September 22nd, 2004


literary multi-tasking

does anyone else read more than one book at a time? i mean for your own interest/enjoyment, books for class not counted. if so, how many books at a time might you read? any particular reason? i always read more than one book at once but since i accidently bought a bunch of books recently (oops) i've kind of started too many out of excitement.

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Rating communities. Honestly, what is your opinion on them?

Also, do you believe it's true that human beings are not "wired" or "meant" to be monagomous? (sp)

And one more - have you ever experienced blatant discrimination because of your race?
unfortunate events

food and movies

What would you order for your last meal?

My answer is as follows:
1st course: Puff pastries stuffed with prosciutto, mushrooms, and feta cheese
2nd course: Broccoli cheese soup
3rd course: Grilled salmon and asparagus
4th course: A porterhouse
5th course: Mocha-almond cheesecake with chocolate whipped cream

And all the wine I can drink. I made that first one up, I don't know if it would be good or not, but it sounds good. It'd take me 6 hours to eat all that food, but sometime's it's okay to prolong the inevitable.

And a counterpart to my last question: What movies are you NOT looking forward to this fall?

"First Daughter" looks like a piece of crap. Also, "Sky Captian and the World of Tomorrow."
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Halloween 2008

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Where'd we get the word 'fuck' from? It just seems like sucha random assortment of letters.

And why are there several contradicting meanings and connotations to the word? Fucking is good, yet it's bad if someone fucks you over, or to say 'fuck you.' Why?
when we sparkle


When I was a child, I had a history of sleep walking/talking, but I thought that I had grown out of it. However, now that I'm at college, my roommates tell me that I'm very vocal in my sleep, and that I move about so much they're worried I might fall off my top bunk bed.

Is sleep walking or talking normal/healthy? What does it mean if you do it? I don't want my roommates to never get a good night's sleep again, so how do I shut myself up?
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Does anyone know of any sights to help me study Trig at home? I don't have any knowledge other "textbook" knowledge of Trig other than algebra and geometry and I'm trying to skp the class next year. I've tried google, however, it hasn't provided me with what I was looking for. I have a textbook, but, I would find it much easier if I had more example problems that what the book provides. Any help?


I recently got a Gmail account which came with the free invites. I passed two onto friends and thought I only had 4 left. This morning I logged into my account and found it had gone back up to 6 again. Has this happened to anyone else?
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Is there a special LJ code or something people use to get pictures in the comment subject lines? I've seen the green hitchhiker thing and smileys there, and also skull and crossbones. Are people just pasting a generic img src tag or is it LJ-specific?

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I want to report misconduct – either attitude or practice misconduct – against the practice nurse at my doctors surgery, I plan to leave my current GP so I can't go in to make the complaint personally with my doctor.
In the UK how would I go about reporting this, and does it matter if it was a few months ago when it happened?

help needed's like this...I had a homebirth nearly three months ago and I am needing statistics state by state for expenses on hospital births and all the bells and whistles that go along with it. (I have to compose a letter to contest this--our insurance covered none of it, including prenatal visits.)

Does anyone have an idea on how to search for this?

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Why do I get stupid shit songs like "Hit me with your best shot!" by that not very good singing lady stuck in my head? I haven't heard that song for who knows how long.. years? It just randomly gets stuck in there.

Hit me with your best shot
Fire awayyyyy

AWFUL. It's never good songs.
The Receptionist Classic

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We've all encountered dress codes - either at school or at work. So, what's the lamest dress code rule you've ever come across?

At my younger cousin's junior high school, they aren't allowed to wear headbands, denim jackets or pants with a design on them. We weren't allowed to wear bandanas or wear red hats at my high school.
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Do you know the address of a good online dictionary for advanced musical symbols? (I've browsed through a few but could only find basic symbols).

Or, if you're musically friend and I were puzzled over a strange symbol we saw in her piano sheet music one day (she plays at just under college-level). I don't know the piece, composer, period, or publisher, and I only saw it for a brief moment. To the best of my memory: Underneath an ordinary note, there was a symbol that looked like a letter "c" rotated 90 degrees to the left. Like a horse-shoe. Not a slur, not a tie, but under one note and only one note. It may have had another line attached to it, I'm not sure.

If you have any idea what that was and what it means, even vaguely, please respond :D

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Do you have cable TV or satellite at home?

Does anyone use RCN for cable, internet and/or phone service?
Do you think it's superior over other cable TV options?

Is there anyone who doesn't have any kind of TV service and still depends on rabbit ears to make their TV programming clearer?