September 23rd, 2004

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Paypal question for you all.....

I need to change my home/billing address to a different country, but I can't see how to do it in the profile settings. It won't let me delete all the addresses I had and start again - any clues?!

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i recently stopped taking anti-depressants and the last couple times i tried getting off them i had a really bad reaction (extreme dizziness, non stop crying) im through with doctors cause they never seem to want to be honest with me about this. so my question is has anyone else expieranced these side effects when they quit taking anti-depressants? i was taking paxil and lexapro. if so did you get through it without getting back on them? and can these drugs do any permanent damage that you know of? i would really appreciate any help.
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I've never been what you would call a very technical-minded person, so this question is addressed to those who are. I don't know if you can help me, but it's worth a shot

In my office, there are like a dozen computers hooked up to one server. Recently, my computer went nuts and rather than buy me a new one, they simply took an old one from an empty desk and gave it to me. However, I do not have my inbox set up in Outlook Express. I have no means of checking my mail. The inbox this computer is getting is that of another person in the office, who cast off the machine when the company upgraded her desk. So, with that explanation, is there a way I can get my mailbox set up without having to call in a techie?
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Isn't there some poem or song, or something, about "as long as I have eyes to see, and breath to breathe?" I tried searching, but can't find anything. I think it is a love poem...

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Does anyone know what exactly is happening when photographing, when you can see a light source that is halfway behind something, and yet you can see it in front of what it is behind? For instance, when there is is a light right behind someone's head and you see it over half their face, or a sunset that seems to extend past the horizon?

Does anyone know what this is called?

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i was wondering if anybody knew of some good songs/lyrics pertaining to any of the following:

drug addiction in general.

i need some for a health project i'm doing. i've googled for it, but nothing ive come up with is particularily striking.

thank you,

exercise wearrrr

does anyone know a site online where i could buy a pair of those womens athletic pants that are like a polyester/spandex thing, skin tight (like tapered around the ankles) and they have the strap going under the foot? i think mostly dancers and runners wear them....
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I have to write a short article for my journalism class [2-3 pages], and I can't think of a topic to write about. Does anyone have ANY suggestions at all? What would you want to read about?
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I've been hearing something about Anne Rice chewing out the negative reviewers of her book... and people wondering if it was really her, because she gave an address and it was wrong anyway...

where *is* this chewing out, anyway? I had somehow assumed it was at amazon, but skimming through reviews brought up nothing.

just be yourself...

when someone says "just be yourself" what exactly does that mean? doesn't everyone act different around different people or in different situations? so who is the "real" you?
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Ok, there's this poem, and I had it on file but I lost it, do any of you have any idea what it is, or what it is called? This is ridiculous, because I hardly remember any of it.

It's only four lines long, and it ends with adjectives, example:

I want to kiss you in the moonlight, softly, sweetly;

And it's a very lovely poem and I love it, but I don't remember the rest (there are words like gently, etc in there), nor do I remember the author or the title ;_; this is a lost cause, but thanks for reading!!
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