having a packard bell...
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Could you please illustrate a few ways that math becomes valuable in your day-to-day life (excluding math class, naturally)? Especially in the workplace?

I'm looking for personal, realistic, and obvious examples to help persuade my sisters that math is neccesary for success, no matter what their friends may say.
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What's the name of the song in the movie "The Royal Tenenbaums" that plays when Margot gets off of the bus to meet Luke Wilson? I love it, and I know it's in the credits but... which one to pick! Hehe.
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Halloween 2008

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Why do people say "I'm sorry" when they're ranting about someone else, even though they don't mean it and you know it?

I.e. My supervisor came to me today, complaining of his live-in girlfriend berating him about his purchases of practical clothes he needed, and got a good deal on for $100 total for 4 or 5 pairs of pants and several shirts. He then said, "I'm sorry, but she went out last weekend and spent over $200 on some costume for her and a friend. So who is she to speak up?"

I knew he didn't mean he was sorry, he knew it. So why did he say that? I'm just curious, people tend to do that often.