September 25th, 2004

abby genius

Paid Web Page Hosts/Domain Names

Being as the community rules only mention not asking about image hosting and free webspace hosting, I think it's okay for me to ask about paid webspace? Yes? I'll say yes. . .

What paid webhost would you recommend? Any you would *not* recommend? Based from personal experience and friends' experience. . . I prefer testimonials to just random links, since I could find those through Google. I want experiences and opinions.

I'd prefer a reliable small host (being as the company I was thinking of hosting with just folded), but it's not necessary. Main things are uptime, no ads (which I hope wouldn't appear on paid sites anyways), and affordability. If it matters, it would be for a small online business.

I know they're not a small host, but I was looking at Yahoo!'s hosting packages, and they seem decent enough. . .anyone have any experience with them as paid hosts? Or comparable smaller hosts?

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I have an obsession with the movie Fight Club. I dont know what it is, but I just love it. I've seen it about 3057576302 times, and I dont think its ever been discussed in this community, so...

1. At one point in the movie, the "Jack" character says "I am responsible for all of this", and it brings up to topic of choice. Yes, we all know he is crazy, but what do you think it is that makes him choose to listen to Tyler? What motivates him to make the choices he chooses?

2. Also, in the form of symbolism, can you find parts of the movie that show duality? I always think of the scene where "Jack" is argueing with Marla, but listening to Tyler in the basement.... Any more?

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I think I have some sort of spyware or other program on my computer, because everytime I open up internet explorer, my homepage is always some random crappy looking/fake/adware search engine like or something like that. Everytime I set my homepage back to my normal homepage, it ends up going back to the other one. I've tried using ad-aware by Lavasoft to delete the source of the problem, but that hasn't solved it. Any suggestions on how to get rid of this crap?
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My fiance and I just signed up for Comcast cable.
I am wondering where I can find "Degrassi" episodes, if any, through
this company.
What channel and time would I find them?
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I want to make the original Nestle Tollhouse cookie recipe, but I'm interested in doing a lower fat version, like with apple sauce instead of butter. Does anyone know how much apple sauce I should put in? I know it works well in cakes, but I don't know the proportions...

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Does anyone know of any sites (besides eBay) where I can purchase the following things fairly cheap:

-Miniature dolls that you can pose.

-Miniature furniture (preferably antique looking, chairs, beds, etc).

-Masks and things like fake mustaches and whatnot. Costume stuff.

-Paper dolls, and cutouts (or something similar) of insects.

birthday pic

Silly quesiton.

How did Mary make her boy know she was mad?

After all, "Jesus Christ, get over here?".... Was Mary swearing or just saying his name? Or would she say, "Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ get over here!" to indicate anger?