September 21st, 2004

abby genius


. . . .or something like that.

Can you name some celebrities/businesspeople/whoever who at some point in their life was either poor, and then made it rich (not as in winning the lottery, but through some work of their own), or just generally, got really rich through hard work when they didn't start out with much?

So far I've got: J.K. Rowling, looking for more, especially businesspeople (from this century, or others, doesn't matter, doesn't matter what country or anything).

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So, a quick update on my post yesterday about the bruising.

I saw the piercer and he said the bruising was normal (diffused blood where it couldn't escape the wound) even if it was a little more severe than he would have expected.  He said to keep soaking and cleaning it and if it's no better in a week, to go see him again.  Great guy. <3

And for a question ...

I work in the telemarketing department of a German company and call the US all day.  I'm English by birth, and a few times I've asked for someone's surname and gotten deathly "... buh?" silence until I repeated myself and said "last name" instead.  Is it really not used that much?
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When did the long "s" (in medieval manuscripts, the "s" that looks rather like an uncrossed "f") stop being used? What exactly are the guidelines on using it? I've never seen it used at the beginning of a sentence, but I'm not sure if there's any other rules.

I'm two different people.

Does anyone else experience this?

When I look in the mirror, I see a totally different person to what I look like in a photograph. When I see a photo of myself I'm shocked, and I think, "Oh my god, is THAT what I look like!?" Then I'll look in the mirror and I don't look like that at all.

I know I'm fat, but I don't think I look that bad, but when I see a photo of myself I look like a whale! Same as in the mirror I don't think I'm that ugly, but I'll see a photo and really, it's a wonder I didn't break the camera.

Does anyone understand? How can my view of myself be so distorted?

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1. When chemicals say "induce vomiting", what do you do? How do you make someone throw up if they really wont?

2. Favourite colour for fingernail polish?

3. Good (legal, and eassy accesible) ways to stay awake when you need to?
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Anyone still have their Chipmunks albums?
I had one back in the 80s that had songs on it like "Take a Chance on Me" "Bette Davis Eyes" "Hit Me With Your Best Shot", etc. If you have that one, what's the title? I'm dying to get my hands on a copy but I don't know the title. (E-Bay is not a help, I've already checked.)
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I recently installed Mozilla (and I love it. no popups.) and imported all my Favorites/Bookmarks into it. Everything was perfect, until my brother the ass deleted my username from Windows XP, and along with that went my lovely Bookmarks. I set up my old username again, and I now have My Documents back, so how can I find all my Bookmarks/Favorites again and re-import them?
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at least they cared enough to write.

Anyone know of a site that has the meaning of various handkerchief/bandana colors? Or at least can someone tell me what in particular the color navy blue means.. yeah yeah I know "just do your own thing and don't worry about those idiots" but people around here are THAT stupid.. so humor me. Thank you! :)
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I am trying to write a paper on an act of inhumanity, but I can't come up with anything. Do any of you have ideas.

(Restrictions: Nothing so big that cannot be covered in 3 pages/750 words.)

i'm so stumped, and I need a topic for tomorrow