September 26th, 2004

Cant sleep!

Do you guys know a good way to fall alseep quick? Any good house meds? drinks?
I tried reading and it dont work, and please dont say nyquil.
My mind is always thinking and it wont stop i dont know how to stop it, and its the most stupid stuff that i think about. Maybe some one knows of a book that helps with that. Thanks.
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What the heck is the deep voice chanting throughout the song "Sick and Tired" from Anastacia?

It doesn't sound English. I just looked through about 15 lyrics sites from Google but none of them include this unless I am completely missing something, like that it is something in English just sang weird. Heck my husband even bought the CD of the album it's on, but the lyrics booklet with that doesn't have it either. I'm dying to know what that is/means.
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US State Quarters

I was just cleaning my apartment and found several of those state quarters that were all the rage when the first came out (I think the fanfare has died down significantly)

Are they ever going to be worth anything? I know some people were going crazy collecting them and insisted on having entire rolls of the "new" quarter.
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Computer Question:

Is it possible/safe to use an 20-pin ATX power supply with an ATX motherboard that has a 24-pin power connector? I'd rather not buy a new power supply if I don't have to.

The motherboard is an Intel L440GX+ and will have two PIII @550 CPUs and two IDE hard drives.

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alright, this is really horrible... but i absolutely have to write an editorial for my school newspaper tonight. tonight. i dont have a thing to say. and the election is being over-covered as is, please please please... an idea? something relevent. BAH.
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To bunk, or not to bunk.

My mom's not home tomorrow morning. The chances I'll get up in time for the bus or to walk the half hour are somewhat slim... should I skip?

+ sleeping in
+ taking a long shower
+ walking to the library to spend a few hours reading and clearing my head
+ working on my health project, due Wednesday (haven't started)
+ finish monolouge for drama, due Tuesday (need to tweak & type up)
- missing a review for a test Tuesday in Psychology
- getting further behind in art, but I could always take that home
- possible anger from mother? she's the one who put the idea in my head, though.
- my teachers this year are really big on attendence

Be a model student or take a rest?
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In light of what Florida is going through

What are your most prominent hurricane memories?

For me there are two hurricanes that hit home.

First was Hurricane Gloria in 1986. I was 8 years old at the time. The eye made landfall directly on Milford CT where I live. We were out of school for 6 days, had no power for several days, and things were just a mess. Being so young though it was more an adventure than anything else. We had a woodstove for heating which we pressed into service to cook food as well so we were pretty comfortable all things considered.

Then was Hurricane Bob. While we didnt' get much in Milford, some heavy winds and rain, not even tropical storm strength here, my mom and sister were at the Girl Scount International Camporee, directly in the path of the storm. Last word we got before the storm cut off communication was that they were being evaced from the camp site. After it cleared, my dad, brother and I went up there to help get everything up and running again at the campground. One thing that stuck out for me there, someone I still feel bad for, was the girl from Moscow that was there. The hurricane tore through the campground at the same time the coup against Gorbachev was going on, so she had to deal with her homeland falling apart with the real possibility of a bitter civil war, and her vacation which should have comforted her was being literally destroyed by one of the nastiest hurricanes this area had seen in years. The Japanese girls were pretty frightened too, Japan gets lots of typhoons which are basically the same thing as a hurricane...

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I tried looking this up on Google, but apparently it's one of those common sense things that just totally slipped by me. When people refer to John Kerry as having lots of waffles, what does that mean? I see/hear this everywhere and I just don't get it.

For anybody that loved the Sims, how do you like the Sims 2? Sometimes with games, even though the sequel is improved and technically superior in every way, the first one is just more fun in its own simplicity. Is that the case here?