September 20th, 2004


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I'm going to get my tattoo done, but I have no idea how much it will cost. It is only going to be the size of about a loonie, and it looks like Collapse ). Can anyone help me? (I live in Canada by the way, so Canadian dollars please

As well, how much approximatly would it cost to get my cartelidge done?
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I got my eyebrow pierced on Wednesday morning and it's still bleeding.  I have a long, purple and black bruise (much darker than the photo now) going across my eyelid which doesn't hurt and doesn't particularly worry me, but is the blood normal?  It was bleeding quite badly the day of and the day after the piercing, but when I clean it there's always dried blood around the edges of the jewelry.

If it's normal, I'll leave it, if not, I'll head back to the piercer for advice.

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1. What was some thing fun and some thing different you did to mark your bday?

I don't want to celebrate my bday or anything. But it's been a while since I did anything different from the usual stuff. It doesn't have to be anything extravagant. In 2000, I chopped off 11 inches of hair for the first time in 23 years, 2001 I had the party of the year - all my close friends were there and it was the best time, 2002 I was at the International Coastal Cleanup - so my friends had to come clean the beach with me if they wanted to celebrate my bday! ;) 2003 was with my parents and sis for the first time in 8 years.

So 2004 - what to do? Any ideas? I am in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by the way...

2. In sports, what is the difference between a game and a match? Some sports you say they played a match and some you say game... I probably can find this on my own...but since am here, just added it on...
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i need some help with this screen play i'm writing. i want there to be different 20 year olds telling an obscene story about highschool days. so if you dont mind, tell me something you remember that sticks out that parents would freak out about. tell them something about generation x that will be shockworthy and truthful. it can be vulgar, nasty, sex related, non sex related. something you maybe saw or heard about. doesnt necessarily have to be something that happened to you. the more details, the better!!

thank you

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Can anyone recommend some good Bollywood films? I've been meaning to check out this genre of film making for a while but, due to so much choice, I'm a little unsure of where to start!


who invented the spork?

what is your favorite weird food/combination of foods?

for the girls:
do you speed, drive really slow, or follow the speed limit?

and do you hunt?
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Rabbit Owners?

I'm not sure if anyone can help me here but I thought I'd try. One of my roommates has a pet bunny. She went away for a few days and asked our landlord to take care of/feed the bunny. Today my landlord comes up to me and asks if I'm good with bunnies. Apparently the bunny bit her.
So I go in to feed him/her and as soon as I reach in the cage to flip his food bowl back over he/she makes this like barking sort of noise. Is this a sign of aggression? I was able to pet the bunny without him/her getting upset but as soon as I reach for the food dish he/she starts making this noise and hopping towards my hand.

Any advice? I'd rather not be bit and I don't want the poor rabbit to starve.
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Britney: the next 20 years...
So in honor of her recent nuptuals, a couple of Britney Spears questions. (Stop screaming, I know it's bad, but someone has to do it.)

- Come on admit it, do you still do a little dance to "Baby One More Time"?
- Supposing she releases a "Greatest Hits" album and you buy it... Did you buy it because you actually like all the songs or because it's a novelty/joke kind of thing? (Like me buying the New Kids on the Block Greatest Hits CD.)
- How long to you give this marriage?
- Can she make a career come-back before it's too late?
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If I keep saying the same thing over and over again... and she can only remember it at the time, just to argue about it all over again the next week... is it worth repeating myself?
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Alright. Let's say that you bought a book for 20 dollars, and lent it out to somebody you considered a friend at the time because they showed an interest in it and you were already reading a different book. After about a month, you ask if they had finished it-- they tell you yes. You ask for it back, and they constantly tell you that they forgot it at home. This goes on for a year. Then, you leave the school you went with that person and ask a friend to ask her about it. For another year the same thing goes on. You find her screen-name that you know she uses, only to have her lie and pretend as though it's her cousin. You bring up the book fiasco, and the "cousin" says that she stole it from the person you lent it to and destroyed it.

When asking for reimbursement would you ask for the amount you originally spent on it, or the current list price which is a lot lower then the amount you spent?

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hope im not violating the rules here...

is anybody elses livejournal get enormous font just out of nowhere? my friends arent that way, but mine is royally screwed up.

problem found and solved.
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Holidays in Outlook

I'm using Outlook 2000. I need holidays to show up on the calendar. (my boss 100% relies on his Outlook).

He's Jewish so I went in to set up his Holidays ...

Tools > Options > Preferences Tab > Holiday Options > Jewish Religious Holidays

It 'installed' them but they aren't showing up?

Thanks =)

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I know this question may have been asked before, but I want to ask it again...

My boyfriend and I have off this weekend from work, and I want something fun for us to do together. Not too pricey, nothing really sexual, and just something fun, romantic, and exciting enough to keep our attention at the same time. I was thinking about painting pottery, just because I think it would be really cute to do that together. But any other ideas??

Also, I just got this acne treatment from Wal-mart, it's exactly like Proactive (I've tried Proactive in the past), but it's cheaper, it's called AcneFree. Has anybody else used it? And does it work? I don't really have acne, but I've been breaking out more than usual, and I couldn't take it anymore!

Also, to the rest of my fellow college students: How annoying is essat writing?!?

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Eeek, help! I have to go to a Wimpys Diner in about 30 minutes (stereotypical 50s diner) but I am on a massive health rush. What can I eat that isnt totally fully of fat and salt and crap?
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IE Annoyance

I hate toolbars. I like using menus and shortcut keys and I get aggravated when a program comes with a toolbar that you can't turn off. I downloaded SP2 for Windows XP last night and I noticed something extremely annoying about Internet Explorer. I ordinarily have toolbars turned off, but when I shift-leftclick a link to open a link in a new window a Standard Buttons TOOLBAR appears whether I want it to or not. I've tried turning it off manually, locking and unlocking the toolbar (from View/Toolbars), but the toolbar keeps showing up. Anybody know how to permanently disable this toolbar so it does not show up?

Note 1: This is not an invitation for you to recommend Firefox or Mozilla or Opera or some other non-IE browser. For some !#$^@ing reason everybody thinks that an IE-related question is the perfect opportunity to pimp some other browser.

Note 2: And yes, I know how to turn them off using the View/Toolbars menu, but my point is that the toolbar won't STAY TURNED OFF.

Note 3: Yes, I know you can right click a link and select Open In New Window and the toolbar won't show up. That's not what I want to know either.


So, umm.. when are the US elections going to be decided, then?

And... I know there are polls showing both sides fairly even at the moment. Are they accurate and official, taken from cross-sections of the US population, or could a big turnout change the predictions?

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When you are reading a book do you read the glossary?
The book I have just finished reading 'Cosmetics unmasked' had sort of two glossaries that took up half of the book - one of cosmetic terms and one of ingredients, I read the cosmetic terms glossary because it was a main part of the book, the second I missed out because I felt it was more a reference. Glossary in the current book, as with most is there to define terms, but should it be read to refresh what you have read or should it be left purely for reference?