September 24th, 2004

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Can anyone tell me where I can find the poem Robin Williams read in the movie "Patch Adams"
It was such a beautiful poem about love and I want to read it to my bf.

Thanks so much..
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Girl meets boy at party.

Girl and boy have good (sober) conversation.

Girl and boy exchange numbers.

Boy expresses interest in hanging out.

Girl calls boy next night. Gets voicemail. Doesn't leave a message.

Five days later and boy still hasn't called.

God damn it, should I try calling again?!

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My girlfriend computer was really messed up so she used a win xp installer to re-install a fresh win xp, after doing so the only option for her resolution is 600x480 and her only option for color is 16 bit. Was there some driver for the monitor she may be missing because of the way she installed windows ? And any and all disks that may have came with her computer and monitor are no where to be found. Does anybody know of a solution to get back all the reolution options and color options ?

LJ friend map?

I was just thinking about how great it would be to have a map of where all my LJ friends live (especially as I travel). Is there a meme/quiz thingy that does that?
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a friend of mine would like to know...

does anyone know if tattoo ink really has trace amount of metal in it? or is that just tattoo ink they used to use in the olden days?
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"You will see, Apolonia, that there is nothing but dark clouds and hell with in me, and I shall tame them only for you."

is this really from "Purple Rain" or is someone just f'ing with me???

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Yipe! Massive house-wide ant invasion!

Does this ever happen to you in warm weather?
How do you, personally, get rid of them?

I don't feel comfortable using bug poison, so I just try to keep everything clean - no food sitting around, vacuum frequently, empty trashcans, clean counters, etc.
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Is it better to be on anti-depressants if you're depressed or to just deal with depression through other ways?

Which anti-depressants are the best?
How do they change how you feel?

And when you finally give in and decide to get them, does your doctor quiz you about it? Or just write out a prescription?

internship resume....

i'm a freshman in college, and i want to apply for an unpaid internship in the office of a state senator. this requires a cover letter and resume, and i honestly don't really know what to put in this resume. i've worked before (in a cafe, as an aide in an afterschool program, as a camp counselor) but should i include that? do i include what i did in high school (as in clubs)? what do i include, in general?
any advice, tips, etc?
(also- i would be emailing this cover letter/resume to the senators assistant- should i do this by adding an attachment, or what?)