September 28th, 2004


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I'm new here, so bear with me if this is an odd question, but it came up in discussion recently.

For those philosophies or religions which support the concept of reincarnation, how does the population boom fit in? Do they think there are more souls up and about today than in earlier generations? Do they think all of our souls have been around the block a few times by now, or are new souls being added to the mix too? Do they make any effort to explain their philosophy in respect to this issue? Logically, is there any way to make this work, or is it just one of those mystical, unanswerable curiosities?
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Hiring practices. . .

All right. Here's the story - I'm a full-time university student, so I'm looking for a part-time job to save up a bit of extra money. My resume format has been foolproof in getting me jobs the past three years, perfect spelling and grammar, the whole deal. My availability is great - I'm only looking for part-time, handing out to places who are looking for part-time, and my availability could almost qualify me for full-time (whoot for being an Arts student).

But the past month or so has yielded nothing. Nada. Zilch. I've handed out dozens of resumes, and only gotten one interview (with which I didn't get the job I'm guessing, being as that was about a month ago). Just to places in malls and such, fast food, etc. I'm more than qualified to do fast food, being as I've done it before, not to mention I have a variety of other experiences.

What riles me even more than not getting an interview is that some places that have the Help Wanted signs that I passed resumes out to - still have the signs up. Weeks later. They still have the signs up, even though they have my more-than-qualified resume in their hot little hands.

So anyways, onto my questions - should I give these people another resume? Should I inquire about the status of my earlier application? Should I just give up on them and search somewhere else?
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My MS Office is doing something mad weird.

It's showing paragraph symbols at all carriage returns and dots between the words for the spaces?

It's showing the code for all of my hyperlinks.

Everything prints fine, it's just like it's showing the code ... and I don't wanna see it.

It's buggin' me out.

Any suggestions?

Mucho thanks!

Microsoft Excel alternatives...

I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions...
I need a free alternative to Microsoft Excel.
Something that can open, alter, and save .xls files.
Links to places of downloady-ness would be greatly appreciated.

Damn chemistry class.
*shakes fist*
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How would a person go about becoming a tour guide? (as a full-time job)
Particularly something like Contiki? (I'm not sure if that is just an Australian company... as in, an 18-35s Europe/Australia/America-in-20 days type company.)
Or does anyone know any good sights/ communities where I could further research this?

Laptop screens

I was looking at some laptops in a shop on the weekend, and I notice some of them don't have the traditional soft LCD screen (always fun to poke) but have a hard screen. I've searched, but I can't find out what these are called. Anyone know?

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I'm starting to get into the Halloween spirit already and want to read some reeeeeeally scary books this October. I'm planning on the classics (Frankenstein, Dracula, Hunchback of Notre Dame). I want to know what title of the scariest book (or books) you've ever read was (or were).

...If you say "anything by Steven King", "anything by Anne Rice", "anything by Dean Koontz", etc. please choose your ABsolute FAvorite SCary book by him or her.


Okay. Let's say you have a blue car. Blue paint on the outside, and blue interior on the inside. You want to get the outside painted brown but it'd look horrible with the blue interior. Is there a way, without ripping out the interior and replacing it, to change the blue interior to a brown or white color? About how much would that cost? I was thinking paint, but my mom thinks paint would melt unless there's a special kind of paint.

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a friend of mine and I decided to share out stories of our 'adventures' in the cities we live in. We are looking for a message board type of site that we can introduce our friends to. It would involve posting pictures and sharing the story in words. I am biased to suggesting LJ :) Are there any other sites like that? That are user friendly, etc.?

and one more thing:
My computer is trying to download updates or what not. There's a download icon in the sys tray saying it's downloading updates. And it has been at 0% for the last few hours ... any suggestions on what to do or why? or should I go ask Mr.Gates? :)

and thank you for those who answered my questions earlier! I might not comment on each answer but they are appreciated! :)
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I don’t smoke, no one in my family smokes, and I don’t (think I) know anyone who regularly smokes.

So, why do smokers spit so much when they’re smoking? I’ve noticed this when I see people on their smoke breaks, no matter where they work, age, gender, etc...
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Ok so everytime I click on an email link, Microsoft Office Outlook starts, which would be fine if it worked. But, it doesn't send or recieve email. Everytime it tries, it says my email server rejected the password. It always asks me to reenter the user id and password and every time, it gets rejected. SO
Please tell me, How do I either.....

get microsoft outlook to sign on to my email server properly


get my computer to go straight to my email server when I click on an email link?
My computer has an email button on the keyboard and that goes straight to my inbox so it knows where my email is, but I don't know how to hook that up to links.

If it helps, I use SBC Yahoo, DSL for my email. Any suggestions?

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Richard III paper...

I am writing an english paper....and yes it is due tomorrow...because I am a procrastinator...anyhoo

I can't seem to find a good way of opening the essay at all. Here's the assignment:

Write a 2-3 page essay on the following topic. Be sure to use the text to support your analysis.

Beginning with the initial soliloquy in Act I, Richard, though the brother of the seated king, seethes at his outsider status. Queen Margaret, also, is an outsider, though Richard fails to note their similarities. Like Richard, Margaret focused all her loyalties on one object, only to lose everything. Margaret has been what Richard is now, and what Margaret is now Richard will become. Elaborate on this last statement.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...and I'll be up all night and this paper isnt due until I can write tomorrow morning too.

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senior shit

Okay guys, i need help with finding a senior quote. it has to be like 100-150 or so letters, including spaces. i am kinda looking for something that is simple, yet really deep and meaningful. about love or life, or just finding our talent and enjoying the journey there. anything would be awesome and helpful, thanks a lot by the way =)